Advanced “Clearing to the Core” Work with “Team Earth and the Crystalline and Galactic Teams


5D Body Scanning (We draw up whatever does not belong in your Light bodies, affecting your physical, emotional and Spiritual Bodies.)

5D Tracking: (Of where, when and how nefarious devices, implants, programming, contracts, curses were put in.)

5D Extractions of:

     Dark Implants (throughout the entire Body and Light Body)

     Dark Devices

     Entities and Creatures

       (All of these are on everyone and: In – on – over – under – around you, that you are most likely unaware of, though you may be aware of some of their effects. These can also be in the Inner Earth, and out in space, while connected to you.)

Release dark Transmitters: with adverse debilitating programming.

Release unwarranted voices: In your head that are not yours or your guides.

Removal of Curses: right through the Timelines

Removal of Contracts: throughout Time

Released from the Dark Hats (Dark Wizards)

Removal of ongoing ’Hits’ of dark EMFs (Electrical Magnetic Frequencies)

Removal of all kinds of cords

Past-Life Exploring: for what needs clearing and addressed

Clearing and regeneration of the Heart and Glands

Unwinding of the DNA: Once glands are cleared

Receive Retrievals: of parts of your Soul and being that you are unaware had gone missing and stollen throughout time. These are your brilliance!

~ Soul Essences

~ Heart-Lights

~ Soul Spirits

~ Stardust

~ Power Essence

~ Gifted Heart-Light from Prime Creator

~ Personal Light Dragon

~ Fragments

~ Personal Aspects

~ Examine and Repair Heart-cord

~ Crystalline Activations: Blue Ray, Rainbow Ray and Crystalline Ray

~ Activation of brilliant skills and abilities from the past


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