Mission Statement

Terra Rae and Crysta, as “Team Earth,” are dedicated to awakening, healing, clearing and educating individuals, assisting Gaia and the masses, with the help of the sacred and brilliant Crystalline Stellar Skulls. With their phenomenal and infinite heartfelt skills and multi-dimensional abilities, we elevate consciousness, preparing people for Ascension and First Contact.

Archangel Metatron: “They so brilliantly heal the Healers!”


Fees vary depending upon the depth of the treatments. Once the Etheric Body Scanning is completed you will receive a detailed invoice.

* To experience a sample of our profound work for one hour, register for an introductory session:
90 Minutes for $244

Clearing/Reading Session


* 5D Body Scanning , Extractions, Clearing Hexes and Implants
*Essence Retrievals * Crystalline Activations

$ 600 – $ 3,300
~ Scanning: 2 to 9 hours
*Starts here: Etheric 5D Body Scanning of Implants, Devices, Transmitters, Contracts, Critters, negative EMFs, and Entities ~ plus attachments and contraptions that are dragged behind, over and under the individual. (These have a very strong adverse affect upon you, others and Gaia.)

Note: You do not need to be present for your 5D Body Scanning and Tracking of devices, implants, contraptions in, on and around you, as it is done remotely.

*We look for hidden curses, disease pockets, and booby-traps as well as any extra wiring to others.

*We then consult the “Crystalline Team”, and then the Galactic Team to sort out and strategize the ’progression’ of how we will safely address and release all of this. It is carefully drawn and laid out in the proper order of the removal of the uninvited implants which will be removed from the Earth permanently.

Note: This may sound overwhelming, yet know you have found the right team to help you can fully release all of this and the detrimental affects.
(Some have let us know this extraction process is euphoric for them.)

*Extractions: 8 to 12 hours total ~ of removing the devices, implants, creatures, contraptions, etc., with 2 or 3 of “Team Earth” and the Crystalline and Galactic Team. This is done both remotely, working directly with you on Skype or Google Hangout. (Which is set up in advance of our meeting.) Our work can be done in person, if in the area of one of us.

*When the extractions are complete ~ including the hoods over master glands in the head,  ~ we can then truly unwind the DNA. This is usually the last round of the Extraction Process, before the DNA Unwinding and *Retrievals*.

*Retrievals: This includes the following found and returned to you!: Heart-lights, Soul Essences, Gifted Heart-Light from Prime Creator, Stardust, special Power Essence, and more. The Crystalline Stellar Skulls can track, clean, clear recalibrate and return these.

There is hardly anyone on this planet that knows they used to have all of these beautiful essences.
This is very exhilarating since it is your *brilliance* that went missing. These are all usually hidden, or held by the “dark ones”, and not on the planet, done from over the aeons. We do NOT do this process until the individual is clear, since we do not want to activate the etheric devices within and around you even more.

*We will address missing fragments, and parts of your Soul that were taken, and held captive from former lives, by the dark ones. Again, the Stellar Skulls can track, and retrieve these with the Angelic Realm. They are usually well hidden and in the possession of the dark ones.

*Once cleared and re-filled: We do a Light Activation for the Blue Ray, Rainbow Ray and now Crystalline Ray to start moving you up the dimensional ladder. We can then start re-activating your magnificent skills and abilities from the past.

Past Lives
*We highly recommend doing some deep past-life clearing with us ~ after the amazing extraction work. If an “old Contract” is still in use,  this needs to be addressed.

Note: These nefarious devices were put in you from the beginning of time to prevent you from fully utilizing your amazing skills and abilities.
Most people are totally unaware of this! The brighter the Light you have been in the past, the harder you have been “hit”!
The Magdalene Creators are some of the hardest “hit” and the most asleep, or ineffective in their lives.

See Article on “Who Are the Magdalenes?” by Terra Rae of “Team Earth”
Link here:

Should you read this article and really resonate with it, asking yourself  “Could I be one of the Magdalenes?” then we need your true brilliance on and activated! Call us to speak about it, then we can schedule your “Clearing to the Core!”

*These implants often show themselves in present day lives with physical ailments, dulled-down clairsentient abilities, addictions, compulsions, unwarranted inner voices that trip you up, give low self esteem, the feeling of a holding pattern, areas that just won’t heal, and many times EMF sensitive. Not being able to move forward and manifest what your heart desires, is very common.

As “Team Earth” and the Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Goddesses, we are totally dedicated to getting you clear with your bright light radiating full on! Are you ready?

~Light Activations: 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours
True DNA unwinding, as well as reactivating magnificent skills and abilities from the past. Note: These nefarious devices were put in you from the beginning of time to prevent you from fully utilizing your amazing skills and abilities. Most people are totally unaware of this.
These implants often show themselves in present day lives with physical ailments, dull clairsentient abilities, addictions, compulsions, inner voices that trip you up, low self esteem, not being able to move forward and manifest what your heart desires.


Our work includes the collaboration of the Crystalline Stellar Skulls,
Terra Rae, Crysta and Galactic Team.
$ 175 per Hour
~ Life-Changing Past Life Regressions with Terra Rae: addressing aspects, unraveling contracts,  additional clearing of everyone involved, and through the grids.
Average session: two to three hours.
$ 150 per Hour
~ One hour reading with the Archangelic Realm with Crysta
$ 150 per Hour
~ One hour reading with the Stellar Skulls with Crysta
$150 per Hour
~ One hour reading with the Stellar Skulls for your Ranch, Animal Tribe/Nation, dog, cat, bird or other critter family member

* We can be sponsored to introduce the Crystalline Stellar Skulls, to groups as well as to facilitate work and play-shops.
* We are available to speak and do presentations at major events.


PLEASE KNOW By making your payments, you are agreeing to fully participate with Team Earth, the Crystalline and the Galactic Teams, and you are taking full responsibility for your emotional. physical and spiritual well being.
The Stellar Skull and Teams that work with you can NOT be held responsible with regards to any of the physical and emotional affects from your participation on any level. Are you ready to choose a miracle?


We accept Credit Cards via PayPal. Checks and Money Orders can be sent to
our mailing address. Payments must be received 48 hours in advance of our scheduled appointment time.
Payment plans are available upon request.

We guarantee extreme privacy for you, the client, our work and the Team.

Benefits of our Personal Clearing and Healing Work

~ Your physical and emotional core issues are addressed and cleared.
 In our extraordinary and advanced work we can assist you to clear, heal and balance your emotional and physical body.

~ All of your physical issues can be addressed by tracking and finding the cause and the emotional holding pattern. We track the issues cosmically so you can receive full transformation.
~ Ask yourself “Am I ready and willing to look at whatever I need to see?”


~ 5D Etheric Body Scanning

~This usually includes: off-planet implants, transmitters, devices, entities and disease patterns. Almost everyone is unaware of these nefarious implants, except for the awareness of some ongoing detrimental effects. These implants have been carried forth for eons, lifetime after lifetime, to hold one back from their brilliant skills and abilities.

~These electromagnetic devices are there to hold you down, ‘numb and dumb you’ and magnetize negative EMFs.

“We have found that the bigger the players and “Keepers of the Light” are the ones who have been hit the hardest.” Saint Germain

~Most often one is totally oblivious to these scenarios until the unraveling and extractions occur. Once these implants are removed we can call forth and reactivate your amazing, and sometimes hidden, skills and abilities.

~We can then have the Stellar Skulls go throughout this universe and others, to retrieve your missing Heart-lights, Soul Essences, Soul Spirit, Heart-Spirit, Stardust and Starlight. These have been taken throughout your incarnations from the beginning of time. Most individuals are not aware they even had these magnificent lights, and that they have been missing for eons. These are a brilliant part of your being that activate all of your subtle and psychic energies. (This partly explains why we are still in lower octave 3D.)

~ From here, we fill you and activate the higher frequencies of light, with the DNA unwinding and 5th, 7th, and 9th Dimensional Crystalline Activation.



~ * You may then be ready, with our assistance and the Stellar Skulls, in calling forth your Personal Light Dragon.

We offer this work remotely through video or telephone conference calling. We offer in-person sessions by special request.

This work will many times bring up past-lives and deep emotions.

~ We can explore and clear core issues, past life agreements and contracts, curses and hexes.

~ While clearing past lives, not only will you be released, but all of those you participated with, as well as clearing patterns and atrocities right out of the earth and the ley lines. Working together we will actually be changing timelines on Gaia and throughout the galaxy (and in all dimensions) to clear the darkness and dysfunctional holding patterns.


~ You may experience deep release, expanded vision, and a new found clarity.

~ You will blossom with full support in relationships, projects and your higher purpose.

~ You will be assisted in achieving deeper, heart-felt relationships and resolving core issues.

~ This may be open up to a new level of spiritual awareness, visiting other timelines, awakening to other dimensions and exploring future possibilities.

~ Your head and glands will be cleared to truly start the process of the DNA unwinding to 12 strands and beyond.

~ We empower you to see yourself as the magnificent, Divine Being you are, and able to accomplish and expand your soul’s purpose.

~ As a Team, we work with the Crystalline Stellar Skulls and the “Galactic Team” to assist the clearing, opening, and magnifying of one’s purpose. We align the pathways of light for individuals and groups, who are then ready to take a Quantum Leap in their lives, preparing for First Contact and Ascension to Terra Christa.



You may then be ready, with our assistance, and the Stellar Skulls in calling forth your:

* Inner Dragon Essence and Personal Light Dragon.
* Repair the the Golden Heart Cord (which is usually frayed).
* Call back Stolen Essence of Power to the third chakra.

* Blood, bone and heart Light Infusion to stimulate and remove impurities.
Are You Ready? Take the Leap into yourself!

We also offer monthly activations, journeys and Galactic Healings of Gaia as a group on our Stellar TeleCons.