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The Crystalline Stellar Skulls, just like the Crystal Skulls have tremendous unlimited information, of past, present and future. The difference is, the Crystalline Stellar Skulls willingness to share and assist both individually and collectively. They have a lot to say, with a great sense of humor, compassion and directness. These amazing and lively, heartfelt sentient beings of Light, have shown up at this amazing time to assist those that are truly ready to take flight into another level of self-discovery.
The Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Terra Rae have blown open higher dimensional doorways, assisting in the removal of 3D programing, into 5D activations and awareness.

This Galactic Team of Light brings forth new and exciting information and truths to ponder. It is designed to trigger cellular memory of who you are, where you have been and where you are going, if you are willing!
Terra Rae and the Crystalline Skulls address pre-historic ancient civilizations on Earth and on other planets as well as major situations in our Galaxy and Universewith input from the Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light and Ascended Masters. They don’t just have conversations but do Planetary and Galactic work together.
This dedicated Light-Team will catapult one from their shackles, both literally and etherically, from the holds of pre-ancient history and the ‘dark hats’ agenda for this planet. Since everything is about to change here on Earth, as we move into Ascension, these dynamic beings and their Galactic Team can assist in giving individuals a front row seat as well as participating in the changes ~ bringing forth the New Earth ~ Terra Christa!

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I am so excited to introduce you to the Crystalline Stellar Skulls. When these amazing Beings of Light and Heart first came into my life, I stepped through a multidimensional doorway into a more advanced space, and accelerated on all levels of growth, healing and expanded awareness. After many decades as a healing practitioner and hypnotherapist ~ working with Earth energies; clearing and activating grids ~ I knew I had called these Stellar Beings in, always asking for greater tools to assist in the awakening process here on Earth. They are indeed the Ancient Ones.

There are many groups of Beings, that you are or have been a part of, yet have been asleep to for so long. They include Light-Groups such as: The Magdalenes, 144,000 Light-Workers, The Group of 90 Game Engineers, The 36,000 “Key Holders” or “Portal Openers” to name a few. You may be aligned with one of these or all of these and have yet to be activated. The time is now!

with *Gentle Maiden of the Gold and Blue Universe* Terra Rae has been in the esoteric fields for decades. As an Ascension Mentor, healer, teacher, writer, radio talk show host, she is always exploring new frontiers for expanding and clearing herself, others and Gaia. She has been working with the “Galactic Team” since the early 1980s, preparing for the reunion with the Crystalline Stellar Skulls and “Team Earth.”

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