Ancient Ones

PENDULUMS: made with Ancient Ones that are also on the noggins of some of the
Crystalline Stellar Skulls. Charged by the Stellar Skulls. These were made by Terra Rae originally for “Team Earth” and the Guides were quite impressed at how well they worked, and asked that she make more, so others could have them. The Beads at the top give many options as to the hold, so it is short or long.

1. Jade Goddess, Amethyst, Quartz Crystal, Amethyst Point, 9 3/4”. (From top of wire down.) $120

2. Carnelian Cicada (Flies thru dimensions), Pearl, Sunstone, Crystal, Amethyst & Copper & Quartz Point. 8.5” – $120

3. Malachite Dragon, Ame-trine, Ruby Star, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst Point. 8”- $120

4. Carnelian Double Dragon, Old Jade, Garnet and Quartz Crystal Point. 9” – $120 SOLD

5. Jade Bird, Old Jade, Citrine, Quartz Crystal Point. 8”- $110 SOLD

6. Jade Hawk (standing or perched,) Pearl, Citrine, Quartz Point 8.25”- $105 SOLD

7. Black Jade Dragon, Old Jade Bead, Quartz Crystal beads and Point 7.25” $110 SOLD

8. Young Agate Dragon, Red Quartz, Crystal, Citrine Point 7.5” – $105

9. Agate Goddess, Carnelian, Pearl, Clear Quartz Point 7.25” – $115 SOLD

10. Lapis Hawk & Beads, Kyanite, Lapis Merkaba Point 6.5” – $100

11. Turquoise Eagle, Pink Opal, Peach Moonstone, Crystal, Rose Quartz Merkaba Point


These Ancient Ones from range in price from  $90 – $135.

Jade has naturally occuring infrared healing properties. They have all been charged by the Crystalline Stellar Skulls.

Terra Rae sells Galactic jewelry super-charged by the Stellar Skulls.

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