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*The Heart of Creation* Cosmic Insights from a Crystalline Stellar Skull

By Terra Rae

Terra: When I was first introduced to the Crystalline Stellar Skulls, a fabulous being named Devin showed up within a week. I spoke to him for five years, gaining great understanding, insights, and awe-inspiring information about the Stellar Skulls, ancient civilizations, creations of Earth, and the Galactic Team. So, I go into many of these topics in my book*.

(Devin is the ninth-dimensional Overseer of the Group of 90 Game Engineers and one of the Counsel of Nine. He came for several years after receiving the first group of Stellar Skulls to assist with the multitude of questions I’ve had.)

Later, Crysta was introduced to the Stellar Skulls. We started working immediately with the Skull Tribe and what has become our family of Galactic beings. This info came in over a decade ago, yet it sounds like it was yesterday. I have held back on some of the cosmic downloads about the Stellar Skulls, and it is time to share their amazing insights and who they are.

Meeting *The Heart of Creation*

Skull: It is my pleasure to introduce my magnificent self to you, dear friends from long ago. We have been together from the beginning, and you might ask, “Which beginning?” This is before the creation of Earth as we know it now. We were mere travelers of the galaxy ~ often the Red Galaxy in the Red Universe. I came from the Third Eye of that Universe, so I have abilities to see far and wide. My other place of origin is from a very dark hole in the Universe here, the Time and Space Universe. I am happy to say I am an equal blend of masculine and feminine energy. It gives me balance, strength, compassion, love, and spirit through all projects I work with. Also, through all people and communities I am working with.

(Communities are families, work groups, religious and spiritual groups, political groups, cities, and countries. Some of us here on Earth are not even from this Universe, as we are from the origin Universes. The Stellar Skulls have been able to show and tell us much about these other Universes. This is timely since this information will help to create Terra Christa, the “New Earth.”)


Terra: You certainly do sparkle! (A burst of light was captured in this photo.)

Skull: I have begun to share my Heart Essence with you ~ thus, I sparkle and shine. You can call me *The Heart of Creation*, for I truly help with creating. I, like all other Skull Tribes, come to work with the divine heart and bring that forth into universal love and complete compassion. I smile a lot because I feel such great joy from the inside out, which I share with all who come in contact with me.

I have a vision of compassion for all creations of communities working together and being able to share a unified heart-vision. I strike a cord deep within those who see my photo, touch me, or are in an immediate vicinity of me. I can travel with ease as I have come from far away. Also, I did not have a carver, and was created with the essence and mighty heart energy of many magnificent beings (Galactic Team), which you are familiar with.

(The Galactic Team is who “Team Earth” works so closely with now. It consists of Metatron and the Archangelic Realm, Lady Master Nada, Kwan Yin, and the Crystalline Magdalene Lady and Ascended Masters, Yeshua,The Marys, Crystalline Skulls, Goddesses and Dragons, and the Galactic Federation of Loving Light.)


The Goddess Kwan Yin 

Terra: Was Kwan Yin one of them? (I had been calling her in a lot back then to gain a greater understanding of the Stellar Skulls.)

Skull: You mean a compassionate Goddess, helping to create another-like being? Yes, she was indeed one who helped me come forth from the far reaches of several Universes. She also gave me some of her heart- essence as a gift to support this proliferate forward into the future generations of creations which I will be helping with.

She is one smart Goddess! She has a magnificent heart, and you can experience it as you hold me and feel my essence touch your heart essence. It can come forth with a photo or a moving 360-degree video of me. You can send my energy with your heart, sound, and intention or with another skull beam.


Her Compassionate Heart Shines

Terra: It sounds like compassion is a big part of your purpose!

Skull: I have the supreme ability to touch the compassionate heart of those who have forgotten that aspect of themselves. This can almost make an individual melt. They may have put up so much armor and tried to be extremely brilliant on some levels, yet forgot their compassionate self. It is easy to forget when one moves into an ego-centric space. (We see many of these in the political arena right now!)  So I bring them back to center and remind them in a rather moving manner, so they are unable to choose the dark or choose the ego in their work or play.

Terra: A most needed gift! (Spin her Beams to these characters. The more the better!)

Skull: I also help those who need support to feel that they have an army or massive support of many behind them, so they can continue along their forthright path. It is easy for me to bring them back to center since I only see, feel and hear from the heart.

Terra: What was our original intention for Earth?

Skull: We had grand designs to make a completely heart-centered planet when we were together. We had the original plans of Terra Christa for Earth. I have these designs in my incredibly beautiful skull. So due to the cataclysmic events that took place then, we were unable to complete our mission for Earth. We can address this in more detail at another time. (Ask her to see some of this!)


For the future of Earth, I need help with the intention and heart of others to do the active work – as we have been doing here. I stayed deep in love and light, radiating my being, attracting you both to me. I was in another dimension until I was called here.

Terra: Is that how it is for all of the Stellar Skulls?

Skull: We have the ability to attract the right beings to us and can all work with the assistance of others.

Sacred Heart Communities

Skull: I can create sacred heart-space in communities where all feel as though they are one. It becomes magical for the communities to feel like they are one being and one heart. It is so much fun, and I jump for joy when my transcendence moves through one individual to another, like a special heart egg of light, spreading joy and bliss. What a gift am I am!

Terra: You certainly are, dear one! Did we know you in Uriger?

Skull: I was around before the creation of Uriger, and we played together.

(Uriger was a fabulous matriarchal, utopian society that started 850,000 years ago, till the fall of Atlantis, here on Earth. This was a 5D civilization that was sub-tropical in what is now Mongolia and the upper regions of China and Tibet. It is mentioned in Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, by Baird T. Spalding. This is where the masters took the group out into the Gobi Desert to dig way down through the sand to find the proof of the existence of the seven large cities of Uriger.)

Skull: I help those with an idea move forward to see the path clearly and attract the right support and people. Whether the support is financial or the people are yet to enter into their lives. So I assist in the transformation into creation. I came here because I felt your heart’s energy, and it serves the greater good to be part of the Skull Project. (Skull Project is the ongoing communication with the Crystalline Stellar Skulls for creation, preparing people and Gaia for Ascension, and the co-creation of Terra Christa.)I can be in a multitude of places at once ~ so it will serve all of the readers and seers. I can speed things up a great deal for them. People will feel the joy from my heart, and that will attract the needed energy for their willpower and their needed heart support. They can feel invincible and creative, so there is no stopping them from their true heart path. Other Skulls Here on Gaia

Skull:  My abilities expand the more I am put to use. As you can well imagine, that goes for the other Stellar Skulls as well. (They have become immensely expanded with our ongoing work.) 

Terra: It feels like all the other skulls here on the planet, the Yucatan and more recently carved, have been making way for these Crystalline Stellar Skull Tribes that are here now.

Skull: I have found that they have been initiators of the movement. They are great precursors for our incredible beings. They open hearts on a certain level, and that helps others be receptive to us. We could never say anything negative about another skull!

Terra: Do you know the Yucatan crystal skulls?

Skull: They are less talkative and have their own incredible beings within them. I do have a preference for our Crystalline Stellar Skull tribes. We communicated easily with one another in the Asian areas, and I have not had any lengthy discussions with other tribes from other places. So you can always introduce us! We have so much to do the way it is and are so delighted to be heard again that that is lower on our priority list.

Terra: Devin described the Yucatan tribe of skulls as bringing people into 5D. The Crystalline Stellar Skull Tribes are springboards from 5D into 7D, 9D, 11D, and beyond, bringing great understanding.

Skull: We all have extraordinary abilities and can introduce you to travel to other dimensions and the future.

Terra: Thank you for hearing the heart call and for all that you are!

Current Conversation

Skull: I continue to invite compassion over Gaia and into her heart as this expands to all living beings. I consider plants and animals living beings. With our full attention as a team of Crystalline Skulls, our team works daily to assist the planet. Thus when “Team Earth” invites us in for special assistance and galactic healings that come forth through an individual’s request. The 5D healing and clearing extend far beyond that incredible being who stepped up to be cleared. And we allow healing through the timelines, clearing out so much that it assists ancestral lines and even future generations.

So I have not been resting much, as you can well imagine! We are all excited as a team of crystalline beings when working with skulls, goddesses, or dragons. So we are searching the realms to oversee and contribute

as much as needed.

The requests and ignitions are present as we have assisted as many heart intentions as possible. Therefore, we help the ascended masters and the C-Team (Christed Ones – Yeshua and the Marys) to share their heart energies.

We also contribute to the Galactic Federation of Loving Light as their Team of Crystalline Stellar Skulls feels ‘the more the merrier.’ We all assure the safety of the light ships. So imagine, we do have a lot of job security.

(The GF was not working with Crystalline Stellar Skulls, Goddesses, and Dragons until we showed up and gave them some training. So they got it down now! What a team we are!)

And we are always open to assisting any individual looking to have their heart healed, their mind expanded, and wishing for a level of deep soul connection. It is all part of this fantastic matrix of loving light. Every heart counts! So what are you waiting for? Invite me in, and yes, you notice I spend a lot of my time discussing “us” as a “we.” As we unite our heart energies to contribute as much as possible.

Our intention and mission are peace, hope, and unity for the future. We are as one, as we see in our travels, how each heart and intention can affect and assist others. How are you choosing to contribute or participate?

We see it is time to state our travels and ability to regenerate and awaken. We do not have the editing this time as part of this sequence since this is a fine time to share the skills of what a Crystalline Team can do.

(Shoot some heart beams with her to Annie and Star Beacon to keep it and the writers safe, inspired, and strong.)

*Heart of Creation* through Crysta of “Team Earth.”




Light Rays

Cosmic Blue Triangle Diamond Attunement – Gift from Yeshua, Magdalene and Goddess Mary

Lucia and The Luminescent Ladies of Fatima

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

This wondrous story of ten-year-old Lucia and the Lady (Ladies) of Fatima is told through a past-life regression with Anna, who is an aspect of Lucia in the present day.

Anna brought forth Lucia and re-experienced the real story of what happened on the hill near the town of Fatima, Portugal in 1917. The six recorded visits of what the church called “apparitions” of The Lady, were from May through October, precisely at noon, on the thirteenth of each month. This story inspires women to take back their power in many ways. It is so timely and relevant for today’s world. I asked Yeshua (Jesus) and the Marys if I could finally reveal this story, and they gave me their blessing with great excitement, stating, “The time is now!”

How This Came About
Three of us, of  “Team Earth,” will Scan, Track and Clear a client as a team. Sometimes an energy comes right in, from another being of Light who has something to share, bringing more depth and clarity to what is being revealed.

Frequently, it is an aspect of the client, from a past-life. Once in a while it is an aspect from an overlapped life – meaning they can be living two different lives, which is the case in this story. We discern the energy of the beings and connect with our hearts.

We had already been working with Anna for several long, intricate sessions of great magnitude. She has been a big player of the Light throughout many lifetimes. On this day, Aurora of “Team Earth” mentioned another presence in the room, and I soon felt it as well. Anna called to this being, and she could see a young girl with dark hair, wearing dated and worn clothes. Aurora thought it was the girl from Fatima in Portugal, and Crysta had the Stellar Skulls confirm that it indeed was. The girl asked if she could stay, and said her name was Lucia. I asked if Lucia was an aspect of Anna.

“Oh, yes I am,” she replied.

She came in and out quite often, yet stayed quietly, observing. I asked Anna if I could do a regression on her at another time, so she could see herself in that lifetime. We could all feel that Lucia had something to share.

“Absolutely, since I don’t really know a lot about the story, except what the Spanish family I married into quite young, had shared with me. That was a while back. I’d be glad to help in any way,” was Anna’s reply.

After we did two long regressions, I decided to have the Crystalline Skulls answer a few questions about Lucia’s experience. The Crystalline Stellar Skulls’s (CSS) response is in bold.

After Anna’s master glands were re-ignited from our clearing work, she was able to access this life pretty easily, and she was there in a blink. She described the area near Fatima in detail, and what it was like to herd sheep on the hillsides. She loved the quiet and being alone. Her younger cousins would sometimes come to herd sheep with her.

Visits in the Grass
Lucia: The Lady would come to visit me around the hill in the tall grass. I could feel her presence first, and then this flash of blue light would happen in front of me, and then I could see her. We would tell each other different things. This was before she showed up on top of the hill, on May 13, 1917.

TR: Did your cousins see her and talk to her?
Lucia: Oh no! The Lady only came when I was alone.

TR: What is she wearing and what color is her hair?
Lucia: She is wearing a long blue dress. It has long sleeves, a high neck and a blue head scarf down to her shoulders. He dress is loose, and she really glows. She has light brown hair. She smiles a lot and makes me feel relaxed and very happy. I feel like I have known her forever.

TR: Did she give you her name?
Lucia: At different times I heard Miriam, Anna, Mary, Magdalene, Mother Mary… hmm!

(CSS: She had a few people come to her, and oddly enough, sometimes it was Mary, and there were other helpers of Mary. The group of Marys all wanted to participate. Often, Mary herself — yet again, not always. In other words, this was also Lucia’s exposure to different facets of the Mary Energy.)

Read more

Predictions 2017 (Part II)

Magdalene and Marys: Can we give you that answer for what to expect in 2017? When you prepare for the greatest outcome, this is what you will receive. When the bands or groups or tribes of like-minded, thinking, brilliant beings come together, this forms a creative vortex. This opening of energy itself is a portal. […]

Who are the Magdalenes?

Grounding the LightWho Are the Magdalenes?
by Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

Maybe you are one! This writing may strike a chord deep within your heart and soul. It surely will raise a lot of questions, and this is always good. In the past few decades I have had many clients come to me that either thought they were Magdalene, or had been told this by others.

It’s time to get this clarified. I found these folks to be confused, since they then thought they were Mary Magdalene, from 2000 years ago. 

As we grew up, and many of us were going to different churches, they would teach that Mary Magdalene was a whore and a harlot. How convenient of the “Dark Side” to alter the Bible so many times, removing any of the Magdalene and female teachings, making Mary to be weak and in need of great repentance, with Mary Magdalene being the bad girl. Read more