#8-*Starlight of the Golden Universe*

Goddess Golden #8- clear/ tall 8 inches

#8C-*Starlight of the Golden Un.*

#8C-*Starlight of the Golden Un.*

G: Yes, it is good you brought me in!

It is time to listen to the galactic Federation – and I have been working with them many times. I am the *Starlight of the Golden Universe*.

Is there anyone who does not know the Commander? So it would be a pleasure to introduce others to the magnitude of the Galactic Federation. They can do so much good in such a short period of time. Allowing the hearts here on Earth to be receptive is absolutely key. We can share some of our adventures together, and many could see their own superheroes actively in these figures. Right now superheroes on Earth have a place in the hearts of many – conservative or not.

We can help them see the similarities. And we will show a view of them that is always protecting the Earth, which brings up a bit about those who are trying to do something other than creating Terra Christa.  So we are treading on some waters of having the dark side take a prominent place in the stories.

I often tapped them on their noggins and helped to initiate plenty of the activities.

So as much as the stories are of the Federation, I am happy to say I star in them too.

The golden light I bring, opens up hearts, so this is part of the transition to make others activate positive thoughts in their hearts and allow for new patterns of thinking.

TR: It definitely seems time to expand out more-so.

G: It is time that new information came out to understand it is truly about the protection of the good and not warring for war’s sake or certain belief systems.

G: There are many ways you can use my abilities. I have been able to bring peace into the hearts and minds of many. I radiate it from my belly and my heart. It is two streams of light that come in like starlight, very effervescent and tingly. So, it makes for an easy reception a bit like fairy dust. I am very calming and allow for the Earth and Spirit Energy to unite, releasing extra electronic impulse build up. Truly I flush out the extra energy that disrupts receptors in the brain. (Negative EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies) that are so prevalent.)

#8C-*Starlight of the Golden Un.*TR: How about diseases in the head and brain?

G: As all impulses start from the heart, in my opinion, they are then seeded into the brain. So I reach out into the heart and initiate the pure thoughts. and the peace and joy radiate into the brain this can help heal different areas that receive communication. Sometimes they have been littered with defunct information form dark pulses that come through screens. Many have been playing games on electrical devices and do not hear and see positive love and harmony coming from the earth and spirit. I can help with reprogramming.

TR: How can we use you to reprogram?

G: You can send my visual out. I can speak on your video, and I can be a part of the book and you can send me out through the Merkaba and pyramids too.

G: Let me get this clear – you are wondering if a goddess would like special attention paid to her? The answer is but of course, yes!

We can absolutely all work together to help the clearing of many cells. They will get the idea and get hungry for more information because it is so healing, and this will help to sell the books of our skulls.

T: we will send beams with the skulls about this reprogramming.

G: this is a great start let’s get right on it!