Reviews for the Crystalline Stellar Skulls Book

Crystalline Stellar Skulls ~ Who are They Really? by Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

 WINNER in two Categories of 2017 International Body Mind Spirit Book Awards
Also an Online Bestseller!
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This is the most important book I’ve ever read.

To know our history all the way back to the beginning of THIS experiment in duality, gives clarity to this journey we are on together.
Also, I would like to share that l have had the full clearing from these tireless lightbringers, and it is life changing. I had not dreamed in so long l don’t. even know…after one session dreams came back that night, and continue. I thought that meant l was sleeping well…wrong! I was being taken over by the dark side every night, to diminish my light. 6 months later, l feel so present and so much more surrendered about all that life brings.

I thought l would have to wait til l arrived on the other side of the veil to have the. knowledge l now posses. THANK YOU
~ Betty Barlow


Pick up this book if you have been wondering about who you are, why you feel stuck, but deep in yourself know that there is more to being in this world. Also pick up this book when you see it blinking at you like a switchboard telling you that there are tons of messages waiting for you.
Once you read it, your life will not be the same. You will know that you are part of something much bigger than you ever thought and that you have always been an important part of it. You owe it to yourself. And once you remember that you know, you can’t un-know.
The Crystalline Stellar Skulls made themselves visible and available again to help us get out of this thick mist and see the big picture as we always were meant to see and live, using our full potential.

~D Severina


I first came across the Stellar Skulls through the Sedona Journal of Emergence and felt an instant connection. As you can imagine my excitement when I found out there would be a whole book on the subject. It was so intriguing to learn more about the origins of the skulls. I also loved the way the author incorporated her story of finding the skulls and the adventures that she was led to from that point. If you are on your own spiritual quest I highly recommend accessing the wonderful energy of the Stellar Skulls and the skills of Team Earth.
~Julia Crane


“Fasten your seat belts,” Terra Rae says several times in her book. That’s an understatement! I first met Terra Rae and the Skulls at a psychic fair and have done some very powerful work with the team in the past year. It is NOT a cliche when people say this work changes and frees lives in a powerful and positive way. I had one major problem of which I am now free thanks to these benevolent healers. It’s been several months since that release and the effect is the same, so I know the release is real- and I seriously doubt I could have done it on my own, because I tried for years. So READ THIS BOOK! Plan to dogear the activation pages and read the whole book several times. It’s too much to absorb in one reading, and you’ll want to understand the big picture.
~ Eustebio


A must read book for anyone interested in understanding the process of accession as well as planetary shift and its relation to our spiritual lives and journeys. The author presents the information in a way that any person with no previous spiritual training will understand and helps to educate, from the layman to the expert. There is something for anyone seeking spiritual awareness within these pages.
~Amazon Customer