Preparing for Your 5D Clearing

Send Us Answers to These Questions:

*What are some major life changes /transitions in your life and at what ages did they happen?
*Would you like to clear some emotional charges?
*Please send along any physical issues you wish to address.
*What age did they begin and have there been have reoccurrences?
*Any significant dreams or reoccurring dreams you wish to share?
* Do you notice different time periods of your you can not account for (like lost time)?
*Are there disharmonies in your family you wish to share?
  These are relationships you have had, most likely, many times over.
* Have you studied with Spiritual Leaders or Gurus? If so, which ones?
 * How do these studies play a role for you to this day?
*Do you have any thing you wish to break free of (blocks you notice) so you can move forward with greater clarity and ease?
*Please share any personal or spiritual goals you wish to attain.

On the Day of Your Clearing:

* Be prepared to see and hear anything

* Share any physical and emotional areas of concern

* Have Privacy, so you can speak, tone and release as you wish. Have any animals in another room.

* Be in a comfortable place in case you wish to sit down, lie down and stand up.

* Often it is helpful to be near a window while we are on the Video conference call.

Helpful Supplies

* Filtered Drinking Water, so you can stay hydrated

* Wear loose clothing (a sarong, robe or towel is great) we may have you disrobe to pull some energy out and do not wish to do it through clothing.

* A Pendulum so you can confirm and elaborate on what is going on with you as it comes up during the scan/reading/clearing

* Any essential oils you own in front of you, along with a carrier oil (like olive oil, apricot, sunflower and fractionated coconut oil.)

* Note: We highly recommend  Young Living oils. Let us know if you would like to know more about these or would like to purchase them.

Essential oils to have on hand are:

* Orange – or other citrus: Bergamot, Lemon, Grapefruit

* Peppermint

* Lavender – or blends with lavender to relax. We use Copaiba and Rutavala* a rose water spray, if available

We will have you use the above three a great deal to facilitate the cellular release process, so we highly recommend that you create spray solutions for these single oils. Place 4 to 8 drops of one oil in an 8 to 12 oz. spray bottle of filtered water.

* A Tree Oil (Frankincense, Fir, Spruce, Copaiba, Cedarwood, Myrrh or Sandalwood)

* Any power pieces or crystals you own

* A comfortable place so you can stand up, lie down, or sit

* Your phone charged (if it not a land line) and a back up Cell phone charged

* A way to record if you would like it recorded

* Epsom salt (Bags or boxes) so you can soak and clear more from your cells  after our session. Use at least 8 Cups per bath.

Note: Since you have agreed to the call/clearing notice what comes up in your dreams and life and journal about it.