Here’s What Clients Say

“Team Earth” (Terra Rae, Crysta and others) and the Crystalline Team do very advanced, profound and thorough work, with healings on every layer of the body, past and present, and in many dimensions. Below are some of the responses and the feedback.


Note: These first five client experiences were given by a group that was done back to back, on very extraordinary beings. They insisted on giving them to “Team Earth” and the Crystalline Stellar Skulls. We have changed their names, though many of you will recognize their “energy signatures”, since you may know them well!  

Jose C. :

 “I am a teacher on many dimensions and have been aware of dark energy, and yet I chose to ignore it because of concern of amplifying what I focused on. However, by working with these amazing women, their tools, and their highly honed perceptive abilities, and the Crystalline Stellar Skulls, I recognized that I had been blind to what had been put into and around me. There were creatures, objects, energy and essences from dark wizards, in, on and around my physical and etheric forms, which had been in me for eons. I could feel an immediate difference once it was removed, and yet I was unable to see it in myself or others until I was cleared.

Once cleared, I could sense some etheric things in another, and yet not be fully able to see it until one of the “Team Earth” woman, with their tools touched the device or etheric energy ~ then it became visible. I have watched my colleagues being cleared of etheric presences ~ before and after, it is astonishing. This is truly an experience to be believed!

As a teacher, I have always taught to focus only on the light. I now feel that one is to focus on the light, and be aware of the dark!!

Ascension will happen much sooner with these three amazing beings doing their cutting edge, perceptive psychic surgeries with the Stellar Skulls. We are most blessed to have access to “Team Earth” by phone, internet and soon in their ongoing classes. Namaste!” ~ Jose C.

Mary C.:

“My son and I have been cleared by these amazing enlightened beings, the Three Graces. Devices, energies, fragments and dark energy had been put into us almost from the beginning of time. I had experienced a heaviness, an extraordinary physical, mental and emotional weight about me ~ on and in me. It had been there for many, many millennia. I had questioned it and I was unable to place its origin, much less define, see and remove it. Once the “Team Earth” scanned me, I began to notice an outline of many, many, many things in and around my physical form. It seemed like all of my “bodies” (e.g. 3rd, 5th and 7th Dimensional) had been littered with debris. As thees things were being gently and extremely professionally removed, I could identify them and aid in their removal.

Also being a teacher, I focused solely on the light, and it took this LARGE, large wake-up call to alert me that I am to notice everything, and then it is my choice to focus on the light. By noticing something that is the opposite of light, you can remove it!

Oh my ~ do go and get ‘scanned’, and have this amazing work done as quickly as possible. A whole new reality awaits you!

Once the negative or dark lights were removed, my energy tripled, my spirits soared, and now I can focus on what is positive. Before this work, I had to make myself be positive. I felt quite awful before, then with the retrievals of my stolen Heart-lights, Soul Essences, Golden Cord Lights, Dragon Eggs and Starlight, I have been slowly expanding, expanding and expanding more and more into who I truly am. I didn’t even know these had been taken from me.

It is as if I now know my potential! The shaky emotional body is gone. I am that I AM: Peace, Love, Joy and Ecstasy. My already amazingly developed psychic abilities, quadrupled. I KNOW that my presence has an enormous difference to any and everyone with whom I am in contact with! I have watched as my colleagues see and feel the shift in myself and my children ~ and our huge amplified clarity, wisdom, perseverance, strength and inner knowing ~ with everyone we come in contact with. Great blessings to these wonderful beings of the Stellar Skulls, and all their associates. I have trusted and do trust them with my life!” ~ Mary C.

Anna G.:
 “All of you who are reading this: Do not wait a moment more, for your life will become exponentially better after receiving this clearing work. All of you who read this have “stuff.” You are the chosen lightworkers, you are the leaders, you are Ascension, and as such, have been “hit” the hardest. So consider finding this site ~ with these testimonials and with these women ~ to be a huge blessing. You will finally be able to be fully cleared, and get onto your path as designated ~ pre-birth.

I have done a lot of clearing and attended all of the mystery schools — past, present and future. I consider myself a teacher and a master, and yet I saw nothing of what was alleged to be on my physical body. I say alleged, since I didn’t believe I had these things until my family saw and felt them, and until I saw my colleagues and children cleared. I recognized that maybe I didn’t know quite as much as I thought I did. Occasionally we get caught up in Ego and are not aware of this.

With great humility and enormous trust in the Three Graces of “Team Earth”, I agreed to the clearing. When the first device got removed, I felt as if over 100 bricks had been taken off my shoulders. I kept lightening up, more and more! I had gotten used to carrying all this around in many dimensions and in many different forms, and it had become cumulative. I did not recognize how much I had! It slowly accumulated until it was finally ~ gently and lovingly removed.

With each removal, I could feel the extraction and the release of the sticky black and green goo. With the help of the highest beings in the Cosmos, I have felt peace and tranquility, and now I understand that even more is yet to be returned to me. These include stolen Soul Essences, Heartlights, Golden Cord Lights, Dragon eggs, Personal Light Dragons and Starlight (all of which have been gone for eons and eons) and hardly anyone knows they even had it or they existed!

Because all of these parts and essences have been returned to a colleague or two, on a scale 1 to 10, they are a 10 in body, mind, spirit ~ past, present and future. They are now more clairvoyant since these abilities have been returned along with their stolen parts and lights.

So, hear this dear ones: I urge you to read with your heart, and check to see if you are to wait any longer to become who you truly are! Namaste!” ~ Anna, Grandmother


 “Thank you again, Graces of “Team Earth”, I am totally in your debt! You have cleared and freed me from physical, emotional and mental bondage that I did not know I even had. My physical heart problems have disappeared ~ I no longer have flutters or palpitations. My sense of limited or negative selfworth has vanished. My lack of knowledge of my life’s purpose in this incarnation is totally eliminated (with no doubt what so ever). My hesitancy about projects and activities, or even personal direction, has been replaced by full clarity and a very deep and most profound inner knowing.

Even with my advanced training, I felt the tendency to want to beat myself up, and that is completely gone. I now know the extreme importance of focusing on the light, for me and my path forward, yet being extremely aware and conscious of everything around me. I had to ask for help, and it was the invitation of the Three Graces of “Team Earth”, whose work I have been privy to for years, and arrogantly thought, “Oh, I don’t have any of that in me… I do service for others!”

When I witnessed what was released from some of my family, I knew that I must have “stuff” too. My recovery from this deep, and most profound psychic surgery, involving 3D to 33D devices, energies, programming, and….. that these “characters” (I do not wish to honor them with names of beings) were able, over multi-eons and universes to implant horrific things in me.

I am appalled and astonished so much could have gotten put into me, and added over eons of time surreptitiously. I had no idea of that. I still am stunned and shocked that my light, and good will, and service, had been completely distorted for dark means and for food of these “characters”. We, my family and I are ensuring that others do not need to go thru this in the future, for it will not continue.

I am certain that 99% of all of you that are reading this, have major “stuff” to clear and are not aware you even have it. These Three Graces are impeccable. If you have nothing, they will say so. They are worth their weight in gold. Please treat them with honor, respect and gratitude. Namaste!” ~ Miriam

Mary M.:

“I have wanted to give this testimony because not only have I watched my family go through major transformation with these Three Graces of “Team Earth”, and their amazing team of skulls, Stellar Skulls ~ and ancient, extraordinary, specially-designed tools.

Not only did I see my family transformed, but I felt it first hand, as curses and entities and off-planet hardware devices, implanted programs, contraptions and bondaged serpents were removed from me. As with my other family members, I did not see anything of this, and I have been present when two or three have been gathered together to do their work. We have been a part of this for several years and watched the difference that occurred in each of them as they cleared themselves. Then the Three Graces cleared others, and then cleared themselves, over and over, again.

With the increased clarity of the Graces, they began to see things we could not see, even trained seers and mystery school adepts, that we are. We went along with this because we trust them implicitly. How could this be, that we could not see this until they put one of their tools onto a device attachment energy? We couldn’t see it until only just recently ~ before then we could not see it at all. We just supported them as we would others, doing deep, conscious and heartfelt service.

Then the offer was given to scan me! A few times I was thinking, “Yeah, sure.” And lo and behold, I have had much more than many of the others we have been present with the clearing of. It is indeed an honor and privilege to experience the Three Graces work, in any way shape or form. I trust them with my life, and know their integrity. You may want to call for a ‘scanning’. You lightworkers make the decision as to whether you want to move forward or not.

Perhaps those of you who are channelers, might want to ask your guides about this. They were all in meetings and gatherings and have observed over countless weeks and years the work of the two and three Graces of “Team Earth”. Use your pendulums, fingers, runes or however you receive egoless, unbiased readings from whomever or whatever. You will find clarity, speed and extraordinary clear decisiveness, which will make a two-day job done in a few hours. I have not watched a short recovery time such as this. No one else on the planet is doing this work, except for the Three Graces. They are a whole package deal!” ~ Mary M.




♥♥♥”I am in such a state of gratitude for my last healing session. No one before had been able to address the darkness that has plagued me for years. Other healers said this was “way to BIG and frightening” for them to deal with. I was asked to leave their office and not return!

Now I feel hopeful, my nightmares have ceased, I don’t hear those negative voices! I am also so VERY grateful for the Stellar Skull Light Blood Infusion that released the toxins from my previous blood transfusions I received in the hospital. I felt I was carrying some emotional baggage from those experiences. THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! I feel blessed to have been guided to call you when I saw your ad!” ~ Antoinette C., Oakland, CA

♥♥♥”After 15 minutes of clearing a CURSE from Jenna: “I keep on getting rushes with everything you are saying. I know it is the truth!  I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER, I could RUN a mile! “I’m not kidding!” ~ Jenna Grandmother, Chicago, IL (We cleared that nasty curse in an hour call, and she did put on her shoes and said she was heading out the door to the track in the park!)

 ♥♥♥“My back pain is completely gone! It is free from carrying things I did not even know were there. What a relief! It is a new feeling for me. I am not longer carrying a load! There is hope for me in the future!  I never felt that before in this life. I’m going to have my children cleared! What a gift for them!” ~ Carolyn J., Santa Fe, NM

She later wrote and informed us: “I had pain in my body from the mid 1950’s and have tried everything and many healers over the years. It’s GONE!” ~ Eustebio P., Corpus Christi, TX
NOTE: We get that comment a lot!

♥♥♥”My extreme EMF sensitivity is GONE! I mean GONE! This is really big for me!

I had the strangest sensation last night when I asked what was my feeling and experience right now. Here is what I got: This ~ is what ‘clear’ is. I felt as though I had been emptied out ~ I don’t feel the mental clutter. I never felt this before. It is all new and exciting to me!
~ Annie M., NM

♥♥♥”I felt the protection you put around me, my house, my family members and car immediately!”
~ Jerjeanna, GA

♥♥♥”OMG!  I just got this confirmation from Terra Rae and Crysta and clicked the link and got all involved in a session with *Heart of Creation*, right on the website. 

I get it that *Heart of Creation* is helping me create the “new me” through my new business portal. As I slow down and just sit and BE for a while, I get all kinds of new “downloads” about stuff I’ve never thought about before. Some of it specifically relates to doing, but also I believe my intuitive or psychic powers are being fine-tuned. I am also getting all kinds of information about others and how they are. It is as if  Spirit is coming in and anchoring for creating the future with intent and Spirit.

All THIS from me as a Spirit-filled Being, glowing with some of the heart energies from reading about *Heart of Creation*. By the way, I did not expect or intend for this to occur, I was just confirming my subscription!” ~
Loving you, Rev. A. Bee, Sebastapol, CA

♥♥♥”Thank you for the quick response and healing session. The Crystalline Stellar Skull team does a more thorough, powerful,  quicker type of auric field-cleaning and healing work than I have ever experienced.

Previously others healers saw the challenge and gave up almost immediately, or admitted they could not do much about the problems they saw, and some apparently think they are doing a terrific job without doing anything useful.

I appreciate the fact that you actually describe the problems that are being removed from my auric field. It is high quality Spiritual team work at its best. Thank you and keep up the great work!” ~
Steve U., Elmwood Park, IL

♥♥♥”I received a healing from Crysta, Terra Rae, the Crystalline Stellar Skulls and the “Team” and it was a very enlightening experience….I have been having health problems and an overload of stress and was barely able to keep my everyday life going. After my session with them, I was able to sleep peacefully again, as well as function at my daily tasks and ‘catch up’ if you will, with my life again. Many thanks to  you all for your excellent healing session.” ~
Karen S, Novato, CA

♥♥♥”I had other healers work on me who were overwhelmed, they said “a certain entity was around me” and they gave up because it was too big for them. Sometimes at the very beginning of the session, otherwise a little ways into it. You are doing it better than anyone else I have encountered. You are the only ones who have been able to completely release this! I am finally feeling so much better and I can’t wait for another session!” ~
Roger T., Chicago, IL

♥♥♥”I’m feeling, overall, like I’ve been released from prison and I’m relearning how to live in the world confidently and empowered ~ a whole new experience! After our session, the constant deep acute pain that I had been living with for 20+ years was GONE and has not returned!” ~
Jennifer L., St. Louis, MO

We’re here for you!

♥♥♥”Things are really different, and am feeling the same, yet different. I really like me and how people respond to me! Things are opening up for me ~ sooo fast ~ it is like hyperspeed. The money thing is opening up for me really fast, too! Let’s do another session!” ~
Jay W., Asheville, NC

♥♥♥”I came for a drink of water ~ you gave me the ocean!” ~
Suzanne M., Alb., NM

♥♥♥”Since our session I have experienced a 90+% reduction in lifelong nightmares, less anxiety, chronic back problems seem to be gone (will be keeping track, looking for permanent, but very impressed so far), possibly more patience, improvement in lifelong bowel problems.  I think it has made me a nicer person!” ~
John K, Alb., NM

♥♥♥”I am less judgmental since our work. I feel more compassion, a greater flow of love in my heart, my digestion is more vital and clear. My artwork has changed and is more light-filled! I am selling more artwork and more reps have approached me about selling my artwork all over the world!” ~
Bonnie C., Ojai, CA

♥♥♥“I have not felt this good in ten years. I had no energy before this clearing. I feel amazingly different especially on my left leg. It is all tingly and alive now where it was numb before!” ~
Lynnessa, Alb., NM

♥♥♥“I had an immediate reaction to the *Heart of Creation* Skull and I thank you for making it’s energies available online. (He came to check out the website.) It stood out for me as I scrolled through the photos of the Skull tribe and I felt a hear pang. I felt like I was remembering something I had long forgotten. The feeling began to well up within me and brought me to tears. Grateful heartfelt tears. Such a great re-membering, release and healing. Then I read the dialogue about the *Heart Of Creation’s* healing mission and understood. Thanks again…great experience and healing.” ~
Dominic P., Oakland, CA

♥♥♥”Since my first few hours of clearing work with you, EVERYTHING is different! I do not know how to explain it! I sit and think about how amazing it is to be alive. I have never done that before! My body has changed completely.

I thought my husband was deranged for loving me so much. Now I realize he is not, because I am lovable and have begun to love myself, seeing myself as who I really am! I do not feel one bit of angst about my past, or my mother. This is huge!

My relationship with my son is completely different, very free and joyful! I am connected to a whole big expansiveness now that is not empty! I am so connected cleaned out with a power hose!

All is flushed out of me: burdens, nonsense, scripts have left me. People tell me I am radiating. Everyone tells me my spirit is radiating. I am no longer self conscious.” ~
Paula C., Marin County, CA

♥♥♥”I definitely feel a little better and so does Jack.My cells are filling up with light and my mind is peaceful.

I felt the Magdalene/Origin class was fascinating and life altering.The first night every muscle and joint spasmed up.My pain body was exposed to the surface and revealed itself.Nights are still difficult with sweating and burning. I think several things are going on. It is a process releasing 1000’s of years of stuff. I feel as if the past is over and I am in the present which is amazingly liberating and I feel grateful  and yet there is a healing or unraveling of the DNA? and the cells need to fill up and regenerate with that amazing crystalline blue silver light. Filling up the chalice.

So I go back and forth between the two polarities. I think I need to talk to the skulls a bit about my hormones again and if I am correct about what happens at night and how i can facilitate the process so I can receive restorative rest at night for sure.

I feel my heart opening up and feel joy and great light filling me up.” ~ Lynn L., Santa Barbara, CA


(Comments from our beloved Gaia on the Stellar Skulls and the work done together with  “Team Earth!” Since our work is so expansive, it has been an ongoing clearing for Her!)

♥♥♥”This has been a momentous day for all of my creatures and all of those who are wishing to help increase my vibrancy. I have been awaiting the reconnection to the Skulls,  for we have a long history together. Some of the very specialized skulls have such an impact that there will be incredible changes happening.  I feel as if my heart is going out to so many aspects of people and places on the planet that I will be at long last heard.

It has healed me greatly, for I feel as if the liquid Heartlight is seeping into all parts of the Earth here, so I am going to be less explosive in the near future. You have all done so much for me in the past, as well and this day at this time, bringing about a beautiful essence and light to my heart. I now feel as if every branch and water and air molecule is now filled with the light of God and Goddess energy. It is truly a family reunion here! With the skulls in place in the pyramid time capsules, we will have a greater voice, and the hearts of those who are now in tune with me, as they walk through those doors, will be so expansive it will be like a little Earth Dance everywhere. Blessings on this tribe of people, spirits, skulls, and magical Light and Love!”  ~ Gaia