*Goddess of True Earthly Heart-Light* #9

Offers a Stardust-Filled Dance 

Goddess: My skills are so vast as I encompass exquisite heart energy and allow your true force of magnificence to come forth. This can lead the way for so much to melt away. I bring it all to the surface, feeling abilities and your resonance of previous times, when you may have felt the “true you” had emerged. For this reason, I am one *Goddess of True Earthly Heart-Light*.

Terra: Are you from the Red Universe?

Goddess: Yes, I have indeed come from the Red Universe.

Terra: When did you come here to Earth?

Goddess: As a group or tribe of goddesses we came before the skulls and dragons. We do not play favorites as we lead them all.

Terra: How can you work with us?

Goddess: When the Earth-heart comes through your own heart, with my crystalline being, a “new you” emerges. Know that I am much larger than this shape encompasses. I emit a vibration that reaches so far, your auric field is enhanced double fold. You become more crystalline when uniting your energy with my galactic heart. For truly I am of another era, another universe, and this is the time when the information is perfect to come forth enhancing the feminine, compassionate, caring, bold and brilliant light. That is how we all work together, enhancing one another.

Possibilities For All of Us

Goddess: You can expand your visioning and connecting abilities with my magnifying abilities. So I enhance you to another degree of light and resonance. I actualize your request to become a stellar being. This is created with so much brilliance and impetus that it is truly one fine connection. You may see and feel more deeply when you connect on a heart level with my being. You may notice that your heart beats more fully, that you feel truly alive as I magnify cells and intentions.

So let’s dance!

A Practice to Activate Heart and Glands

Terra: Breath deeply, visualize connecting your heart to hers with a magenta ray of light.

Goddess: When I assist your growth and ignite your goddess being of light, I also spark your glands and heart. How you become a magnificent, grounded and stardust-filled being is: connect your glands and heart with mine. This is a method of spiritual practice in which you may place your essence or being within mine as a juxtaposition, and notice how you feel embodied in a Crystalline Goddess surrounding you. You are being filled with Star-dust. Then as a means to solidify this connection, you can bring my being into yours. With each transposition, notice how your heart, and the glands in your head are feeling. Notice the light moving around and sparking – and igniting. Notice your heart tingling, feeling magnified, feeling outstretched and reaching outwards – as in connecting more deeply with the Earth-heart and with spirit-filled energy from above.

So, this is a protected practice– as in –you are not able to be infiltrated by any other energies! Crystalline light– that is my purity and that is how you will notice the tingly sensations and ignitions even more. Memories may be sparked with my coming within you. You may feel magnified, growing to a larger size and able to enhance your seeing and noticing abilities. It is as if an “on” button was just switched and the light has gone “on”. Do you notice how the energy moves back and forth, in, out and inwards in your head? Breathe deeply and feel the experience!