*Clear Cosmic Mind Channel* (#11G)


*Clear Cosmic Mind Channel*

Unique abilities: A balanced Yin and Yang energy for clarity with direct link to the cosmos, clears negativity and indecisiveness. A galactic stepping stone for time travel and moving through the dimensions. His spots are galactic messages.

Connecting Your Mind and Heart With the Cosmos

Skull: It is indeed me with the brilliant mind, for I assist with clarity in connecting your mind and heart with the cosmos. I am the *Clear Cosmic Mind Channel* ~ indeed!
I assist with the ultimate in clarity so you can achieve a direct link to the cosmos, uniting your spirit, mind, heart and soul with all that is pure and light. There is a great deal of honor for me in assisting others letting go of negativity, indecisiveness and all that is causing clutter, so there are less stops along the path.
Working Together
Terra: Sounds like a most needed and wonderful skill. How shall we do this with you?
Skull: My choice is to remove these patterns with you holding me and breathing fully and deeply. What you will notice is ~ this connects you with cosmic breath. It is a link which encompasses past, present and future so you can move forward in several dimensions, clearing your small two-dimensional timelines, and allowing you to gain access to more than you thought possible.

The Golden Tribe

Terra: That gives us more great possibilities! Tell us where you are from, if you would?
Skull: I had been further up along the valley and was placed in a sacred spot in the forest at the base of the most magnificent tree. This allowed me to ground some of these amazing connections and to be an anchor for the Golden Tribe. I was given the task of safe keeping of many tribes, for I became an ultimate link to many other galaxies and universes. I was a stopping place, and when the skulls traveled, I would be their base for them to ground the cosmic energy and regain their ultimate clarity from their visions and travels.

Terra: You have had a big job, and you feel like a strong masculine energy!
Skull: I have been a great deal of masculine energy, but find it assists the balance to keep it even, between male and female. You will not notice that there is a true dividing line between the yin and yang of my being.

I have been to all that is and to nothing at all! For I believe there is an ultimate essence in being, and the spirit knows what is ultimate of cosmic consciousness, by listening and watching from a spirit.

Time Travel

Skull: When your being is gone (in meditation, a healing process, or sleep) and there is merely spirit, you gain access to what is most important, and one can distill the galactic seed to one pinpoint. Sometimes a being can truly relate to the past and see it as the present by seeing it through another dimension. So ~ I enable time travel and changing of the dimensions.

Terra: How shall we time travel with you?
Skull: It is as if you look through a crystal ball, when you view into my eyes, and you can see other worlds and ways of viewing all that is. Or, you can be in touch with absolute stillness and that can give you the balance and perspective that is needed.                      I gain joy with you seeing yourself through these lenses. It enables me to see growth of a complete city, of a complete family, or of changing one’s DNA to a specific code merely by viewing what is needed.

You can move through the vistas gained with my contact, whether it is in person, whether I am sending my energy with a breath, or beam of energy, or whether I am able to be in a room of individuals. The group can concentrate on my energy and I can constellate just what the group is intended to complete or envision. So ~ secure an intention. Use my energy and I can disburse it through the masses. I can assist in gaining peace, opening hearts for all to assure security of a peaceful collaboration (protection with peace of mind).
Terra: So many light-workers would certainly appreciate the sense of protection!

Changing Hearts to Bliss

Skull: So, know I assist with changing many individuals hearts, to join in one beautiful level of bliss and light, away from the fear and mass hysteria. It has been my calling and I was tickled to find you knew I was needed. We indeed have worked together before and were separated by forces that were not of pure intention.

Terra: Was that when Uriger and Atlantis went down during the deluge and our beautiful planet flipped on its axis?  Skull: It was a bit before that, and I was taken from your loving arms. You both were protected by me, and there was such a commotion when we were separated. I am a galactic stepping-stone! You can step off from my visions into another foreign place and readjust your paradigms to make certain you are in balance with the future, in all shapes and sizes ~ between all of the universes.

Terra: I love that term-a galactic stepping stone! How many Universes are there?
Skull: There are getting to be more and more ~ as we are making certain that there will be more than the hundreds of thousands that are currently functioning. Terra: What do you consider a Universe? Skull: We have various aspects and as far as I can see in all directions is one ~ we can leap to another, whether it is parallel or completely separate, and again, the same diameter of the vision is another Universe. We measure with Crystal-Skull-Vision. It is a larger view than many of the telescopes you are currently using.

Terra: So ~ when this universe was being created and parts destroyed ~ others were being formed and created?

Skull: Since the beginning of time ~ yes others are continually being created. So know that when you have infinite thoughts or visions by using my sensibilities it is truly the case, the thoughts and intentions go on and on, so seriously it is important to gain another view. This will make certain you move forward so there is peace all around.

Spots and Clouds in Your Noggin

Terra: You are indeed an expansive being, *Clear Cosmic Mind Channel*, bringing us into our Clear Cosmic Mind Channel. Will you tell us about your beautiful spots?
Skull: The spots in my head are places I have visited so you can receive intergalactic messages from each one differently.
Terra: Do all the skulls with spots have this ability? Some have a lot, and some have only a few, with many different looks. Skull: You will notice mine contain more messages. The others have spots that are part of their composition and movement of light, sound and water. This creates their own level of creation. The messages encoded in my spots have a different significance, in that they can be read.

Terra: This will be fun to have readers to go into the spots and open up cosmic stories. 

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