*Blue Master of Light* with Goddess of Joy #3T

Introducing you to the Crystalline Goddesses we work with is a delight and an honor.

Brings Light and Love and strengthens communities.

Brings Light and Love and strengthens communities.

Unique Abilities: Brings pleasure, light, love and strengthens community. Joy and heart-based skills for Ascension!

CSS: I am truly a goddess from the Blue Universe. I brought my friend, the skull with me, and we work as a team as do many of the goddesses and skulls.
Terra: The Goddesses work with the skulls too, then?
CSS: Yes, that is absolutely correct.

Terra: Where did you come from?
CSS: We came a long time ago in human and skull years and, yes, we came from Asia.

*Blue Master of Light* &

The Female Carver of this Crystalline Stellar Skull

Terra: Do you know who the carver was?
CSS: The carver was a woman and we were energies in the Blue Universe who worked with both of you, then. We had many ceremonies together and were able to bring about a great light into the communities. Together we brought pleasure, love, joy and this served to create a stronger community. It allowed us all to function from a state of bliss and then create structure around that. So all of our activities and thoughts for structure were joy and heart based. We will certainly be able to assist with a new loving planet based solely on hearts and loving connections.

Terra: What are your names?
CSS: So our team here: Skullie is *Blue Master of Light* and I am “Goddess of Joy”. We bring that together in all that we do ~ light and joy. It was amazing when we were asking our carver to create us, she knew precisely how we should look. She received a healing with every bit of the carving, and she was transformed into a new woman and this radiated to all of her friends and family. It was contagious! She smiled every inch of the way.

Working Directly with these Goddesses

Terra: How do we work with you?
CSS: If you are choosing to use some of our abilities you merely want to place your heart and spirit inside of us and we will guide you. Anyone who can use their abilities to place their heart and spirit within us, can do this, yes.

Terra : Can we do that, in this manner?
CSS: You would want to breathe your heart into us, your spirit into us, as it is all about breath and heart. When that transference has been made, you will easily move into another level of consciousness.

Terra: I am breathing into the cave or hollows of it.
CSS: This is correct. You will feel altered. You can also bring this stream of light into the heart, so it will have a stronger level of you being able to remember and still be grounded, although you are working on another level of skull consciousness.

Creating Temples of Light

Terra: What kind of work did we do together?
CSS: When we were together before, we helped you create a temple of light and joy in the Blue Universe. All of us worked together as a loving team and were able to create so many ideas, that each room of the temple created different results with the recipients. We have not been there in a while. We can easily recreate it.

Terra: Can you describe the temple?
CSS: The temple was heavenly and allowed individuals to almost float through all of the healing spaces, removing barriers and allowing the magic of the skulls and goddesses to work on all layers of these beings. It gave each person the ability to come back to center to realize where they needed some strengths, and to ask for them ~ and easily receive them. It was as if it was a ‘self-realization temple’ and all past was shed without pain and trauma, and the ability to renew and replenish without feeling levels of disease or discomfort or unworthiness were shed.

So the individual chose light and joy and it was a simple process. The cords were shed, the wounds were healed, the past lives were seen and then dissolved, so that chosen ones were able to recalibrate and justify their lives, bodies and souls into one blissed out being.We did heal the heart in many layers in a short period of time.

Terra: What modalities did we use? What was in the temple?
CSS: If you can imagine a team of light workers all centered on the individual, so it was ‘speed processing’.

Terra: At the time of the Temples in the Blue Universe, had the Time and Space Universe started, yet?
CSS: As they are separated by so many light years, it is a little confusing for me. I think not, though, this was pre- this galaxy.

How Did You Look Back Then ?

Terra: Did you have the same appearance as you have now?
CSS: I was looking much more like angelic light and the goddess shape was visible to some and the skull shape was visible to others, so we could resonate with those who we were healing. You both could see the goddess and the skull. So you knew the tools you were working with.

Special Skills

Our special skills entail: enabling those who are looking to immediately release the pain and sympathetic nervous residual that is left over. We can also release constraints from a previous turmoil and difficult times, We can help to release this with a magical sucking breath from our construction. So you were correct in using us as a sucking-like tool, as we release thousands of layers and years of pain and misunderstanding, as often it was that, through the light and joy we possess.

Terra: Were you carved in Uriger?
CSS: If Uriger was somewhat ‘Shangrila-like’, then, yes.

Terra: It may have been one of the seven cities of Uriger. Do you both do all of the speaking or does your partner have things to say also?
CSS: We have chosen to speak as one voice, as we work as one. She is truly happy to be of one mind and heart with “Goddess of Joy”.


Clouds and Spots

Terra: Do the spots and clouds symbolize anything in particular?
CSS: As we have done such masterful work, it is truly the case that our clouds and spots are incredible memories of light-work we have done before. We could not be separated.

Terra: I sure am glad you found your way back to me. When others work with you, how do we tell them to work with you? They will have a picture or card or video.
CSS: Each person has such different abilities. We can teach them how to work more with their heart and some will be visual and want the card or photo on their heart, others work abstractly and are happy to do just that, send their energy into a visual and hold this space in their heart. So, when a person works better to encompass more senses, the video will serve them, the 3D and movement of that will help them come into this reality.

Terra: There will be a lot of beginners.
CSS: We will strengthen their abilities like stepping stones along the way, as the book will help them understand how they can use our abilities. Some will require classes, while others will ask for the group healing. Some will sponsor workshops for everyone will have a different level of hunger for this work.

They will find the best way to work with us and request it, since we are all about connecting them to their heart, and others and clearing ~ and ultimately the ascension. They will call upon their strengths and learn from others connecting more to their intuition and allowing themselves to ask for more cooperation. The list goes on, you understand.

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