*Voice of the Water Element* (#4T)

*Voice of the Water Element* #4Sg

Works with Water, Sun and Moon.
I am indeed from the Blue Universe, and I have the abilities to work with Water, Sun and Moon. I am Voice of the Water Element.

Unique Abilities: Works with Water, Sun and Moon. Brings harmony to relationships with a partner or communities. Helps with emotional content to bring in balance ~ also when there is a natural water disaster.

Lunar Relationship With Earth


Works with Moon, Water and Sun.

Skull: I am indeed from the Blue Universe, and I have the abilities to work with Water, Sun and Moon. I am *Voice of the Water Element*. I am always intricately intertwined with the original lunar relationship with the Earth, as I have a deep emotional connection to the moon.

Terra: That’s wonderful, since I have questions about the moon, and the past that has left her so depleted. Let’s first focus on the meaning of your glyph.
Skull: My symbol represents “Moon Water”, for I dig deep into the original birth of beings. The water element relates to one’s initial emotional expression from the womb, from the seed of creation, from the emotional balance of their connection to the whole wheel of life.

Working with *Voice of the Water Element*

Skull: This serves others well to dig deep into their own relationship with self, and with others in community, using me as a tool. I allow them to balance their ‘selves’ if they are missing a particular element. If someone is missing emotional content, or is too emotional, I help create that balance and bring in the galactic light to help tone down the extremes.

Terra: How do you work with one’s emotional body?
Skull: I also serve to help calm the emotions of many when there has been a natural water disaster. When there are those who have emotional extremes and are riding a wave of fury, or are out of control in one aspect or another, my elemental calming effect helps to squelch that unnecessary fire. If there is a person who has been severely abused in any aspect of their life ~ emotionally, physically, mentally; on any level or all levels ~ I help bring in the balance, erasing the scarring. I do this in an instant, or in the blink of a human eye in time. It is easy for me to work with many at once.

Terra: you help us heal the moon?
Skull: Helping to heal the moon is something I have been able to do in other galaxies, of course.

Terra: When did either of us work together with you before?
Skull: I have been busy with both of you separately, as you have been able to help with the lunar aspect of healing many ~ not only in the Blue Universe when she truly needed it, but also with the Crystalline and Golden Universes. I came from a place in Asia in which there was a lot of water. My carver found me near a large ocean that seemed to wash my raw state up on the rocks, and after much movement, I was found as if by chance ~ yet truly I chose my person who found me.


Skull: I was often passed back and forth in between you two, Terra and Crysta, in the Blue and Crystalline Universes. For some reason, moons were often a target of a force or of dark energies, so that the results of this could effect the masses in a negative fashion. So I kept a guard, and continually had . . .

Terra: 65,000 years ago, the matriarchal civilization of Uriger had a dark male infiltrator that eventually altered the moon with great magic and distortion. It then began, for the first time, the painful childbirths and menses that had not been felt until that time of the shift in the moon. It put the matriarch society out of balance from that time on. Is the moon still holding this distorted energy?
Skull: Yes, anything that relates to water and female cycles is made more painful since that time!

Terra: Are you male or female? You feel both at times!
Skull: I am female, and at times I can bring out the complementary energy of male if there is a need.

Terra: I see gold spots and lots of different blues in you. Is this significant?
Skull: My spots have various shapes and sizes and colors, as I am such a magnetic force that I attracted a great many energy resources. These enhance my abilities, and spread the delightful loving source of light and moon water, dispersing it at such a rate that it is a gentle and soothing healing.

Works with the moon and waters.

Works with the moon and waters.
If someone is missing emotional content, or is too emotional, I help create that balance and bring in the galactic light to help tone down the extremes.

Brings Harmony Into Relationships

Terra: How would you like us to work with you?
Skull: I often work undercover, and slide in smoothly ~ undetected. So I can be given a task, and sent to a particular spot or person or community, and have a very nurturing yet magnanimous effect. My photo, a video, and rubbing of my symbol on my head all give the essence and energy to those who are in need of the balance I offer.

I also have an incredible knack for being able to bring harmony into relationships, whether it is a committed relationship between partners, or between a community and a certain part of the group of its people who need both a voice and the respect that is so deserved. Any other skills will be shown to you later, when we help to save the world. I help all of the blue skulls to unite as one voice.

Terra: Such a soothing gift you are!