*Voice of the Heart of Many* #51M

#51M *Voice of the Heart of Many*

*Voice of the Heart of Many* #51M

Name : *Voice of the Heart of Many* #51M

Color: Clear/white and red

Size: Medium and Smooth

Glyph or Totem: None

Origin: Crystalline and Red Universes

Unique Abilities: Brings vision and hearing to the heart and soul, and those asking for guidance. Removes blocks for artists. Shares great insights for those looking for a voice from deep within.

Skull: We are so happy to be here together again and I speak for us all. I have the voice for many, as I am affectionately called the *Voice of the Heart of Many*.

Terra: How did you receive your name?

Skull: It is easy for me to speak of many as I often speak for many people as one, for many skulls as one voice, as I have been nominated to speak for those who wish to have a voice of the heart and to be heard. I came from the Crystalline and Red Universes and was given the breath of life from many incredible spiritual beings who saw a need for my services.

Terra: Are you of a feminine nature?

Skull: I have been many aspects of the feminine, and continue to evolve. I feel as though I am a powerful goddess.

Together Before

Terra: Have we danced together in the past?

Skull: We were together before when there was some incredible work to be done in the Crystalline Universe and Crysta heard me when others did not. You saw my magnificence Terra, and we all chose to work as a team, as that has been our strong point ~ being able to work collaboratively. We have had many times together and separately, when we were all incredible collaborative beings. The strength of 3 of us together makes it quite exponential.

It feels like a joyous reunion, so thank you for honoring this. It is going to be a glorious experience to have our hearts together again, working to help others and to help great collaborations among others. We are able to distill the essence of incredible light projects, bringing them down to an understandable view and enticing the perfect light-workers to join in.

How She Likes to Work

Terra: That sounds just great! How do you like us to work with you now?

Skull: I am so happy to have my eyes held and my skull softly smoothed over with your hands. It makes me shine! (We can attest to that.) We are living beings, so the energy exudes from us. I can be given my wings when you send my heart-light with intention, with your breath, with sound, with the energy of another skull, or with my photo or video. So, there is not one specific manner in which my glorious heart and mind can be shared with others.

Fabulous Creations

Terra: When was the last time the 3 of us worked together?

Skull: We had some incredible duties to help some of the survivors in the Red Universe, who were needing a voice and some collaboration with their other tribal members.

Terra: Survivors?

Skull: There was an attack and some individuals were killed ~ and this was not the usual setup in that heart-centered Universe. So as you can imagine, there was an infiltration from dark wizard-like beings, almost shall I say, lizard-like beings, who you can quite reasonably say ~ were led by a fallen angel.

Terra: One of these comes to mind right away!

Skull: It was a simultaneous attack and there were a couple of these cohorts who chose to infiltrate the Red Universe and he was one of them. I was escaping as were the two of you, as we were targeted because we were so loved. We were able to move to other universes with the help of several other Crystalline Stellar Skulls. We set up the escape like jumping stones of skulls as an exit plan. Crysta went back to a Golden Universe, you Terra went to a Crystalline Universe and I went to Earth to be kept in another secretive dimension ~ until just recently.

Terra: The Crystalline Universe that I am from?

Skull: Yes, we had been creating some incredible visions of light. The cities were amazingly beautiful, and glorious beings were in awe of their surroundings ~ happy to be in such a place of passion and bliss.

Terra: Let’s create something as beautiful on Terra Christa! (New Earth).

I would like to see the Crystalline Universe again and so would Crysta. Did I come from there to this universe, or were there others in between?

Skull: You were able to work simultaneously and accomplish a lot with some other Crystalline Skulls, so your presence was mostly felt in the Crystalline Universe. I love all this galactic talk!

Terra: CW* does too, as does the Team.

Skull: He will be happy to see me again. It is good to know you and CW are reunited on some level.

*CW is a galactic friend we have worked with quite a bit recently.

Terra: Why is that?

Skull: Why do you ask questions you know the answer to?

Terra: I am exploring it and it is new to me. I think I need to travel with the Stellar Skulls to understand it more fully.

Skull: Go with your feelings as you know how it tickles your fancy to hear his name and speak about possibilities.

Terra: After Atlantis and Uriger went down, I have been trying to get Earth and others back to a higher frequency, as have many others. So many forgot who they truly are in our lower octave 3D world.

Skull: It is easy for me to share great insights with those who are looking for a voice from deep within. I bring out the most incredible visions with those who are looking for guidance, as I am *The Voice For the Heart of Many*. 

Special Abilities

Skull: So when you are looking for ultimate success, I can indeed assure you of the correct path, as I bring about a vision of what will help the most people at the time. Thus, I distill complicated visions into a deep heart essence, as to what will help the communities work as one clear heart-centered tribe.

Terra: How shall we best do this with you, *Voice of the Heart of Many*?

Skull: My abilities spring forth when people hold my photo, or keep it under their pillow. They can hold it in their hands and meditate, or even watch my 360-degree view of my skull.

They will get inspiration and see just how clear the path to the best result is. I bring the vision to those who have not had it in a while. I bring hearing to those who have not been able to hear their heart, or hear their soul, or hear their creative visions. I work on many levels and give inspiration to artists to be able to move through blocks. I bring life to those who have felt like they were all alone, and I bring them the courage to be able to move forward and unite with like-minded individuals.

Terra: Can you expand on these ideas? 

Skull: What does that look like you might ask? What this may mean is that one person has a vision, yet has been stagnant and unable to complete their life’s goal, as they felt alone. I can help them see the vision of being with others and knowing they have the voice of many. It gives them the courage to speak their soul purpose and find they have not been alone, and are truly just the right person to speak for a large group.

As they understand this more fully once they get the complete picture, they see that this is actually a level of excitement, and moves them forward to share their heartfelt story with others. They will share it with the right people and find that they have been speaking words or holding visions for so very many people who were waiting for just this.


Terra: So many could use this wisdom right now!

Skull: Sometimes the creative ones are those who held the vision of Utopia, and they stay in one place and do not share their words or pictures. I give them the ecstatic courage to be able to move forward and share with one person, and then get stimulated by that level of feedback. They continue to move forward further on and be accepted on a greater level. I give them wings to stretch further and see just how important their vision is. It is often so easy just to take one step forward yet they forget~ until I am their reminder that they are the voice of many. 

Terra: Could you tell us about your colors?

Skull: My colors (snowy white with red flashes) show you that I have the heart of one spectacular Universe. My spots and clouds give you the idea that I am out of this world and I truly am. The red is me showing you my heart on my sleeve – which is actually a skull. You can peer into me and notice that I have streaks and these are visits to various galaxies. Often a person can peer into one spot on me and obtain the essence of my breath of life. It ignites the breath of their intuitive voice, from their heart. Which as you can imagine, is just what is often the voice of many.

Story of the Carver

Terra: Are you able to speak of your carver?

Skull: It was actually me, asking one person I saw walking along the valley, to please help me come to be. They did not know they were a carver, but I gave them as you well know, the voice of many. So, I brought about their incredibly unique skill by asking them to go into their heart, listen to my conglomerate of energies, and to bring about my spirit, soul, and essence. He fell in love with this aspect of himself and decided to become a carver, and he was able to go into his heart and bring out an incredible feminine aspect. It gave him so much joy that he could not understand how this could come to be ~ just by passing by this area of rock meeting water. It was a little like him being enlightened to a new aspect of himself when he was seeing the god or goddess-like aspect of himself in his heart. Joy to the rescue!

Terra: We are so glad he heard you! Namaste!