*Soul of the Golden Universe* #4T-(71S)


*Soul of Golden Un.*#4T

Totem: Bee – “Essence of Life and Love”
Origin: Golden Universe
Unique Abilities: To support and reunite others who have lost their tribe members, and to be able to see them clearly on their path. Sweeps away fear and resistance.
Totem: Bee – “Essence of Life and Love”

Skull: Greetings, my brilliant sisters, you are almost as shining and bright as I am! We have not been together for a long time, so this is truly exciting for me.

I love that I am here with such a wonderful tribe. It satisfies my soul!
My bee totem is delighted to be buzzing about, for she is filled with creative ideas. Her name is the “Essence of Life and Love”.

The Golden Universe

Terra: It’s exciting to be with you both as well. I can feel you are jumping up and down to share yourself with us.
Skull: I am the *Soul of the Golden Universe*. This is so important: to have the spiritual life and loving Spirit of the Golden Universe here, to share so many brilliant connecting heart lights with this planet. The Golden Universe is not a mirrored universe in any way, but one which is very complimentary and enlightening. For our heart-centered lives shine through my eyes and teeth and the energy I bring forth is just that ~ cosmic.

I wanted to become an actual ‘Stellar Skull’, to bring forth the essence of that place which emanates such a strong beam of love. We can all share the spirit and light of places we have come from, yet to be able to cradle this enigmatic energy is spectacular and often life-changing for many.

Know this: currently we have only messengers from this far off Universe. The Golden Universe will be ours to rebuild one day.

Transform Blocks

Terra: Can we call you in?
Skull: When I am brought into the eyes or heart of another, then my energy can transform the blocks in the life of that person. It is a bit like a mind-meld, as the strong force of love within me makes another feel their innermost desires, divine connection and allows one to truly connect deeply into the Soul of this planet. Gaia has a Soul and a Spirit ~ not everyone is aware of this and often they may need to be reminded. So, I bring this forth.

The energy I bring forth is a vortex of love, so one cannot feel the fear, and can easily settle into a satisfying light. This flow of true loving energy is like a river of light, to make one’s life feel as though it is an easy channel to reside in. With my assistance the extraneous energies and monkey-mind thoughts disappear and the most important heart energies, heart-centered messages, and the divine heart flows of the sacred path become evident.

Totem: “Essence of Light & Love”
To support and reunite others who have lost their tribe members, and to be able to see them clearly on their path. Sweeps away fear and resistance.


To support and reunite others who have lost their tribe members, and to be able to see them clearly on their path. Sweeps away fear and resistance.

To support and reunite others who have lost their tribe members, and to be able to see them clearly on their path. Sweeps away fear and resistance.

Skull: The “Essence of Light and Love”, my beautiful bee, brings forth one’s creative energies to move into a space of action. So, one receives a bit of a tap on the tush, to move forward and be able to be set upon the correct course of action. We are like a mini-seminar all in one! There is no denying one’s true heart path, one’s flow from Gaia’s Soul, to the Heart and to Spirit. We care for that clear channel, whether another is in our presence, or looking at our photo, or even seeing us in a video. It is all about connection and re-connection.

Terra: It sounds wonderful! I will introduce you to more young people.
Skull: This is an important feature for any skull to have, to be able to move another forth into their process of enlightenment, and then to be jet-propelled forward to the life of ascension.

What is Ascension?

Terra: Will you give us your definition of Ascension?
Skull: We see Ascension as a way for humans to be elevated into another dimension, once  they are more crystalline, like the Crystalline Stellar Skulls. This means there is nothing preventing an individual from being able to share this vibration of enlightenment with others. When enough hearts connect on this level, the 3D way of life is released, the element of fear falls away, and insecurities have no place in 5D. The life of an Ascended individual, is all about sharing heart-light and the Essence of the Soul ~ and truly residing in this Sacred Space. Much comes easily: tribes bond together with ease, there is no conflict and little competition, and many flourish together. This is the goal ~ to help one another achieve a new level of light and living in ease ~ with bliss.

We assist this process as we are the messengers of Crystalline Light. We deliver the Golden Universe mirror so one can see clearly just the correct path to follow. We make it illuminated, brilliant and give one the insight of just how to do this, allowing all unneeded thoughts and activities to fall away. We shine this magnification of just how it is truly meant to be ~ to reside in an elevated state of consciousness. It is easier to experience than explain.

Calling Her in for some Transformation

Skull: As each person is individual, and each path is ever-so-unique ~ there is no one true path. We suggest to open, notice one’s awareness, notice the armor or barriers falling away, and then experience what is open, fresh, alive and reconnected.
Invite me in right now!

Terra: I recommend you breathe deep, put your hand on your heart, call in *Soul of the Golden Universe*, and feel the sensations as they whirl and buzz in, and then feel her sweep away the webs of fear and resistance. Remember, the Stellar Skulls move through time and space in all dimensions, and are there in less than a blink.

Terra: Tell us about the spots in your teeth.
Skull: The spots in my teeth have to do with the awards we have been given for assisting greatness to come through to communities, even planets.


Reunite others who have lost their tribe.

Terra: You are like a ‘busy bee’!
Skull: I am strong, and even queenly, so know my desire to assist others to release and restore, as well as magnify one’s purpose, it’s my total ambition.

We work as a team so I am speaking for us as a ‘team’. I could not do this alone. This is also what we share with others, to seek support along the way, to work in ‘teams’ to understand that the abilities of each individual are enhanced when united with another. So, this is our message: to be able to see other tribe members clearly on their path, and to support and reunite others who have lost their tribe members. This is an appropriate time to give you what we have shared and it could not be more timely!
We believe this is a good place to give you this in your path, so you both understand that we are all sharing as a team, and readily on our way to living an even lighter path of this Ascended journey.