*Divine Basket of Light* (#18G)

 Powerful feminine “Beam shooter”

Unique Abilities
Gives the gift of your own divine love in your life and your body.
Intends universal love for total success.

*Divine Basket of Light* #18G


Skull: My perfect alignment with Spirit allows me to give you the gift of your own divine love in every aspect of your life and body. So, I am *Divine Basket of Light!*

This allows me to encapsulate all that you do and think, all that you are aware of ~ and be completely enveloped with universal love. I support every aspect of your being, so you are able to succeed in your venture and adventures. Thus, it is key for each person or community to feel loved, to feel embraced, and to feel that life is joyful. It is not a chore to succeed ~ completely supported life and love is all one. It is all the intention of universal love!

Terra: Love is the key, *Divine Basket of Light*. Your coloring is delightful!
Skull: I give the gift of your ability to move into a sacred space of light, see all around you, and then to choose the golden blue path of light. One which is sparkling and divine, and one which is easy and calm with the blue hues. My colors change as I give some of these powers to those who are in need, and I change to help myself, and those who are seeking my assistance, to evolve to another level.

Spots and Clouds

Weaves a Basket of Love and Light through her eyes!

Terra: You have so many beautiful spots, you look like a leopard!
Skull: My spots are places and people who have helped to change the world for the good, and these are awards I was given. You continue to be giving me spots!

Terra: You look like a divine feline!
Skull: This aspect of the feminine feline allows you to be cradled like a slinky, loving, warming creature of love and light. My abilities move and change with the light and needs, just as the ever-changing personality of a cat-like creature does. I move through space and time with ease, and this allows me to create a tribe of support for those who are seeking physical support, of beings in their immediate surroundings. Thus, when a community needs to be bonded by universal love, I bring in cosmic consciousness to assist the process. I move energy forward in this secure environment, so the Finalizing Blue Sister can help with completion.


Skull: As my Sister, *Finalizing Lover of Spirit* was in the valley, I was further up along an embankment, assisting the flow of the loving river of light, and I was near the river that flowed through the valley. Yet we also move to and fro so we are able to stay inside another dimension if needed.

Working Together

Terra: What is a good way to work together with you?
Skull: Once again you can open your heart, think with your heart, and move into the flow. So ~ I provide dynamic spirit to assist this sacred connection. I can move with breath, and the thoughts coming through the heart (clear intention of love, light and joy). When I am spinning and sharing my energy on a beam, then I move through the hearts of many, connecting all in my path, so your set intention is magnified, and creates a vortex of light and love (when we are shooting beams of love, light and joy).


My spots are stories from the galaxy!

Terra: I do love your feline energy and the grand power of love that moves through you, *Divine Basket of Light*!
Skull: We move through time when you are requesting assistance. So often I have heard the “Team Earth” group request assistance for others and the greater good, and I have assisted these intent
ions with my brilliance. I give this gift of love and embrace those who are wishing help with a cradled existence and sensation of complete love ~ that there is a level of fulfillment like none other than this.

This is my secret to life: to live it fully in joy and to share the intention of loving light ~ with hearts connected to serve the greater good. I light up grids of hearts on the planet to make this connect in such a way that unconditional love and light are implicit and never ending. This is another good beginning!