*Great Blue Expanse* (#52G)

Unique Abilities: I bring out the heart-truth or the truth within. I assist with bringing peace and harmony and a deep heart-love to you. I bring in galactic light to the core of your being, assisting with the changes you may be requesting.

Expanded Heart-Consciousness

I am a grand specimen. I completely give my soul being to expand the inner recesses of all of those who touch and see me. My name is *The Great Blue Expanse*. I bring in that galactic light deep to the core of a being. So this allows the heart-consciousness to expand. This allows the person to be more loving and open-hearted.

Terra: What are some of your skills and abilities?                                                                                   Skull: My understanding is that whether I am sitting or next to a person in mediation I have the same effect. My aura comes out many feet and you can sense my presence even 20 feet away. This allows for a great development in anyone or any group of people who are looking to have greater harmony in their life, in themselves or in their community.

I also serve to act as a mediator in various situations. I allow people to see eye to eye ~ although truly, it is heart to heart. I bring to each, harmony to the surrounding area. When I am spinning I bring peace and harmony, and a deep heart-love to those where I am directed. This can bring up a great movement with a person. It can be a reason for people choosing to move to a new place ~ or to choose a
new partner ~ for I bring out the heart truth or the truth within.

Many Spots Within

Terra: Tell us about your spots and abilities!
Skull: The Blue Valley of Light has been my home for so long that everyone there lived peaceably and in harmony. It was time to move so my skills could be shared. I feel appreciated and useful, as I have indeed been put through many paces.

Skull: The spots are pieces in my life in which I moved energy at a fast rate and the meeting of air, water, fire and earth created such a stir within, I learned to emanate this as my services. Thus, shake and move until it all settles out.

Creating Change

DSCN4716 - Version 3Skull: I captured a great deal of fast-moving energy in a capsule of time. This is why I create a great deal of internal change. I soothe the magnificent earth changes too. So I help all come to a place of equanimity after the big shakeup. Feel free to use me for all of these purposes, for I work deep to the core of the person and deep to the core of the Earth.

I often work as soft masculine energy, yet my movement to the core and to the heart often brings me to also have a balancing feminine aura. I change and move as is needed, for I work to the best level of change for the person or place.

Receiving Visions

Great Blue Expanse

It is easy for us to use each other’s vibration, as we are such incredible heart-beings. I keep your heart tethered so you can journey safely.

I send much love ~
from the *Great Blue Expanse**Great Blue Expanse*