*Pillar of Light* #53S

Name: *Pillar of Light* #51S

Starfilled Universe of Light

Color: Solid clear with red and black streak

Size: Small/solid

Glyph or Totem: None

Origin: Star-Filled Universe of Light

Unique Abilities: Can propel you to the “Star” Universe.

Skull: I came from the Star-Filled Universe of Light. We call it “Star” for short. Pick me up and I can jet propel you there.

Terra: How did you get your red and black streaks?                        Skull: I have so many lovely streaks as I was a guest star at many Universes in my travels.

Terra: What is your name?

Skull: I am *Pillar of Light*.

I bring forth ultra juicy stellar light into your upper chakras, beams right into your heart with a blast of stardust, and move you in an express elevator to the heart of Gaia. So the ultimate connection above and below, giving you the focal point of your heart and allowing you deep access into that sacred space with brilliant light.

So, I am a wonderful guide for your “heart,” asking what is truly there? I get you to ask yourself, “How do I experience this person, project, relationship, tribe of light members? How do I feel and sense, and know about this future developing me? How can I bring my inner – outer – to share with all in a glorious manner? How do I process this level of change, as I may have been a certain way for this level of self-development, and now I am ready to shine and share, unlike ever before!”

 Terra: Male or Female? You feel female!

Skull: HA! I am a Stellar Gaian universal-uniting Goddess. Female, and brilliant and secure – and protecting of all who invite me in to play.

A Universe of Light is just that – Imagine all that is, that blasts into a cosmic-like jet-stream of brilliant stars! The Light Universe. And the colors of light change with evolution and emotional balance. Not your basic Universe!

A Practice Going Into the Heart of Gaia

Skull: You can imagine me lifting you up – giving you a birds-eye view looking down at yourself.

Ask those specific questions seeing your future self, noticing the pathway back from whence we came and how easy it was to complete this journey.

This is divine with me and truly your higher self.

Possible Questions to Ask.

Wondering about a new trip you are taking.

A possible project!

You are wondering about a relationship taking hold. Or leaving one.

What is this class going to do for me?

Transitions in life – Job – change of focus?