*Splendid Light and Vision* (#12G)

Unique Abilities: Clairvoyance regained ~ opening heart, third eye and crown, gives security and peace of mind and washes away what is not pertinent, helping to break habits and addictions. Can also assist in changing soul contracts.

My name is *Splendid Light and Vision*. I give you clairvoyance regained, so you are guided and simultaneously guarded.

*Splendid Light and Vision* #12G

My name is *Splendid Light and Vision*. I give you the gift of having your sacred abilities of clairvoyance regained, so you are guided and simultaneously guarded.

Gift of Clairvoyance Regained

Skull: This is an exciting occasion! My name is *Splendid Light and Vision*. I give you the gift of having your sacred abilities of clairvoyance regained, so you are guided and simultaneously guarded. This is a magnificent blend of light, opening your heart, third eye and crown. I bring them into the balance of lightness and love from the Earth, so it is grounded, sacred and completely compassionate.

You can only see the vision of pure light when I am used to give healings or send beams of light. I integrate the purity within the spiritual cosmic consciousness, so you are enabled to see your magnificence and feel the glory you deserve. I give you security and peace of mind.

Terra: You have a smooth, soft, yet strong energy! Where did you come by this energetic?
Skull: I was indeed buried where there was water and earth gathering at a river basin ~ so, I saw a lot of movement and change happening. It allowed my vision to gain a level of access that would wash away what was not pertinent, and to keep the pieces that were of the utmost importance.

Changing Soul Contracts

Skull: My abilities give you the peace of mind to control your visions, so they are guided in a manner and you are given access to the divine moment of your inception. This allows you to change your first decision about how you wish to come forth in a particular life. (see Soul Contracts)

Patterns and Habits

Terra: This is fabulous. Would this help with people’s addictions, habits, and self-destructive behaviors?
Patterns and Habits
Skull: You can indeed move away from a pattern that has been playing and replaying in your life, and change the time-line to recreate and destroy something that you chose initially to complete. You are able to regain a new level of beginning, from a fresh start.
What you can do is change the way you wish to complete a certain project or vision, and then restart. So ~ you have the ability to be reborn on a certain level. You can do this with the divine wisdom of the ancients, and understand a new level of brilliance within.
Terra: How shall people go about this?
Skull: You can change your path with my abilities to hone in on the most appropriate path for you. You can do this for your tribe, your school, your city or your large mass of individuals who are misshapen or misconstrued in some way, and need to be righted for the golden, the white and the platinum light.

Groups or Individual Clearing


I give the ability of clairvoyance regained.

Terra: I really like the idea of focusing on groups as well as individuals, and yet it has been my experience that we need to get to the actual cause of the situation for someone.
Skull: Often because of a previous pattern, there is an addiction or compulsion. It is often different for each person ~ so you are correct in thinking we cannot generalize. But if someone is stuck and unable to move forward, I can help get to the root of this cause. Then we discern: is it a compulsive behavior because of some previous life abuse, is it because of a hex, and so on. We may wish to create a checklist.

Terra: I do like that idea of a checklist, since there are so many possibilities!
Skull: What I have found to be the case is, most often, people understand why they are compulsive about something. They are protecting something ~ so why did this come about? It is often because they need to retrieve a piece of the puzzle. Often their heart has been violated and they are caught in a vicious circle. This reintegrated vision gives you new access to seeing what is the balance. You can gaze into the top of my skull and see yourself or your tribe in a new light. You may ask to be resolved of a particular agreement and begin again with a new slate.

Terra: People have great resistance to expand and change.
Skull: My abilities can be used for countries, for small communities and for individuals. Just come from the pure of heart, for that is all I touch~ is the heart. Once we work together your vibration changes, and others can only work with you, play with you, or change with you in a compassionate understanding manner, or they will fall away. As an instructor for the Golden Tribe, I saw that all was judicious and made certain we all spoke and shared from the heart.

Together Again

Terra: It definitely feels we have danced together before!
Skull: We have worked together in a few lives, to say it lightly Terra! You previously were able to speak for me before Crysta. We were able to do great things together, Terra. When the three of us were together before we had a very similar dynamic.

Terra: You must know Metatron, Lady Nada, The Commander, Jeshua and Devin, to name a few. I’ll bet they just love you!
Skull: Yes, we have all worked as a team ~ only on a positive side of the loving light.


Take flight!

Terra: *Splendid Light and Vision*, it does feel that we have worked out in the Galaxy and Universe, other than here on Earth!
Skull: I have been able to transport many souls and spirits to work in greater capacities. So know that yes, we have traveled as I have given certain gifts of vision to enable our hearts to travel together to accomplish a great deal.

Terra: I am so delighted that you are here, once again!
Skull: It is with a joyous heart that I am here to serve, inspire and bring change.