*Joyful Heart* #4G

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*Joyful Heart* #4G

Unique abilities:
Generates a balance of movement and grounded love. I bring out the best in an individual, and allow the seeker to see their strengths, skills and abilities, maybe for the first time. A great regulator! Gives a taste of how truly wonderful you are.

Incredible Light Through the Eyes

Skull: I am *Blissful Ray of Golden Light*. My incredible light comes thru my eyes and my head penetrates the person touching me, or seeing me for that matter. So they are blasted with some incredible cosmic energy that changes the view of the receiver. Thus, I assist a level of reception for the person touching me or looking at me. I allow them to move through any resistance and give them the gift of ease and light, making their path golden, as it were.

Balance of Movement and Grounded Love

Skull: I, too, came from the Golden Valley, and often moved around the water and the mountainous cliffs, for I also generate a balance of movement and grounded love. What these physical surroundings have done for my development, I now generate to others. The grounding of the mountain, and the truly high aspects of the magical surroundings.
Terra: So people are able to use these beautiful energies from the mountains to ground themselves?
Skull: When a person experiences my glow there is no denying I ground and make a person balanced and whole. I give my whole heart to helping them evolve to another level of light, so they can easily make changes and decisions. I came from an etheric realm and began by choosing elements from various dimensions and pulling together certain aspects of these spaces, so I could create a magnificent and magical conglomerate.

Balancing With Color

Terra: The golden ray is definitely reflected from you and your smooth noggin.
Skull: My ray of energy is not only gold, for I also bring in all colors of darkness and light to balance the energy of each, in a person’s body. My joy is to bring joy to others by using their current state of evolvement and bringing in energies, specifically to balance them. I am a great regulator.

Spinning allows me to expand the heart consciousness of those who receive my beam. This gives me great joy and it is truly a joyful beam that is received.

Terra: You feel quite feminine!
Skull: My essence is feminine and I exude quite a dynamic presence for all of those who are open to receiving and developing to yet another level of joyful existence. The golden ray touches one’s heart ~ and I go directly in to make cosmic changes from that vantage point. It is truly a change from the inside out. My ray is heart-centered and my heart comes through my head, eyes and teeth. My eyes are deep and soulful so one can look into them and see aspects of their heart, that they may not have appreciated before.


River of light, movement with ease.

*Blissful Ray of Golden Light* (19G)

Mirroring the Golden Ray

Terra: You feel like a mirror of the golden ray of light!
Skull: I allow the seeker to see deeply within themselves so they might notice their strengths and how they may not have appreciated all of their skills. So I bring out the best in an individual. I can do this for groups too, as my ray penetrates the consciousness of groups and magnifies all of these characteristics and levels of change, which I have been speaking of.

I emanate rays of gold from the heart, and mirror your love and light back into your own self. This gives you a taste of just how incredibly wonderful you truly are! It allows for those who often give their power and love to others, placing themselves last to take a better look at that dynamic. It allows them to experience their own inner beauty when looking into my eyes and seeing the mirror of their heart-light.

Terra: How wonderful, indeed!
Skull: We have been around the globe once or twice, ladies. So, this once again, is a reunion!