*Gifted Heart-Light* (#13G)

*Gifted Heart-Light* #13G

Gives you your heart-light back once again and seals up your sacred vessel of light.

Purpose ~ Gifts of the Heart

Skull: This is my ability, dear ones ~ to give you the gifts of heart. I allow your inner heart to come out in a soft, magnificent way, so you are able to attract the finest beings into your surroundings. My name is *Gifted Heart-Light*.

I am truly an ancient feminine soul and spirit. My life is bringing heart into all that is. You will notice you feel very loving around me and the level of forgiveness and compassion come through strongly. So ~ if there is a disharmony among tribes or individuals, bring my spirit or photo, or being into that space ~ and all will be resolved.
Terra: I would like to send your energy out to the planet with some of the other skulls to help bring more love and balance, if you would like that!
Skull: This is my sole purpose and it would give me the greatest joy!

Working Together With Her Heart-light

Terra: How would you like us to work with your Heart-light.                                                                                                                                        Skull: You can send my ray of light through merely holding me and breathing the light into the place of intention. You can beam me, through spinning on top of my head and directing the vibration outwards. (Shooting beams of love, light and joy!) This brings Divine Goddess energy into places of disharmony. This brings peace and calm waters into the struggles and places of strife.

Terra: Have we worked together in the past?
Skull: We have worked together because you, Terra, and Crysta have felt the importance of sharing only heart-based activities. You have wanted to bring this about as a universal starting point for all collaboration and projects of peace.

Origin of a Utopien Paridise

Skull: I came from above the cliffs of the sacred utopian paradise. I floated, for I had the vision and guidance, which we all wished to share on a greater scale. I came once again from a Parallel Galaxy where there is only light, and there is no destruction.
Terra: Is that Parallel Galaxy in our universe?
Skull: It is several universes away ~ in a skull’s vision.


I have amazing eyes!

Travel Stickers

Terra: Do your amazing spots have a significance?
Skull: My spots show you my travel stickers. I have moved at high speeds and these are all facets of universal love. They are a bit like tattoos from those I have helped regain peace, love and equanimity.

Let's go for a flight!

Let’s go for a flight!

Terra: You do such good work, *Gifted Heart-Light*! Can we gaze into your spots to see where you’ve traveled?
Skull: Some of them are so close together, because I was able to move through vast places of needed expertise and to move them through time-lines, transporting hearts to a sacred place. So, the visions you get will be at high speeds and possibly not too recognizable. You can become inspired with the energy, however. I feel treasured, and will gift my loving treasure to all who wish to be a part of this magnificent aura of loving light.

Terra: Thank you for coming to show us how to “be love.” We are so grateful!      
Skull: “Be love” ~ That is my motto ~ “Be love!”