*Rich Soul Support* with Divine Light #10G

Unique abilities: A divine feminine energy that helps to complete projects, supports the soul, blows out resistance so your path becomes clear. Universal support on all levels. She heals wounds in spirit, heart and soul and clears chakras.

*Rich Soul Support* with totem:

*Rich Soul Support* with totem: “Divine Light”


Skull: You are here to receive a blessing from my abundant soul. This is my silkworm  (which weaves the beauty in the universe) to allow you to receive all that is, to support you from the universe. I am universal support on all levels. I complete what you have in progress. So, I am abundant completion and support for your spiritual self.

*Rich Soul Support* is my name. I give you the ability to move forward and for you to see which path is best chosen. It is as though I have a magic wand and your spirit ignites me. Truly, my magic wand is inside my spirit, for I move through all of your bodies on all levels, blowing out any resistance.
Working and Playing Together
Terra: You are just a delight! How shall we play with you?
Skull: You can hold any part of my head and you can gain full access to your own innate abilities. You can place your hand or head upon me, and you can use my lovely hat, my silkworm, as you see fit. A photo will work as well, and a person can lay it upon their body, or under their pillow when they sleep.

Terra: You feel like a playful and lively feminine energy!
Skull: I am also divine feminine. I give your spirit wings. I allow you to fly and soar with all below you, holding you up, so you are able to be only as you need. You may share my words, images or intrinsic value, and my love of life with others. My magnificence is felt when you speak my name, see my picture, or hold any part of my head.
Terra: I really do feel lifted up in your presence, *Rich Soul Support*!
Skull: I give you joy for living, breathing and sharing your own light. I remove tension, pain and worries from your life, so you may only see what is supportive. You only feel what is enhancing your life. You are no longer bothered with too many details, for the path is seen ever so clearly.
Terra: I believe the whole planet could benefit from your energy, since we are manifesting our thoughts so quickly now. If the planet all saw only what is supportive, we could change everyones reality over night!
Skull: Feel my essence with the top of my head, looking through my eyes and merely cradling me in any way you wish. This heals some of the wounds of any type ~ in your spirit, heart or soul.

“Divine Light”, the Silkworm on the Noggin’

Terra: Tell us about your beautiful silkworm on top of your head?
Skull: You can use my precious silkworm to bring more and more of the divine into our life. She is “Divine Light”. That is her name. She moves from Earth-heart upwards into the greater realms, and does a clean sweep of your chakras. You become more of the essence of the divine, and you can feel that love and light radiate from within and without. This brings spirit into all you do, and allows you to relax into the natural flow of universal love and light.

Terra: Do we ask “Divine Light” to linger in each chakra?                                                                                             *Rich Soul Support* &
Skull: She is immediate in all she does. No lingering for her!        

Her Origin

Terra: Were you with the others from the golden tribe?
Skull: I was floating above the waterfall so you will notice that you feel suspended and simultaneously supported, as if cradled on all sides ~ and given just what you need for whatever task you are choosing to complete.
I have a Uranian heart and soul, so my spirit was given life with the Crystalline Planet and allowed to birth with seeds of other planets in this universe. Not only Pluto but also Venus, for I support you in love and on many levels of achieving with your own divine flow.

The Parallel Universe

Skull: The mirror, or double galaxy of the Milky Way is coming through my eyes ~ so you see yourself in another galaxy or from a Star-Seed level. Some of my essence is from this galaxy, and some is from the Double-Mirrored Solar System, that is duplicating this one.
Terra: Oh how fun! Many people would love to have a greater understanding of the Parallel Universe. This sounds like the Double Mirror Parallel Universe. Can you tell us more of how you use this universe?
Skull: We like to use the Parallel Universe to help etheric beings (this can be your 5D self) with their cellular reception, to clear them out for ascension preparation. It is just as you may do when you call in a persons etheric body, since it is a bit like working in a Parallel Universe. (We do this all the time in our work, since it allows us to work remotely.) You may want to take the journey with us and see, since we have the permission to go. It will be different every time and for each individual. We can also program ourselves to have a clear outcome as well!
You used this service with us in the past, to assist many before they entered the sacred healing temples.

Parallel Universe?

Terra: That makes perfect sense, since it would give them a richer experience?
Skull: The Parallel Universe can give one an expansive vision. So, when you are able to let go of resistance or previously formed thought patterns, restraints upon your mind or body, then you flow freely, and look out onto the horizon of something greater than you and the present. So in a sense, one can indeed use the Parallel Universe to gain access to a portion of themselves, one may not have allowed otherwise, with their 3D body consciously letting go of things.

Terra: Will they see some of the stuff they let go of?
Skull: Much of this depends upon their skill set. Will they see or hear symbols? Will they smell something? Will they be able to decipher? We just allow them to do it, and their retention of the process will be different for everyone.
It depends upon how people release but we usually find it is a joyful experience. It is hard not to, with a cheery skull or silkworm at your side or around you!
Terra: This will be grand fun! We will surely call you in for a journey to the Parallel Universe before we take people in our classes* to the etheric temples.