*Blue Spirit of the Plants* (#60M)

Unique abilities: Brings the plants to life and fairies to you. Directly connected to every-minute-earth change. He is all about communion, and is a speaker for the Little Kingdom beings.


Origin: Blue Universe, the Rainbow Universe, and the Crystalline Universe.

*Blue Spirit’s* Cosmic Point of View

Skull: I am delighted to share with you my essence of life. My name is the *Blue Spirit of the Plants*. I speak for the Little Kingdom, too.

It is my divine pleasure to be able to bring to life the plants and fairies to you. We often have a very different viewpoint from many of the other realms, for we are so directly connected to every-minute- earth change.

Terra: Can you elaborate on that?
Skull: Many of us have lost our lights in one fashion or another as we feel the deep down-trodden sense that Gaia can feel, with her abuse. Our tiny hearts are so connected to her core, we feel every vibration. So, know when we are that sensitive, we also feel any negative energy sent her way. Our fine-tuning abilities keep us rather busy and we feel tired much of the time. Our skulls keep us invigorated ~ so we need a voice.

The “Earth – Speak”

Terra: I am so glad you are here with us! How do you communicate with the plants and fairies?
Skull: Basically I will speak ~ the Earth-Speak ~ and I will be able to re-enter the tiny little realms in our healing sessions. We need to have our fairies and plants rejuvenated. So, know this is where my heart is, and I immediately tend to all of the plants and the little ones.

Terra: Where did you come here from?
Skull: I came from a valley in Asia, and it was a tumultuous one. I flew from the waterfall in the canyon to the forest nearby, and this was a very lively entry into the 3D realm. I was lighting above the forest and knew I had to come to Earth. It was with such a force ~ I bounced into being here!

My carver was a man who understood just what it felt like, and he was a plant shaman himself.  It was quite a journey, for I showed him how I came to being and I was bouncing from universe to universe to tend to the plants and the fairies.

Coming Into Being

The white is 'stardust'!

The white is ‘stardust’!

Like the white ‘stardust’?

Terra: Were you seeded from these other universes?
Skull: I became light with the thoughts and hearts of many essences of god lights. So, as the strong-willed lightworkers wished for a clear strong channel, I came to being. This was through simultaneous thought patterns in many universes simultaneously.  It allowed me to become a spark, and light into my shape and form, and to spark that heart-light among many, who became blessed and healed while creating me. That is often what happens when individuals simultaneously think about a good-willed or heart-filled thought, it comes into being. I am living proof of that, shall we say.

Terra: Do you want to tell us about the stardust spots?
Skull: I am happy to share some of my tireless adventures. I was a prized gem many lives before we even came to know one another. I was often protected by a horse and a keeper, and traveled through various light chambers, to move through time and space and to be able to accomplish a lot.

We were as moving stars in the universe. There are others of us out there, so if you look long enough, you will see them.

Terra: I do see them!
Skull: So it is with great joy that I came from the Blue Universe, the Rainbow Universe, and the Crystalline Universe, and was able to move through all of these in a very sacred manner with much ease and grace. I gently light about as a cosmic being of light. I have that fairy bounce in my step.

Spots are Beautiful Meetings

Terra: Can you tell us about your spots?
Skull: Many of these spots are beautiful meetings I had with other light beings and they will lighten up your eyes, should you delve into them and experience some of my lives. It is a gateway into a very living bright cosmos.

When I was bouncing recently, I came into that 3D place and flew from the waterfall to the rocks to the forest. So, I picked up this energy and those spots and cracks along the way.

Fairy Kingdom and Wee People


I help your plants and trees grow with the Fairies!

Terra: How do you work with the fairy kingdom and the wee people?
Skull: I am able to connect their heart-lights with the blink of an eye. I re-energize the little plant spirits like cosmic watering of their healthy homes in the Earth mother. I brighten their roots with a stimulant. Then, I work with the toes and heads and hearts and hands, of the wee-est of the little ones. It is as if I brush them off and pat them on the back, and give them a new light essence. I bring about the stimulating light energy seen coming from the plants.

I make them all notice how connected they are, so they see each other in the rainbow-light-essence I give them. So you see, I help create magic in every universe.

Terra: We could start sending you around the country, where there have been devastations.
Skull: It is easy for me to light behind the other tribe members and flit upon their vibrant energy pathways. I can bring up the tail end of the vortex they create, as they go about doing their duties.

You are so right, I can move from one to the other with the flick of a fairy finger. It just depends where the energy needs evening out.

Terra: Did you do the same things in those three universes?
Skull: Yes, that is because those who helped create me with the god-lights thinking, were able to contain my energy as another aspect for themselves, so I worked in each universe simultaneously,

Terra: Can we work together with the fairy kingdom?
Skull: I will continue to work in several universes simultaneously with the plants and fairies, so it will be quite an energy blast. They will all reconnect.

Terra: Can we introduce you to work with peoples land and gardens?
Skull: It would be the greatest pleasure of mine.

Reenergize the Kingdoms

Terra: What is a good way to ask permission to work with you?
Skull: They initially have to be of the advanced thinkers to understand skull energy and the devic community. So that limits them.

Garden Understanding With Teacher of the Teacher

Terra: I had a garden devic communication…you would be a big help to understandg soils, shade, sun.. would you be able to do that?
Skull: I am a teacher of the teachers so it would be something that filters down as an instant communication, and reverence and prayer with the Earth. It is another level of teaching. We teaDSCN2108ch communion. Slightly different,

yet the same.

Terra: They are connected with the emotional bodies. Electro EMF, can you help change that?
Skull: I help reenergize the kingdoms after they have felt depleted. So yes, I help those who are bombarded with all sorts of energy.

Terra: Do essential oil applications help?
Skull: That helps me do my job even more easily. Coated with plant essence, what more could I ask for?

Terra: Can you tell us of your protruding teeth?
Skull: I am able to give those who need its song of joy. I help the sound vibration of my vortex of light to move through and ring, up and down and forward and backwards, with each of the creatures and plants. So, I sing the song of love and life.

Terra: We are so glad you have shown up again!