*Wings of the Soul and Spirit* with Magical Eagle of Flight #24T


I am *Wings of the Soul and Spirit* and my totem is the “Magical Eagle of Flight”.

Come Fly with Me!

Skull: We are here to share much of our amazing knowledge. I have come from the crystalline universe yet originally I was very happy in the blue universe.  So first stop blue next stop crystalline.

We team together to give wings, and all how ones soul and spirit can fly. This often brings forth a new dimension of consciousness to the body and mind.

So our special skills are bringing forth the “Magical Wings of Flight” which bring out the divine characteristics of the essence of life of any being: their soul and spirit.  How amazing is that!

We often hear ‘what is soul, what is spirit’ ~ humans on Earth-bound. ‘How do we connect, how to we bring this cosmic nature of our being forth in our day-to-day lives?’

We have the answer!

We come in and move from the hara and heart of a being who invites us in. We magnify the profound connection to spirit in a gentle, angelic way. This manner of uniting the will, heart and cosmic divine light allows one to feel, perhaps for the first time, what a soul’s essence feels like. It has a vibration in the body, it is not other-than the physical body, but very much an integrated part of every being.

So, this can be one incredible experience! One would indeed wish to be grounded in nature for this experience to be complete. That is step one.

Connect to Earth-Heart

“Eagle of Flight” Totem

One must truly feel the connection to Earth-heart for this to be an all-encompassing experience. This is part of everyone’s purpose on the planet. To notice what the spirit and soul feel like in your being. We can have different experiences since many gather information from different sources.

Some might see this as lights going on for the first time in the mind or body, some might feel it. Some can get a different dimensional vision of the body, in what might seem like using your 3-D movie glasses. For this takes you out of 3D and places you into more expanded awareness and a higher vibration. This allows for your awareness to expand to perhaps see devas, or plant or animal essences for the first time. Or feel a new level of connectedness to all that is above, around and below.

Heart-Lights connect to Heart-Lights

What you will notice is that your heart-lights connect to plant heart- lights, and connect to animal heart-lights. There is a new level of commonality, or lives intertwining of your connectedness to all ~ possibly for the very first time.

So picture this as a very special flight of love that you are whisked away with into various dimensions of awareness. More than a 3D film ~ much more! Although we sure could see us as part of one of those films. 

This a bit like a Disneyland ride.  We see us coming out and inwards simultaneously. With our cooperation of course, and then adding these extra dimensions to your experience for the ride.  This will give you a new quality of life and bring you another level of understanding in how you fit into the world, and into community. You may think “How can I be more Stellar Skull-like in my life?”

How can I create such a cosmic dimension in other people’s lives, and be their own catalyst for change?

TR: Tell us more about the flights you can take us on, so people have a greater understanding!

Skull: To help bring this evolution down to earth for many we assist in the activation process needed for ascension. All animals help with this. They speak on a level of compassion that many humans have not yet evolved to. We want to feel Spirit and Soul as a new level of consciousness so we understand that there is truly something greater than what is here and visible and able to be experienced right now. We like putting this into terms that you  all can understand so the leap of faith can be taken.

We can see people soaring together as s group with spirits and souls intact and the body and mind ware as we are all united like a flock of birds. It is a good analogy because sometimes we travel safe in groups and one thinks for the group because it is a group level of consciousness and this is elevated consciousness.

Call them in for a Flight (They always like being invited!)

Into your Hara / heart /3rd Chakra – Breathe Deep

Yes bring me in. We are happy to guide. So bring us into your will center your hara. We are here to magnetize the sensation of feeling deep ~ within and without your sprit and your souls. First let us allow for you to sense your spirit within. We are reactivating this realm of your being now.

(Notice the sensations and what you may sense, see, feel, smell, hear. Practice! Enjoy the flight!)