*Golden Phoenix With Galactic Wings* (#42S)

Unique Abilities: Moves one from a diminished spiritual or physical space into a greater spiritual realm. Letting go comfortably. Recreate your cosmic wardrobe. Gives one a set of new wings to explore and take off with. Assists those transforming from a near-death experience, or helping one transition and to cross over. Moves one into a greater spiritual realm.


*Golden Phoenix with Galactic Wings* #42T

I have indeed been here waiting to be explored for my incredible asset of allowing many to move from one state into another. This bird is a phoenix and allows many to move from a very low state into another quadrant of time and space on the celestial grid. I am *Golden Phoenix With Galactic Wings*.

Working with a Phoenix

Terra: How do you work as a phoenix with galactic wings?
Skull: I am able to move people from a state of diminished light, energy or physical body, into a greater spiritual realm. So, I can help someone who is ready to move to a complete state on this level, or if they are passing over to another side.

I can help those who have had a near-death experience and are not feeling whole, to be able to move into a greater state of knowledge and acceptance ~ all by having the individual hold me, or see my being, preferably in a 360-degree video, which will help them see my spirit, and bring it into their heart. They can use my photo under a crystal or pillow or meditate with it. I can trace to their hearts when they see me, demystifying many secrets of the universe, so they feel whole.

Terra: What a wonderful gift you are!
Skull: Maybe one person needs to feel whole to let go of their physical state. Maybe one person can finally feel like they are able to reside as a whole person, once they have missed death and are ready to help others and move on themselves.

Moving Into a Higher Dimensional State

Skull: I can also help those who are ready to let go of a certain life, and allow them the wings they need to move forward quickly. This brings them up to speed so they are ready for many of the ascension skulls. I move from the lower, the mid and upper 3D states, into a slowly adjusted 4, 5 and 6D state ~ so they can try this outfit on for size. I recreate the cosmic wardrobe on a certain level.

Terra: Tell us about your cheeks, if you would?
Skull: My cheeks are very pinch-able and make others laugh. They make me more approachable and they give others a place to jump off and take flight. They are a platform for the receiving to let go, and let the skull’s abilities take on their (the viewer’s) biggest blocks.

Flying Ahead With Wings of the Totem

Skull: The wings on my totem help one release gently, whatever is holding a person back in an old life. They also make the movement graceful and go upwards about 50 feet so the transition can be smooth. You might feel like you are taking off in a jet rocket with me, but the wings of the totem make it smooth and the flight is very accommodating ~ with all individuals having first-class seats.

What One Might Feel



What will this feel like for the one participating with you?
Skull: They will be able to feel their old skin peeling away like a snake skin. It is as if I help them recreate or rebirth into a flighted bird-self. Many feel anxious to write or create or share on some level, just how magical and dynamic their new being is. They might be able to share in words for the first time about the previous near-death experience, and how much they learned ~ whereas before they could not speak about it. So, I give them a new set of wings to explore and take off with.

Terra: Have you always been able to glow?
Skull: I have always been a guiding light and glowed since I was first sculpted. My sculptor was indeed a perceptive gentleman, and saw the streak of light coming down ~ like I was bowled into a gully from a universal galactic bowling game. My presence was glowing and he picked me up from this gully and immediately knew my shape and insignia on top. I gave him his wings, so he could use his expertise of his intuition and his hands to shape me.

Terra: You are so beautiful. Did he use special tools?
Skull: I was like a diamond in the rough he found. I needed a diamond to shape my gorgeous cheek bones and he found a way to hold it just right on the tip like a blade.

Terra: He sure captured your essence. Tell us about your curious dark spots?                                                                                                                    Skull: I was able to keep some of my past adventures, as though wrapped in a tiny packet of information in this intricate box. I was often one who was chosen to allow the dark side to move into the light. For that transition can occur more often than one thinks ~ and those were a couple of prize sessions.

The Phoenix

Terra: Was there a phoenix bird on this planet at one time?
Skull: I was not aware there were phoenix birds on this planet. I know the symbol was used since I was just a baby ~ so many skull millennia ago. I am certain every universe I passed through had this symbol. It has always represented the positive, and moving into the light, so it has never been a favorite symbol of the dark. They would rather I not use my ways to move any dark energy into light.

Where Seeded and Gender

Terra: *Golden Phoenix with Galactic Wings*, you have a distinct masculine and female balanced energy about you!                                  Skull: You have been very perceptive, as I move into one aspect or another as the time is needed. I often feel the softness of the feminine presence enables me to move through thought patterns easily. The male aspect helps me to move quickly from one dimension into another.

Terra: From where were you seeded, Golden One?
Skull: I have been in the Golden and Clear Universes, and chose to also come from a dark hole. I saw how to pass from light into dark ~ and dark into light. It enabled me to capture that transition so I could show others the lighted pathway. It helps them move out of the old and into the new.

Terra: Tell us where the Clear Universe is?
Skull: The Clear Universe is on its own, and a stellar place, much like when you chose to create the Uriger space that was very utopian.

#42STerra: It certainly sounds like we have worked and played together before!                                                                             Skull: We had been able to have a grand experience when I was first transitioning into my creation in Asia. This was after the Clear Universe, and had a tumultuous ending and we were all without a home. We used the help of others to create the Golden and Red Universe into one energetic light module. What this is, is a different level of being, living and seeking. It is a place where like-minded, or should I say, like-hearted energy sources, get together and work on a new project, But not in view of the dark beings. It is sheltered by the “Galactic Team” and this module is still in existence.

The module is separate ~ on its own. It is like a landing place so others can light there, connect to Source and meet up, sort of like a cafe. It is completely sheltered so no dark beings or masked or hologrammed beings can pause there.

Terra: Anything else?                                                                                                                                                                                   Skull: You are right on track to discover some other ancient secrets. So, we will continue to share some of our hearts with you even more.

Terra: Thank you *Golden Phoenix with Galactic Wings*.