*Heart of Creation* (#50M)

Unique Abilities: Touches the compassionate heart through some of Kwan Yin’s heart. Moves one from the negative, or ego-based ideas. Gives the feeling of tremendous support. Assists the transformation into creation, whether supporting the ‘plan’, finances or people.


*Heart of Creation* #50M

Which Beginning?

Skull: It is my pleasure to introduce my magnificent self to you, dear friends of long ago. We have been together from the beginning~ and you might ask which ‘beginning’? That is, before there was the creation of Earth as we know it now. We were mere travelers of the galaxy ~ often the Red galaxy in the Red Universe. I came from the Third Eye of the Red Universe, and a dark hole of Space and Time Universe (the one we are in now).

Terra: Many of us here on Earth are not even from this universe. The skulls have been able to show and tell us much about these other universes, which is timely, since these energies will help to create Terra Christa, the New Earth.

Skull: I came from the Third Eye of the Red Universe, so I have abilities to ‘see’ far and wide. My other place of origin is from a very dark hole in this universe here, the Space and Time universe. I am happy to say, I am an equal blend of masculine and feminine energy. It gives me balance and strength, compassion, love and spirit through all projects, people animals and communities I am working with.

Sparkles and Shines with Heart Essence

Terra: You certainly do sparkle!
Skull: I have begun to share my heart essence with you~ thus I sparkle and shine. You can call me *The Heart of Creation*, for I truly help with creating. I, like all other skull tribes who come to work with the divine heart, and bringing that forth into universal love and complete compassion. I smile a lot because I feel such great joy from the inside out, and this is something I share with all of those who come into contact with me.

We have created before, my dear friends, and we had indeed begun working together here on Earth, when that pentagonal hex was being created around you and your cohorts, at the Crystalline City.

(This dark pentagram was woven around five light-workers, including myself and Crysta, by a very dark lizard-wizard, when we had brought in a Crystalline City to work from, helping to create Earth in the beginning. This was quite adverse, and was only recently removed with the help of the Skull Tribes.)

Working with the Heart of Creation

Skull: So, I have a vision of compassion for all creations of communities working together and being able to share a unified heart-vision. I strike a cord deep within those who see my photo, or touch me, or are in an immediate vicinity of me. I can travel with ease as I have come from far away. I also did not have a carver and was created with the essence and mighty heart-energy of many magnificent beings, which you are familiar with.

The Goddess Kwan Yin

Terra: Was Kwan Yin one of them?
Skull: You mean the compassionate Goddess, helping to create another ‘like being’? Yes, she was indeed one who helped me come forth from the far reaches of these universes. She also gave me some of her heart essence as a gift, to help this proliferate forward into the future generations of creations, that I will be helping with. She is one smart Goddess! She has a magnificent heart, and you can come in touch with that as you hold me and feel my essence touch your heart essence. It comes forth with a photo, or a moving 360 degree video of me. You can send my energy with your heart, with sound, with intention or with another *skull beam* as well.

Touching the Compassionate Heart

Smiling Eyes!

Smiling Eyes!

Terra: Compassion must be part of your purpose then, Heart of Creation?
Skull: I have the supreme ability to touch the compassionate heart of those who have forgotten that aspect of themselves. This can almost make an individual melt~ as they may have put up so much armor and tried to be extremely brilliant on some levels, yet forgot their compassionate self. It is easy to forget when one again moves into an ego-centric space. What I do is, I bring them back to center, and remind them in a rather moving manner~ so they are unable to choose the dark or choose the ego in their work or play.

Terra: A most needed gift!
Skull: I also help those who need some support, feel that they have an army or huge support of many behind them, so they can continue along their forthright path. It is easy for me to bring them back to center since I can only see, feel and hear from the heart.

Going Back to the Crystalline City

Terra: What was our original intention for Earth?
Skull: When we were together, we had great designs to make a completely heart-center planet. We had the original designs of Terra Christa for Earth. I have these designs in my incredibly beautiful skull.

Terra: It sounds like you were there when the wizards put the hex on the group of us who were working on the heart-centered plans for Earth?
Skull: We were playing and dancing in a great space of joy at the time we were struck.

Terra: Did you go into the Crystalline City?
Skull: I did not go into the Crystalline City. It was too difficult after the attack, and I did not want to be a part of that dark group. I chose another dimension of being. I had to be in my heart and stay centered and it was my time to be in the essence of love, and try to undo the injustices that were being done.

Terra: Were you successful?
Skull: I needed help with the intentions and hearts of others, and I stayed in the meditative state to attract the right beings to me. I could not be there and choose to be in another heart space deep in love and light. So, I can stay in that heart-centered place and radiate my being, yet I truly need the compassionate hearts of others to help me do active work.

Terra: Is that how it is for all of the skulls?
Skull: We have the ability to attract the right beings to us, and can all work with better with the assistance of others.

Sacred Heart Communities

Skull: I have the ability to create sacred heart space in communities, where all feel as though they are One. It becomes magical for the communities to feel as though they are one being and one heart. It is so much fun, and I jump for joy when my transcendence moves through one individual to another, like a special heart-egg of light, spreading joy and bliss. What a gift am I!

Terra: You certainly are, dear one! Did we know you in Uriger as well as some of the other universes?
Skull: I was around before there was the creation of Uriger. We did play together there.

Note from Terra Rae:
Urigur was a fabulous matriarchal, utopian society that actually started 850,000 years ago, till the fall of Atlantis, here on Earth. This was a 5D civilization, that was sub-tropical, in what is now Mongolia and upper regions of China. It is mentioned in The Masters and Teachings of the Far East, by Sterling Baird. This was the seven cities that the masters took the group out into the Gobi Desert to dig way down to find the proof of.

Skull: It feels grand to be able to share my wealth of love and information.

Terra: We love the idea of a video, igniting fire in people’s hearts. Anything else as a specific focus? What do your 12 teeth mean for you?
Skull: I always loved that number. It allows me to shine, and my teeth give me a great expression. It’s often the teeth who make people smile when they see me.

The Right Support from *Heart of Creation*

*Heart of Creation* (#50M)

Want help creating?

Terra: Anything else as a specific focus?
Skull: I came here because I have felt your heart energy, and it serves the greater good to be part of the skull project. I help those who have an idea, move it forward so they can see the path clearly and attract the right support and people~ whether the support is financial or the people who are yet to enter into their lives. So, I assist the transformation into creation.

Terra: I would like you to be shared with many!
Skull: I can be in a multitude of places at once~ so it will serve all of those readers and seers. I can speed things up a great deal for them. People will feel the joy from my heart and that will attract the needed energy for their willpower and their needed heart support. They can feel invincible and creative so there is no stopping from their true heart path.

Other Skulls Here on Gaia

Skull: My abilities expand the more I am put to use. As you can well imagine, that goes for the other skulls as well.

Terra: It feels like all the other skulls here on the planet, the Yucatan and more recently carved, have been making way for these Skull Tribes that are here now.
Skull: I have found that they have been initiators of the movement. They are great precursors for our incredible beings. They open hearts on a certain level and that helps others be receptive to us. We could never say anything negative about another skull!

Terra: Do you know the Yucatan crystal skulls?
Skull: They are less talkative and they have their own incredible beings within them, and I do have a preference for our Asian valley tribes. We communicated easily with one another in thered and golden valley areas. I have not had any long discussions with other tribes from other places. You can always introduce us! We have so much to do the way it is, and are so happy to be heard again, that that is lower on our priority list. We all have amazing abilities and we can indeed each introduce you to travel to other dimensions and to the future.

Terra: Devin* described the Yucatan Tribe of skulls as bringing people into 5 D, and the Crystalline Stellar Skull Tribes are springboards from 5D into 7D, 9D, 11D and beyond.

*Communities = families, work groups, cities and countries.

*Skull Beams = Shooting beams of Love, Light and Joy with our intention, by spinning the top of a skull.

*Devin = ninth dimensional overseer of the ‘Group of 90 Game Engineers’, and one of the ‘Counsel of Nine’. He came in through Grace regularly, once I received the first group of Stellar Skulls, to assist with the multitude of questions I’ve had.