*Red Fire Knowing One* (#26M)

I allow you to completely understand your full span of existence from beginning to end by assisting your travels.

I allow you to completely understand your full span of existence from beginning to end by assisting your travels.

What are your special abilities?

Unique Abilities: I track your past and future for greater understanding. I take you on travels boosting your development quickly. I help you glimpse the possibilities of relationships from a future vantage point.

Timelines to the Future

Skull: I allow you to completely understand your full span of existence from beginning to end by assisting your travels. This means we journey together and I can be sent to align a timeline to your future, so you can look back and notice the steps you took to get there. I allow one to see visions and messages from other realms, easily.

It is important to know that this is not for everyone and often the vision needs to be extremely acute. I can also take you to little travel boosts in time so you move forward and develop quickly in different realms. We can visit other dimensions together if you wish to see yourself in another dimension and notice just how that looks. So, if you are choosing to become one with another dimension you can visit and decide: Is this for me soon? Shall I do some more work on a particular level of my development?

Terra: Go into that idea a bit more if you would.
Skull: These are all phases in which you can choose yourself to move forward ~ up and along a particular dimension of existence.

I give you that ability:
*To feel the fire of that time within
*To know just how it suits you, or to expand your consciousness so you can move forward.

This allows you to receive visions and messages from other realms easily. Maybe you receive pictures of just how you make yourself readily available for the next jump into a specific time or planet ~ when you are ready to do this, of course.

Ways to Access *Red Fire Knowing One*

Terra: Can we access you through a photo?

Skull: Yes, our abilities pervade every dimension, capturing our image whether it is video, or a still photo, or even “tuning in” as you concentrate on me. Another way to access me is over distance, so you are a sending my vibration and all-knowing levels of knowledge, via travel and time, like in a galactic vehicle.

Seeing the Future

Skull: Our particular adventures together can be merely by sitting in meditation. Or your boosts or visions can be received as you spin and send me out to move forward in a particular venue. (or focus)

Thus, you can determine the travels, rather than have me scout about and seek just what is appropriate for you. Yet, know there are indeed others who need guidance, and I can specifically spin to their future if they are ready to see themselves there. This also allows individuals and groups to create a particular harmonic resonance, if they are looking to commune together. They can glimpse into the future and see how compatible they are. It is quite a gift!

Terra: Can you do this if we or they had a group that was sitting together, and we could all go in at the same time and journey?

Skull: Yes, I can take many people at once and show those who see the vision, show those who hear the auditory aspect. For those who see or hear the words, they too can receive their particular message. And know, each person will have a select view of this, so it is understood whether or not it is appropriate for them. It is a rather keen selection process, which I provide.

Terra: That sounds fabulous! When seeing the future ~ is this future of high probability if they so choose it to be?
Skull: I give them the vision of what can absolutely be possible. There is always that particular will involved, so know that I assist in creating a peaceful, likely scenario, and each person can resonate with this vibration and see if it is sitting well with their heart. They will receive a bodily sense of knowing that this is indeed appropriate. They can also look back to see just how they got there.

So, it is a selection process with the individual making all of the knowledgeable decisions. This prevents mistakes from happening, so the glorious utopian existence has a great likelihood of actually happening. This method of travel with each person seeing something slightly different through their eyes, is also done in which they see themselves in a joyous and loving community. Right there, they will know then if that is for them. They may have more work to do, as this may not yet be an acceptable solution for them.

It is also possible there are those who do not wish to have so much accordance but truly wish to have upset and disharmony in their life, as that is what they are used to. So your journeys provide a filtering process.

The fire within me is my direct connection with the inner flames of the Earth. I magnify the heart level of existence in one’s physical and spiritual bodies.

The fire within me is my direct connection with the inner flames of the Earth. I magnify the heart level of existence in one’s physical and spiritual bodies.

Origin and Journey Here

Terra: Where did you come in you from?
Skull: I was indeed northwest of the blue tribe in a mountainous region. There is a lot of fire in the earth and the mountains pick up a magnificent piece of light that is imbued within.

So, my characteristics are those of the immediate territory there. The fire within me is my direct connection with the inner flames of the Earth. I magnify the heart level of existence in one’s physical and spiritual bodies. I enable the future path to hold as much heart and dynamic joy as you can truly hold. I do this by seeking out the peaceful, loving journey. That path is one in which you are able to follow along ~ or not. Sometimes, too much joy can blow a person out, as their bodies and minds are not yet ready for it. This allows groups of people to notice the sensation, and how that experience is for them in a group. This is my divine journey ~ to assist the joyful heart growth, of many at once.

I previously had traveled from an alternate universe with Mars and Venus-like planets. So my union of those energies allows for great compatibility, blended with the fire and heart light. We have taken many journeys so the group paradigm could be prepared for living in harmony. This was why I often chose to ride along in the seat next to your group, so the specifics of the next place of residence could be checked out on all levels.

This is how I can best serve, so it feels good to be back in the seat again.

Terra: You certainly feel quite balanced and very strong. Are you a masculine or feminine presence?
Skull: I am a compatible and blissful blend of both energies.

Best Ways to Work and Grow Together Spiritually

Terra: What is the best way to work with you?
Skull: Spinning me or sitting and holding me (or my image) in your heart, and mind in a meditative posture. A person can also use my photo or video to journey with me and receive visions.

I allow individuals and groups to experience the fiery, sensual and loving group journey ~ of growing together spiritually. So, this is an experience in which people again can allow for making decisions of compatibility. This gives everyone a level playing field and allows for those who work with me from a photo, or from a personal meditation, to notice how they feel physically, mentally or on any level of their senses, either in a group or with another individual. I take them to an elevated state, which will take out some of the interference, and allows for the important heart matters to float to the top.

Then, if I am working with a couple, and they are making a life decision, some of their questions can be answered. I can give them the physical sensations of just how it would be together on a spiritual, physical, sensual or any level of compatibility together.

redfire-saucerEtheric Voice of Cosmic Consciousness

Skull: Also, my vision allows the earth-grounding magnetism, and the etheric voice of cosmic consciousness, to give you another level to view your relationships from. Thus, I can bring in a viewpoint of looking down at this grouping from above. I can give you the gift of seeing your relationship(s) in the future and feeling it. So my keen sensibilities awaken senses, giving you a place of knowing so you can make an educated decision if you are indeed prepared to do that.

I have been doing this since the beginning of time, so it is time I am back in the swing of things ~ helping communities thrive. I have been out in plain sight in a mountainous area of Asia but the level of knowing has not been there to see me (in 5D).

Terra: We may even shoot your energy into communities to see what they need to see. We could set you up on the computer, using Skype or a Webinar.

Skull: I have a very pervading essence and vibration, so this will be a fine way to put me to service for greater mankind. I have been from other planets which are no longer in existence and have found my way to the Far East/Asia through a time travel which came from a black hole.

Exploring the Heart

Skull: You can also explore the inner regions of your own heart when I am in communication with you. Whether in person physically, or in a group or over distance, I can give each person a heart clearing, and a deeper understanding of themselves. Thus it may bring up areas where a person needs to clear and some emotions are released because of my presence.

So initially, individuals need to be ready to go to that place. Are they willing to give themselves to the spirit of love ~ and develop themselves fully, so they can do their bidding and the highest good? That is the eternal question, is it not?

My presence can stir up a lot and make those who are not in the light pop out and move from my aura, and feel they need to banish themselves, for my presence is so very strong. I am a fine way to filter out those who are not in this game of life for others ~ and for the light. So if there are questions about a group or individual I am a perfect seer for that specific realm.

I can make those from the dark so uncomfortable that they almost shed their skin.