As “Team Earth” we are dedicated to awakening, healing, clearing and educating individuals, and groups — assisting both Gaia and the masses. With the help of the sacred and brilliant Crystalline Stellar Goddesses and Skulls.

Their phenomenal, infinite, heartfelt skills and multidimensional abilities, enable
us to assist in elevating consciousness — preparing people for Ascension and First Contact.

 ‘“Team Earth”’ is part of the most incredible, dedicated, brilliant and highly-trained Team of Light in this Galaxy, doing 5D and 7D Clearings and Activations —
profound work  which we have been doing throughout the Timelines. Our teachers and Team for this ultra-advanced skills and abilities include: the Crystalline Team, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Galactic Federation, Gaia and Inner Earth.

Throughout the years that we have worked together, they have shared their appreciation for what they have learned from us as well!

Is This For You?

Are you:

  •  working on your expansion, awakening and self-mastery?
  • looking for the next dynamic level in your growth?
  • Ready to find out who you are and where you really came from?
    Ready to see some of the places along the way that shaped your magnificent Being?

What Do We Really Do?

We clear everything that is holding you back, keeping you from knowing the true you.

There are devices in, on and around you — that trip you up at every turn, lowering your frequency, numbing and dumbing you down. We carefully clear them all! We can then bring forth and reactivate your amazing Past-life skills and abilities.

With our Galactic Team, we pull out dark wizardry that programs you and stops your greatness from motivating you and taking form.

We clear the past – to actively prepare the present and flourish in the future. 

Our Crystalline Team retrieves your Soul Essences, Heart-lights, Soul Spirits that most people don’t even know they had. These are your brilliance!

We clear and unwind Past-life agreements, curses, cords, and remove whatever needs to be released — as well as retrieve parts or aspects of you, that have been held captive, tortured and hidden. Then these parts of you are cleared and re-calibrated to merge with your being now. Again, these are usually a brilliant part of you.

Our Team will clear and activate your glands, that hold back the true unwinding of the DNA. 

If you are willing, you will be activated with the Crystalline Ray and the Blue Ray, all of which open your psychic Clairsentient abilities, so you have all cylinders (synapsis) open, on and firing. 

We can then activate your Inner Dragon Essence, which ignites your glands, creating an inner constellation of Light. This will raise your frequency so we can retrieve your Personal Dragon, so there is added protection and we can teach you how to fly.