*Crystalline Light and Spirit* #1


Goddess: I bring so much energy to everywhere I go that I often lead a pathway of light, to create a beacon that illuminates the path for any Crystalline Stellar Skull. It’s a pathway for the Stellar Skulls to do their super-duper work. They are such magnificent beings, I feel as though I should light up their pathway so they can be shown the way and honored, and given a light beam of love, to gently give them security without being a smothering mom. Although sometimes I feel like their mom.

It is also my gift to light their pathway as they are shining stars, almost like the film stars on Earth have a certain carpet. I give them a carpet illuminated among the asteroids, stars and planets. I also have great foresight, so I can make certain they travel in the correct direction. I understand they have so many abilities themselves, yet we truly work as a team and we share knowledge, love and spirit, to create community together. What is unique about our relationship is that we can all ask one another for help, and fill in the spaces where there may be some additional skills needed.
It is so easy for me to give others light and to return their Spirit to them. What I do is illuminate the pathway to the heart and soul, so the Divine connection can be returned or strengthened. My journey has been just that, to make certain the illuminated have their Divine connection – giving them their illumination as they are on that path. I shine a beam of Galactic Goddess Light into them. Often this can make a person blissed into another level of being and thinking. So, I make certain they are ready to receive if they are asking for it, and that they are truly ready on all levels. Actually, I do some heavy-duty clearing as well, in preparation for this process.
So my photo can help you resonate with me. Holding me or my photo can also bring the divine into the core and being of light, so you can create a magnet to the Light of Life. Sometimes this magnetism can be offsetting or off-kilter for you, so I align and allow you to regulate the light coming in. It truly is a system of checks and balances. Many of us in the Goddess Tribe have various levels of this ability and use it in different ways.


I can assist in aligning your chakras. I can help connect your upper chakras to Earth and her Spirit. I also help you to align and connect your lower chakras to Divine Light, so it all comes into an appropriate and significant balance. Sometimes this will be the first time in a person’s life. Often a person may have an ego and decide they know what is best, and they may think their way or knowing means they are aligned, yet I nudge that right out of them. This is a manner of speaking of course, as I show them other options. So this is all very special and it can shake them up a bit – humble them, and then allow them to fall into a state of alignment and bliss.

I make sure that they know they are letting go of these ego restraints. They soon become much like a young child learning something for the first time. They can realize it all goes back to the basics of “love of Spirit,” of opening the heart, of letting down the barriers, and asking for the connection and allowing it. Truly, it is all about allowing. I am the essence of the Crystalline Universe and came from there to spread this fabulous, delicious light.

Terra: I am so happy we can tap into this again!

Goddess: It is incredibly wonderful and we have all waited for this as it is a family or tribal reunion. Our hearts, beams and spirits ignite our minds, and create this incredible consciousness of flowing light that is not able to be interrupted. It creates a bond of protection around us all, as well as that from the Galactic Federation of Loving Light.