To thank you for ordering her book, Terra Rae is offering a free “Stellar Call” where “Team Earth” and the Crystalline Stellar Skulls address many Personal & Planetary subjects & situations, which we assist by Clearing, Spotlighting and Activating as a group ~ through our hearts. In addition, the listener always receives a personal Stellar Activation. Since the Crystalline Skulls work right through the Timelines and throughout the Dimensions, your energy also assists in activating Global Change.

with *Gentle Maiden of the Gold and Blue Universe* Terra Rae has been in the esoteric fields for decades. As an Ascension Mentor, healer, teacher, writer, radio talk show host, she is always exploring new frontiers for expanding and clearing herself, others and Gaia. She has been working with the “Galactic Team” since the early 1980s, preparing for the reunion with the Crystalline Stellar Skulls and “Team Earth.”