LightShips Around Team Earth


By Terra Rae and Crysta

Connecting with LightShips Since Childhood
Shared by Crysta

LightShips                      Photo By Terra Rae

When I was channeling while living in the Cyclades Islands, in Greece, I was in touch with many ancient sites and energies. l was introduced to one of my first guides: Miratyu. In the Hindi language, his name refers to the cycle of “Life-Death-Birth-Giving.” I called him Marat. I learned how he had connected with and had been receiving information from Ra in Egypt. He was also the community conduit for Light Beings on Lightships, oh so many lifetimes ago.

Perhaps this ancient connection had encouraged me to ask for – and receive – messages and heart-openings from Light Beings in their ships, since childhood?

(I don’t know about you, but were you also putting out your thumb and aiming it into the skies, like you were hitchhiking for a ride in a ship, the way I was? Today, in retrospect, perhaps just asking for a lift from any ship is not such a good idea!).


What Terra Rae Remembers of an ET Family Visit

 I was in the bay area visiting my friend Crysta in the early 1980’s and was sleeping on Crysta’s living room floor. It must have been about 3:00 AM when the energy in the room changed as I had a lucid dream, being partly awake on the uncomfortable floor. I was shown a view of the ocean up around Point Reyes, north of Marin, which I had visited a few days earlier. A clear voice spoke, “Come here tonight and we will visit you!”

When I told Crysta, we were stoked and planned our excursion up to the sand dunes near the beach. It was easy to find back then as now there are fences and gates. We found a nice dip in a sand dune on a hill, and curled into the sand with our blankets, where we had a great view of the ocean and the skies. Suddenly around 11:00 PM lights of different colors started to appear on the horizon of the water. It would grow in both directions, and the lights were not bobbing on the water, but would take turns getting brighter with more color. What a show! The skies were clear and the stars were wondrous!


It may have been around midnight or 1:00 AM when a couple of the lights shot into the sky and flew circles over us. As time went on, we were mesmerized watching them come closer and then higher, and then more would join them among the stars. It wasn’t cloudy at all the whole night. Right from the beginning it felt like an orchestra in my head, as the lights were dancing to the music. Throughout the night the lights of different colors would bob around on the horizon as they also did a dance.


Our hearts really opened while we laid back and watched in wonder, and would occasionally check the horizon lights on the water, that seemed to stretch out further. It must have been around 4:00 AM when that first sliver of light starts to come through in the east. It suddenly felt like a grand finale with so many lights dancing throughout the sky …. and in a blink, the dance was over, the lights were gone, and clouds appeared. All at once the lights on the water and in the sky just disappeared. They were gone in a breath, as the music in my head stopped and the sound of the wind and waves became louder.


What an amazing gift, both of us were quite high and so grateful! It felt like a family reunion!


Crysta Remembers Us Leaving the Beach – and More Lightships

As we were leaving the dunes and beach we spied the largest, most brilliant glowing globe of light we had ever seen! It was dawn and we were heading west.


Wait — the sun rises in the East! Terra Rae and I looked at one another with the same realization — this was one incredible Mother Ship!


Almost immediately, eight other ships appeared around her in formation. We stopped the car, in awe, and the ships moved up and down with one another. Then in just a short while they disappeared, as if to say, “Good night! Great to see you again – until next time!”

Another Spectacular Sighting and Lightship Dance 

Shared by Crysta

While boat-sitting for my friend Mimi, at Fort Mason in San Francisco, I meditated and listened to the lull of the waves beat against the bow of the boat.

I distinctly heard my guide instruct me to go to the ocean’s edge. I would receive an initiation from the Lightships. I needed to go on the next evening and I “would know where to go” by following the “lights.”


I did not want to miss this opportunity, so I drove my green 1969 Volkswagen bug, named Gertie, out on the designated eve.There was coastal fog, or perhaps they were clouds, that flitted in and out, making my view precarious.

Even though “No Parking Overnight” signs were almost everywhere, I found an entrance to a small beach with a view of the Pacific. Cosmically, as I was getting out of Gertie, the clouds dissipated, and I had a clear view of the sky.

I perched on my own private beach, and between 11 PM and 4 AM I found myself dancing with some very jovial and bright lightships! First it was one; then I spied others. They created one amazing moving light formation, and I beamed love and sparkling light from my heart to the closest one. It flew a little close, partnering with me, dancing up and down as if to say “Thank you!”

Did I invoke them? Was this all an illusion or… Then I asked them for a message.

The closest ship to me spun a merry jig! I felt the energy move up and down my body, and especially beam into my heart I felt like I was being spot lit. It lighted about and sent a light beam of energy up and down my body, as I received a tingly activation. Each of my chakras became energized, yet in a gentle caring way.

I noticed that each of the celestial objects had their own unique shape, with specialized tones of rainbow colors beaming out from them in individualized patterns.

One by one, 16 more ships did their own separate, creative springy dance with me. My glands continued to be lit up and connecting on a brilliant new level. I responded by sending gratitude to the Light Family members on each ship, filling it with every color of the rainbow from my heart to theirs. I sent stellar blessings to my friends and family! Was that up-and-down movement of their ships an acknowledgement? I think so!

More Ships Sending LOVE 

I was visiting friends and helping teach at Heartwood College of the Healing Arts in Garberville, CA in the late1980s. While there I would gaze into the deep, vast, dark skies for hours. I noticed many curious lights – different from stars and planets –  flashing, swirling, and moving in various patterns. (By the way, I was always on the lookout for friendly ships.)

You too may notice, as I did, that the ships of light hover, move slowly back and forth and then they “beam” us. Often they were bright beams, then less so, then blinking very brightly, with different colors and flashes of light. When I meditated long enough I felt my body resonate with the words as I “heard” them: “Love!” “Peace!” and “Joy!”

My heart sang! My body danced! They communicated! Again, the same messages emerged. It was so very heart-opening and loving. It felt like a deep connection.

Terra Rae Offers Ways to Spot Lightships

One afternoon, a friend and I were chatting with Metatron, and she said, “How come Terra Rae is always seeing Lightships, and I don’t?”

He replied, “You don’t look up!”

Here’s some tips on spotting the lightships. Scan the skies all the time and I guarantee you will see them. They are easy to see in and around the clouds. In what looks like a big thunderhead, you may see a rim go all around the giant cloud. Sometimes it may stay in one place for a long time, as other clouds are moving around and past. Sometimes you may be gifted with a colorful light show with lots of flashes.

The smooth lenticular clouds will be in and around many puffy clouds, or right in a group. Again, if you watch, you might see many clouds moving around, and a few that stay in one place.

They sometimes come in as a lot of puffy clouds with darker centers that are round. They too might stick around in one place and then just break apart when they leave.

Sometimes when Team Earth does very big work the sky is loaded with ships, and they are back the next day to check that all is well.


Good Ships Bad Ships!

If you know of portals in the area, you need to know that both Lightships and dark ships can come through. So learn how to close them! If you have made contact with some of the Galactic Federation (GF), call them in, since they are aways on the lookout for the dark ETs and reptilians. Although multitudes of dark characters and dark ships have been trapped, netted and taken over the past few years. YAY! If you do happen to see any black triangle ships, head for cover. Amp up your Merkaba ASAP. Another big reason to put one up and activate it with different light rays regularly, since the dark avoids the light! It’s in my book and on the website.


Several years ago I was at a Contact in the Desert event in Joshua Tree, with Aurora of Team Earth and her partner. We wanted to go out in the desert not too far from where the now defunct Integratron had been built. The Commander of the GF said he wanted our take on the area as well, but made us promise that we would leave before sunset, since at that time, there was a very active portal there.


When the sun dipped behind the mountains, he made it very clear to head out immediately. This was the last day of the event, so we were there by ourselves. It was maybe 45 mins back to Joshua Tree. When we got back it was just about dark, and people were scrambling around watching for ships that that were coming in from where we just were, and were flying and hovering over the area. You could actually see that they were the black triangle ships, though nobody said anything about them being dark ships, since they were so excited. This included some of the mainline presenters, that we thought knew about the dark ships. The GF got them out of there and kept us protected! Yay Team!

Become Active

If you see, or think you see a Lightship, put your hand on your heart and ask if it is a Lightship? Toning and sounding are good too, and will raise your frequency! You can also ask where they are from, since the GF is from around the Galaxy and sometimes the Multiverse. You will feel a response right then and there. I was told, that if you can see them, then they can see you. Some of these wonderful beings are your Galactic Family, and some may even be your bloodline! And possibly you in your 5D body also wanting to get your attention. Good time to communicate!

Call in the Stellar Skulls, and tell them you want to communicate with Lightships.  All you need is a picture for them to hear you.

They will get your attention when there are lightships in the area. They will also keep you protected. You might get an invite in the dreamtime to look that night or next day. Go to our website: and print a picture of one of the Stellar Skulls that you resonate with. There are 33 printed in my book and you can send them out to call the Light Team for a visit, since the Stellar Skulls work with them all the time. You too may be “beamed” with “Peace, Love and Joy” as both of us have. And keep looking up!