LightShips Around Team Earth


By Terra Rae and Crysta

Connecting with LightShips Since Childhood
Shared by Crysta

LightShips                      Photo By Terra Rae

When I was channeling while living in the Cyclades Islands, in Greece, I was in touch with many ancient sites and energies. l was introduced to one of my first guides: Miratyu. In the Hindi language, his name refers to the cycle of “Life-Death-Birth-Giving.” I called him Marat. I learned how he had connected with and had been receiving information from Ra in Egypt. He was also the community conduit for Light Beings on Lightships, oh so many lifetimes ago.

Perhaps this ancient connection had encouraged me to ask for – and receive – messages and heart-openings from Light Beings in their ships, since childhood?

(I don’t know about you, but were you also putting out your thumb and aiming it into the skies, like you were hitchhiking for a ride in a ship, the way I was? Today, in retrospect, perhaps just asking for a lift from any ship is not such a good idea!).


What Terra Rae Remembers of an ET Family Visit

 I was in the bay area visiting my friend Crysta in the early 1980’s and was sleeping on Crysta’s living room floor. It must have been about 3:00 AM when the energy in the room changed as I had a lucid dream, being partly awake on the uncomfortable floor. I was shown a view of the ocean up around Point Reyes, north of Marin, which I had visited a few days earlier. A clear voice spoke, “Come here tonight and we will visit you!”

When I told Crysta, we were stoked and planned our excursion up to the sand dunes near the beach. It was easy to find back then as now there are fences and gates. We found a nice dip in a sand dune on a hill, and curled into the sand with our blankets, where we had a great view of the ocean and the skies. Suddenly around 11:00 PM lights of different colors started to appear on the horizon of the water. It would grow in both directions, and the lights were not bobbing on the water, but would take turns getting brighter with more color. What a show! The skies were clear and the stars were wondrous!


It may have been around midnight or 1:00 AM when a couple of the lights shot into the sky and flew circles over us. As time went on, we were mesmerized watching them come closer and then higher, and then more would join them among the stars. It wasn’t cloudy at all the whole night. Right from the beginning it felt like an orchestra in my head, as the lights were dancing to the music. Throughout the night the lights of different colors would bob around on the horizon as they also did a dance.


Our hearts really opened while we laid back and watched in wonder, and would occasionally check the horizon lights on the water, that seemed to stretch out further. It must have been around 4:00 AM when that first sliver of light starts to come through in the east. It suddenly felt like a grand finale with so many lights dancing throughout the sky …. and in a blink, the dance was over, the lights were gone, and clouds appeared. All at once the lights on the water and in the sky just disappeared. They were gone in a breath, as the music in my head stopped and the sound of the wind and waves became louder.


What an amazing gift, both of us were quite high and so grateful! It felt like a family reunion!


Crysta Remembers Us Leaving the Beach – and More Lightships

As we were leaving the dunes and beach we spied the largest, most brilliant glowing globe of light we had ever seen! It was dawn and we were heading west.


Wait — the sun rises in the East! Terra Rae and I looked at one another with the same realization — this was one incredible Mother Ship!


Almost immediately, eight other ships appeared around her in formation. We stopped the car, in awe, and the ships moved up and down with one another. Then in just a short while they disappeared, as if to say, “Good night! Great to see you again – until next time!”

Another Spectacular Sighting and Lightship Dance 

Shared by Crysta

While boat-sitting for my friend Mimi, at Fort Mason in San Francisco, I meditated and listened to the lull of the waves beat against the bow of the boat.

I distinctly heard my guide instruct me to go to the ocean’s edge. I would receive an initiation from the Lightships. I needed to go on the next evening and I “would know where to go” by following the “lights.”


I did not want to miss this opportunity, so I drove my green 1969 Volkswagen bug, named Gertie, out on the designated eve.There was coastal fog, or perhaps they were clouds, that flitted in and out, making my view precarious.

Even though “No Parking Overnight” signs were almost everywhere, I found an entrance to a small beach with a view of the Pacific. Cosmically, as I was getting out of Gertie, the clouds dissipated, and I had a clear view of the sky.

I perched on my own private beach, and between 11 PM and 4 AM I found myself dancing with some very jovial and bright lightships! First it was one; then I spied others. They created one amazing moving light formation, and I beamed love and sparkling light from my heart to the closest one. It flew a little close, partnering with me, dancing up and down as if to say “Thank you!”

Did I invoke them? Was this all an illusion or… Then I asked them for a message.

The closest ship to me spun a merry jig! I felt the energy move up and down my body, and especially beam into my heart I felt like I was being spot lit. It lighted about and sent a light beam of energy up and down my body, as I received a tingly activation. Each of my chakras became energized, yet in a gentle caring way.

I noticed that each of the celestial objects had their own unique shape, with specialized tones of rainbow colors beaming out from them in individualized patterns.

One by one, 16 more ships did their own separate, creative springy dance with me. My glands continued to be lit up and connecting on a brilliant new level. I responded by sending gratitude to the Light Family members on each ship, filling it with every color of the rainbow from my heart to theirs. I sent stellar blessings to my friends and family! Was that up-and-down movement of their ships an acknowledgement? I think so!

More Ships Sending LOVE 

I was visiting friends and helping teach at Heartwood College of the Healing Arts in Garberville, CA in the late1980s. While there I would gaze into the deep, vast, dark skies for hours. I noticed many curious lights – different from stars and planets –  flashing, swirling, and moving in various patterns. (By the way, I was always on the lookout for friendly ships.)

You too may notice, as I did, that the ships of light hover, move slowly back and forth and then they “beam” us. Often they were bright beams, then less so, then blinking very brightly, with different colors and flashes of light. When I meditated long enough I felt my body resonate with the words as I “heard” them: “Love!” “Peace!” and “Joy!”

My heart sang! My body danced! They communicated! Again, the same messages emerged. It was so very heart-opening and loving. It felt like a deep connection.

Terra Rae Offers Ways to Spot Lightships

One afternoon, a friend and I were chatting with Metatron, and she said, “How come Terra Rae is always seeing Lightships, and I don’t?”

He replied, “You don’t look up!”

Here’s some tips on spotting the lightships. Scan the skies all the time and I guarantee you will see them. They are easy to see in and around the clouds. In what looks like a big thunderhead, you may see a rim go all around the giant cloud. Sometimes it may stay in one place for a long time, as other clouds are moving around and past. Sometimes you may be gifted with a colorful light show with lots of flashes.

The smooth lenticular clouds will be in and around many puffy clouds, or right in a group. Again, if you watch, you might see many clouds moving around, and a few that stay in one place.

They sometimes come in as a lot of puffy clouds with darker centers that are round. They too might stick around in one place and then just break apart when they leave.

Sometimes when Team Earth does very big work the sky is loaded with ships, and they are back the next day to check that all is well.


Good Ships Bad Ships!

If you know of portals in the area, you need to know that both Lightships and dark ships can come through. So learn how to close them! If you have made contact with some of the Galactic Federation (GF), call them in, since they are aways on the lookout for the dark ETs and reptilians. Although multitudes of dark characters and dark ships have been trapped, netted and taken over the past few years. YAY! If you do happen to see any black triangle ships, head for cover. Amp up your Merkaba ASAP. Another big reason to put one up and activate it with different light rays regularly, since the dark avoids the light! It’s in my book and on the website.


Several years ago I was at a Contact in the Desert event in Joshua Tree, with Aurora of Team Earth and her partner. We wanted to go out in the desert not too far from where the now defunct Integratron had been built. The Commander of the GF said he wanted our take on the area as well, but made us promise that we would leave before sunset, since at that time, there was a very active portal there.


When the sun dipped behind the mountains, he made it very clear to head out immediately. This was the last day of the event, so we were there by ourselves. It was maybe 45 mins back to Joshua Tree. When we got back it was just about dark, and people were scrambling around watching for ships that that were coming in from where we just were, and were flying and hovering over the area. You could actually see that they were the black triangle ships, though nobody said anything about them being dark ships, since they were so excited. This included some of the mainline presenters, that we thought knew about the dark ships. The GF got them out of there and kept us protected! Yay Team!

Become Active

If you see, or think you see a Lightship, put your hand on your heart and ask if it is a Lightship? Toning and sounding are good too, and will raise your frequency! You can also ask where they are from, since the GF is from around the Galaxy and sometimes the Multiverse. You will feel a response right then and there. I was told, that if you can see them, then they can see you. Some of these wonderful beings are your Galactic Family, and some may even be your bloodline! And possibly you in your 5D body also wanting to get your attention. Good time to communicate!

Call in the Stellar Skulls, and tell them you want to communicate with Lightships.  All you need is a picture for them to hear you.

They will get your attention when there are lightships in the area. They will also keep you protected. You might get an invite in the dreamtime to look that night or next day. Go to our website: and print a picture of one of the Stellar Skulls that you resonate with. There are 33 printed in my book and you can send them out to call the Light Team for a visit, since the Stellar Skulls work with them all the time. You too may be “beamed” with “Peace, Love and Joy” as both of us have. And keep looking up!








Who Are The Magdalenes or the Blue Ray Beings?

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

Maybe you are one?

This writing may strike a chord deep within your heart and soul. It surely will raise a lot of questions. In the past few decades, I have had many clients who thought they were Magdalene or had others tell them that.

It’s time to clarify this since I found these folks confused since they thought they were Mary Magdalene from 2000 years ago.

As we grew up, and many of us were going to different churches, they would teach that Mary Magdalene was a whore and a harlot. How convenient of the “Dark Side” to alter the Bible so many times, removing any of the Magdalene and female teachings, making Mary a weak one and needing great repentance, with Mary Magdalene as the bad girl. Ha!

In actuality, most of the tribe with Yeshua had set this event up eons earlier to come together at that specific time, after 1000 years of studying in the mystery schools to prepare for this event. They are of what I call The Magdalene Line, also known as, The Blue Ray Beings and the Illuminated Ones. 

Prime Creator and Divine Mother created the Blue Ray Beings. This was before this Universe, as these beings were created in the Origin Universes. Some were from the Blue Universe and a handful of other Universes. Now there are gillions of Universes.

It took a group of highly committed and trained powerhouses of Light to come together during that dark, confusing, and overshadowed time to bring forth the actual teachings of Divine Light. Yeshua had it set up with sacred geometry and power numbers. There were six circles of 12 women and six circles of 12 men – making 144 Magdalenes, with many more in the community. Each circle served the circle before them, and the first circle of women were close family members. The first circle of men were the 12 apostles and some family members.                                       

The Marys

Mary Magdalene represented and held, as she does today, the Divine Feminine, not just on this planet but in this Universe. The whole group brought in the Divine Feminine to be anchored upon the Earth, including Yeshua and the other Marys. When people feel strongly about Magdalene, it may be because they are “a Magdalene” as well, who also made the commitment to bring forth much greatness. Of course, not everyone was committed! And not everyone followed through with their obligations.

When I refer to “The Marys,” this includes the four women who were very close to Yeshua 2000 years ago, as well as today since they show up together when we call them in. (This has happened quite regularly since we put them to work and play a lot!)

They include Anna, Yeshua’s grandmother (Mother Mary’s Mother), and his cousin Miriam, the daughter of Mary’s sister Rebecca, who was raised together with Yeshua. (She, too, was a grand healer and teacher. She still is!) The one you know as Mary Magdalene, who became Yeshua’s wife, was and is a master teacher of the Essene light teachings, Egyptian, and many mystery schools. As difficult as it was then, she never stopped teaching the light family, disciples, and flocks of followers.

And yes, there was quite a bloodline that came from this tribe of magnificent Beings. This bloodline was the plan. Many escaped to France, anchoring in their Light. So, they moved to England and visited Wales, Scotland, and elsewhere to again anchor in the Divine Light and awaken people to the Christ Consciousness Teachings. You may also know these as the Origin Teachings of Light.

Followed by the Dark Hats

The dark hats had tracked many of us and were quite present in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. Some dropped in from dark ships as Roman Generals and the like. They set up the crucifixion, which did happen, and was not meant to be. All of the Magdalenes there were imprinted with these horrors and need clearing. We were able to anchor in the Light and do amazing things. I have worked with and cleared many Magdalenes and pulled up stories about what really happened there, including Team Earth. Many of the light family were raped, killed, and brutalized. Those of us still alive barely escaped. But that is another story for another time!

We didn’t have that many of us gather again for another 500 years. When in England, we anchored in the Light for the future. We created Camelot and Avalon as powerful light beings to anchor in the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine Light again and bring forth our teachings of Christ Consciousness. We co-created so many ideas for transparent and thriving communities. We did incredible things that are now only a whisper.

At that time, the dark came in as a group of witches in a very powerful coven. Many Magdalenes had gone into the dark realms, always coerced by the wizards. They seduced the Knights and committed horrific atrocities against them. Eventually, they got into the fairy realm and Inner Earth, taking down some of the last Dragons of Light along with fairies and elves. Last but not least, they made it into Avalon, the brilliant community of women’s magical arts – for total destruction. So many of us suffered so greatly that we have not gathered again as a large group ever since for reasons of safety. This story also needs to be told because you were probably there!

(Mary Heartsong’s beautiful books are through the voice of Anna and gives a lot of insight into their journey back then. Anna was in the physical for over 600 years at that time, preparing for Yeshua, “The Marys, and the families.”)                               

Time-Space Universe

So, what does that mean?

This “Time-Space Universe” was set up to be a polarity Universe to understand ‘all that is,’ and the polarity game. A potent, dedicated, and well-trained group of Light Beings stepped forth when the dark side of the polarity was overtaking quite a bit of the new creations of Light throughout the whole Universe.

These Light-beings are holders of Christ Consciousness right within their DNA. As stated, Many of them came from different Universes to help co-create this one since they had been integral in bringing some of the other Universes into balance before starting this one. Many of you reading this are also from some of these fantastic Light Universes, as are The Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Goddesses. Some of you committed yourself to the Light back then. These beings of Light knew that it would take some pretty monumental and well thought-out, robust plans and dynamic ideas set in place, with a significant commitment to bring this Universe and Earth into the actual balance of the Divine Christ Consciousness Light.

Earths Creation

Earth was brought forth through the loins of one of these beautiful and most potent Magdalene beings, who had been around for 100,000 years in that incarnation. She came into this “Time-Space Universe” from the “Rainbow Universe.” She saw that we needed a place for the full expression of the Divine Feminine.

Our first form in density was on Avyon, in the Constellation of Lyra. We had created a most beautiful planet with much water and many lifeforms. It had two moons, and we were thriving for quite a while, exploring the polarity game and creation. I call it Blue Star-Born since we created it with our Blue Rays from the stars. Because of revenge, hatred, the misuse of power, and extensive infiltration from the dark agenda, Avyon was then blown up.

Near the Pleiades, this Magdalene being, a fantastic goddess of Light, shot a new planet into the constellation that holds Sirius. It had many similarities to Avyon since so many of us loved Avyon so much that we longed for her Blue Star-Born beauty.

Many stepped up to start the polarity game there, to see if all could live in harmony and balance, with many lifeforms, including reptilians. This planet, named Tiamat, was kept secret for a long time to see if the balance of polarity would work. It worked for quite a while until the nefarious ones I call the “dark wizards” sent in dark reptilians to infiltrate with lies and deception, shift the balance, and conquer Tiamat.

That blessed planet was then blown up, and some of us who loved her so much brought her here to the far end of the Galaxy to try our best to reshape and heal her. She used to be three times this size. Gaia holds the Divine Feminine for this Galaxy and is a Divine Mother of great magnitude. Since our Team works directly with her, I will tell you that in the past, Gaia had been very giving, tolerant and lenient, but now Gaia is really tired of the abuse.


The Blue Ray

The story is, as the *Crystalline Stellar Skulls* shared with us, upon exploring this subject further, that many of the Magdalenes, including the Marys and Anna’s bloodline, are related on a soul-spirit level. But not all of them! This Magdalene Line is still a cellular recognition of Christ Consciousness.

This line has men and women, though it does not mean it is of Yeshua. It means it is a brilliant blue, white, silvery Ray of shimmering Light. It is that which our beloved planet Gaia came in on – and our cosmos was meant to have. It’s also the brightest of the bright and the healing, high-fifth-dimensional, Crystalline vibration. Those of the Blue Ray lineage were created with this Light, and they carry it with them. So, although the dark wizards have weakened it tremendously, we are now bringing it back on!

 What Happened to the Magdalenes?

Unfortunately, many Magdalenes do not know the Blue Ray is within them if they have not tuned into a phenomenal spiritual consciousness. They forgot their plan and agreement to do some big things here to awaken the masses and heal the planet and even the Galaxy. Many get tripped up at every turn. Their projects, brilliant ideas, writings, and more just get blocked and flitter away for no apparent reason. They seek masters, teachers, and gurus, not knowing that many of these characters sold out to the dark long ago. They set up the seekers to get “hit” even more, not knowing they are still hooked onto these nefarious betrayers. Breathe deeply – it’s true!

The Stellar Skulls added that we have seen this to be so accurate that many of those in great turmoil right now may not have ever asked, “Am I one of the Magdalene Line or a Blue Ray Being?” And truth be told, they have been having a difficult time, life after life, because they came in as part of this Christ-and-Mary lineage of the blue and silver-white Ray of Light. They were “hit” hard, and then harder and then hardest by the dark side, or dark wizards as I refer to the big ones since they invented the nefarious wizardry of perversion and destruction, which is all they do.

They have been “hit” very hard because their Light was recognized. The dark demons can use this powerful Blue Ray Energy for more of their destruction! These are the ones who need the most light-healing to the core of their being, so they can once again rise to the top and reclaim their brilliance. Unfortunately, many of them can’t move forward and are tripped up if they do. Some try not to make any waves, as they feel something is “just not right” and may have accidents or physical situations that they can’t heal or understand.

Finding the Magdalenes

I asked Archangel Metatron awhile back, just how many of the Magdalene Line, or Blue Ray Beings, are here in the physical on Earth? He thinks that there are between 150,000 to 200,000. There are a lot more coming in now. Some of these brilliant beings are also waking up their parents to who they really are. It is hard to get an exact number since most are asleep. Many of our families in The Galactic Federation of Loving Light are also Magdalenes. Some of them are real superheroes!

We have noticed that when one is open to receiving this information, often a Light bulb of awareness goes on. Sometimes one may be attuned to it when there is a healing crisis, and they become a magnificent healer for themselves or another. It may give them the incentive to get healed to the core of their soul and be a part of the dynamic global change. Decades ago, I had blue pin lights come out of my hands to assist someone in bad shape!

Since we, as “Team Earth,” do the kind of deep clearing it takes to awaken those hardest hit, we see incredible difficulties fall away for a new chance at life and being part of the global change when their brilliance is brought forth and reactivated.

We work with people all the time who are amazed to find that they had been master creators, could sing up creative forces with their voice, or still have an elemental or fairy language within them that the dark ones distorted. Once cleared, you can use them again! So many Light Languages are coming in now as well! Many of these Light Beings danced, played, and created with the incredible *Crystalline Stellar Skulls*, though this was long forgotten.

People are amazed to see themselves able to bring whole communities into a thriving, co-creating life force. Our entire Galactic Team now realizes that the stronger the Light someone has been, the harder they have been hit by the dark side. This understanding has helped them greatly in their work.

One woman we worked with recently found that she had been one of the original master creators of Lemuria here on Earth. Her response was, “Me? Little old me?”
My response to her was, “Yes, you are old, quite ancient dear woman, and there is nothing little about you! You are indeed a brilliant Magdalene!” (When I first met her a few years back, she was dying, and now she is thriving!)

Stellar Skulls:“Most of the Magdalenes are on some path that is directing them. They just need to open their eyes, ears, minds, and hearts to this level of knowledge. And, some of the *Crystalline Stellar Skulls* can awaken this among many!”

Call in the Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Goddesses and ask for the help you need and the connections you desire.
The exceptional skill-sets that the light-workers have or are exploring make a remarkable difference in their opening, especially if it comes from the heart and may possibly open another heart. Painting, creating music and dancing all play a role in the synergistic level of change. Teachers, technicians, and scientists are now open to making a difference here on Gaia. Stay grounded and in your heart. Use the Light Rays that I have written about. And definitely use protection.

Check out our website for articles addressing all of these topics:

We will share the Magdalene Ray of Light with you next time, as it works for everyone!

Before the time of Yeshua, it was easier to find and recognize each other. Not so much now! The teachings and the use of the Magdalene Ray of Light will help to open this recognition once again and generate the frequency outwards – to have the right individuals find you and bring forth your tribe of collaboration – once again!

When you are ready to be Cleared to the Core and break through to your Divine being – we are here for you! *********************************************************************
Mary Magdalene, in response to the above article:

“This is written quite well, indeed! And it is true that I came in and chose a path of bold determination. This path is truly the Magdalene lineage of moving forward without any interference and speaking and doing what has been given to one as a Path of Light. No matter how far, as you would say, “out of the box” it may seem, one must move forward. It is a vital key to listen specifically to the heart and hear what is of pure Light, always asking for divine, grounded guidance. The Crystalline Stellar Skulls have one such key, and that is precisely the opening of this sacred vessel: the heart. I came up against many obstacles and opinions of me and my actions, so honestly, in the present day on Earth, your moving forward and declaring a path of Light may seem much more accessible.

What is standing in your way, I might ask? What is standing in the course of these “Magdalenes”: many of the others who have chosen this path, or this line of thinking, namely ‘The Lineage”?

This is the time to take your stand, claim your power and speak your heart. Move on to this NOW! You have my support, encouragement, and backing. Feel me as just that! I have your back, and I am standing behind you, blessed ones. Choose NOW!”

With my cherished heart-light, Mary Magdalene

Voice of the Stellar Skulls, Metatron, and Mary Magdalene ~ through the heart of Crysta.

If you want to meet these dedicated, extraordinary, heart-filled beings of Light, they are waiting for you!                         


*The Heart of Creation* Cosmic Insights from a Crystalline Stellar Skull

By Terra Rae

Terra: When I was first introduced to the Crystalline Stellar Skulls, a fabulous being named Devin showed up within a week. I spoke to him for five years, gaining great understanding, insights, and awe-inspiring information about the Stellar Skulls, ancient civilizations, creations of Earth, and the Galactic Team. So, I go into many of these topics in my book*.

(Devin is the ninth-dimensional Overseer of the Group of 90 Game Engineers and one of the Counsel of Nine. He came for several years after receiving the first group of Stellar Skulls to assist with the multitude of questions I’ve had.)

Later, Crysta was introduced to the Stellar Skulls. We started working immediately with the Skull Tribe and what has become our family of Galactic beings. This info came in over a decade ago, yet it sounds like it was yesterday. I have held back on some of the cosmic downloads about the Stellar Skulls, and it is time to share their amazing insights and who they are.

Meeting *The Heart of Creation*

Skull: It is my pleasure to introduce my magnificent self to you, dear friends from long ago. We have been together from the beginning, and you might ask, “Which beginning?” This is before the creation of Earth as we know it now. We were mere travelers of the galaxy ~ often the Red Galaxy in the Red Universe. I came from the Third Eye of that Universe, so I have abilities to see far and wide. My other place of origin is from a very dark hole in the Universe here, the Time and Space Universe. I am happy to say I am an equal blend of masculine and feminine energy. It gives me balance, strength, compassion, love, and spirit through all projects I work with. Also, through all people and communities I am working with.

(Communities are families, work groups, religious and spiritual groups, political groups, cities, and countries. Some of us here on Earth are not even from this Universe, as we are from the origin Universes. The Stellar Skulls have been able to show and tell us much about these other Universes. This is timely since this information will help to create Terra Christa, the “New Earth.”)


Terra: You certainly do sparkle! (A burst of light was captured in this photo.)

Skull: I have begun to share my Heart Essence with you ~ thus, I sparkle and shine. You can call me *The Heart of Creation*, for I truly help with creating. I, like all other Skull Tribes, come to work with the divine heart and bring that forth into universal love and complete compassion. I smile a lot because I feel such great joy from the inside out, which I share with all who come in contact with me.

I have a vision of compassion for all creations of communities working together and being able to share a unified heart-vision. I strike a cord deep within those who see my photo, touch me, or are in an immediate vicinity of me. I can travel with ease as I have come from far away. Also, I did not have a carver, and was created with the essence and mighty heart energy of many magnificent beings (Galactic Team), which you are familiar with.

(The Galactic Team is who “Team Earth” works so closely with now. It consists of Metatron and the Archangelic Realm, Lady Master Nada, Kwan Yin, and the Crystalline Magdalene Lady and Ascended Masters, Yeshua,The Marys, Crystalline Skulls, Goddesses and Dragons, and the Galactic Federation of Loving Light.)


The Goddess Kwan Yin 

Terra: Was Kwan Yin one of them? (I had been calling her in a lot back then to gain a greater understanding of the Stellar Skulls.)

Skull: You mean a compassionate Goddess, helping to create another-like being? Yes, she was indeed one who helped me come forth from the far reaches of several Universes. She also gave me some of her heart- essence as a gift to support this proliferate forward into the future generations of creations which I will be helping with.

She is one smart Goddess! She has a magnificent heart, and you can experience it as you hold me and feel my essence touch your heart essence. It can come forth with a photo or a moving 360-degree video of me. You can send my energy with your heart, sound, and intention or with another skull beam.


Her Compassionate Heart Shines

Terra: It sounds like compassion is a big part of your purpose!

Skull: I have the supreme ability to touch the compassionate heart of those who have forgotten that aspect of themselves. This can almost make an individual melt. They may have put up so much armor and tried to be extremely brilliant on some levels, yet forgot their compassionate self. It is easy to forget when one moves into an ego-centric space. (We see many of these in the political arena right now!)  So I bring them back to center and remind them in a rather moving manner, so they are unable to choose the dark or choose the ego in their work or play.

Terra: A most needed gift! (Spin her Beams to these characters. The more the better!)

Skull: I also help those who need support to feel that they have an army or massive support of many behind them, so they can continue along their forthright path. It is easy for me to bring them back to center since I only see, feel and hear from the heart.

Terra: What was our original intention for Earth?

Skull: We had grand designs to make a completely heart-centered planet when we were together. We had the original plans of Terra Christa for Earth. I have these designs in my incredibly beautiful skull. So due to the cataclysmic events that took place then, we were unable to complete our mission for Earth. We can address this in more detail at another time. (Ask her to see some of this!)


For the future of Earth, I need help with the intention and heart of others to do the active work – as we have been doing here. I stayed deep in love and light, radiating my being, attracting you both to me. I was in another dimension until I was called here.

Terra: Is that how it is for all of the Stellar Skulls?

Skull: We have the ability to attract the right beings to us and can all work with the assistance of others.

Sacred Heart Communities

Skull: I can create sacred heart-space in communities where all feel as though they are one. It becomes magical for the communities to feel like they are one being and one heart. It is so much fun, and I jump for joy when my transcendence moves through one individual to another, like a special heart egg of light, spreading joy and bliss. What a gift am I am!

Terra: You certainly are, dear one! Did we know you in Uriger?

Skull: I was around before the creation of Uriger, and we played together.

(Uriger was a fabulous matriarchal, utopian society that started 850,000 years ago, till the fall of Atlantis, here on Earth. This was a 5D civilization that was sub-tropical in what is now Mongolia and the upper regions of China and Tibet. It is mentioned in Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, by Baird T. Spalding. This is where the masters took the group out into the Gobi Desert to dig way down through the sand to find the proof of the existence of the seven large cities of Uriger.)

Skull: I help those with an idea move forward to see the path clearly and attract the right support and people. Whether the support is financial or the people are yet to enter into their lives. So I assist in the transformation into creation. I came here because I felt your heart’s energy, and it serves the greater good to be part of the Skull Project. (Skull Project is the ongoing communication with the Crystalline Stellar Skulls for creation, preparing people and Gaia for Ascension, and the co-creation of Terra Christa.)I can be in a multitude of places at once ~ so it will serve all of the readers and seers. I can speed things up a great deal for them. People will feel the joy from my heart, and that will attract the needed energy for their willpower and their needed heart support. They can feel invincible and creative, so there is no stopping them from their true heart path. Other Skulls Here on Gaia

Skull:  My abilities expand the more I am put to use. As you can well imagine, that goes for the other Stellar Skulls as well. (They have become immensely expanded with our ongoing work.) 

Terra: It feels like all the other skulls here on the planet, the Yucatan and more recently carved, have been making way for these Crystalline Stellar Skull Tribes that are here now.

Skull: I have found that they have been initiators of the movement. They are great precursors for our incredible beings. They open hearts on a certain level, and that helps others be receptive to us. We could never say anything negative about another skull!

Terra: Do you know the Yucatan crystal skulls?

Skull: They are less talkative and have their own incredible beings within them. I do have a preference for our Crystalline Stellar Skull tribes. We communicated easily with one another in the Asian areas, and I have not had any lengthy discussions with other tribes from other places. So you can always introduce us! We have so much to do the way it is and are so delighted to be heard again that that is lower on our priority list.

Terra: Devin described the Yucatan tribe of skulls as bringing people into 5D. The Crystalline Stellar Skull Tribes are springboards from 5D into 7D, 9D, 11D, and beyond, bringing great understanding.

Skull: We all have extraordinary abilities and can introduce you to travel to other dimensions and the future.

Terra: Thank you for hearing the heart call and for all that you are!

Current Conversation

Skull: I continue to invite compassion over Gaia and into her heart as this expands to all living beings. I consider plants and animals living beings. With our full attention as a team of Crystalline Skulls, our team works daily to assist the planet. Thus when “Team Earth” invites us in for special assistance and galactic healings that come forth through an individual’s request. The 5D healing and clearing extend far beyond that incredible being who stepped up to be cleared. And we allow healing through the timelines, clearing out so much that it assists ancestral lines and even future generations.

So I have not been resting much, as you can well imagine! We are all excited as a team of crystalline beings when working with skulls, goddesses, or dragons. So we are searching the realms to oversee and contribute

as much as needed.

The requests and ignitions are present as we have assisted as many heart intentions as possible. Therefore, we help the ascended masters and the C-Team (Christed Ones – Yeshua and the Marys) to share their heart energies.

We also contribute to the Galactic Federation of Loving Light as their Team of Crystalline Stellar Skulls feels ‘the more the merrier.’ We all assure the safety of the light ships. So imagine, we do have a lot of job security.

(The GF was not working with Crystalline Stellar Skulls, Goddesses, and Dragons until we showed up and gave them some training. So they got it down now! What a team we are!)

And we are always open to assisting any individual looking to have their heart healed, their mind expanded, and wishing for a level of deep soul connection. It is all part of this fantastic matrix of loving light. Every heart counts! So what are you waiting for? Invite me in, and yes, you notice I spend a lot of my time discussing “us” as a “we.” As we unite our heart energies to contribute as much as possible.

Our intention and mission are peace, hope, and unity for the future. We are as one, as we see in our travels, how each heart and intention can affect and assist others. How are you choosing to contribute or participate?

We see it is time to state our travels and ability to regenerate and awaken. We do not have the editing this time as part of this sequence since this is a fine time to share the skills of what a Crystalline Team can do.

(Shoot some heart beams with her to Annie and Star Beacon to keep it and the writers safe, inspired, and strong.)

*Heart of Creation* through Crysta of “Team Earth.”




Light Rays

Who is Kokopelli?

Light and Dark Portals

By Terra Rae of Team Earth

Since most folks are feeling so much speeding up all around, I wanted to address some of our experiences with our work, with the Crystalline and Galactic Teams. Big, profound changes are happening that do indeed affect us all. Some hit the news, but most don’t – at least not so much of the positive changes before us. We keep our Crystalline and Galactic Teams quite busy with the Team Earth findings. We have been noticing and addressing very dark ideas that have been in place for millennia, which are now being removed, transformed, and obliterated. Doing this continues to raise the resonance of Gaia herself, which assists in all of our awakenings – as well as balancing the poles and changing the weather patterns in a good way, while transforming so much!

So much has been put in place over time to numb and control everyone. The dark nets, portals, curses, ceremonies, dark wizards and their minions, diseases, reptilians, controlling devices, destruction of the planet and all life upon Her, and so much more, are finally being removed. These are being released from in, on, and around Earth, the planets, moons, many stars, and the multiverse.

Are you asking, “How can I do my part?” You can begin by clearing your emotional body and your past-lives, and assisting Gaia in what brings you joy! Learn to love yourself more deeply, and love your family – since we are all family. Ground to the Heart of Gaia every day. Celebrate!

From the Commander (CW) of the Galactic Federation of Loving Light

CW: We have been clearing full-on for so long, especially with the galactic clearing work we are doing with our frequent Team Earth healings. So, know that the energy is coming in – filled with stardust and many multiverse energies – to assist in clearing out the flows of nefarious energy, and stop the interruption of the basic elements and harmonic frequencies. We are doing the planetary grounding, protecting, and transforming, as that is our mission, using the Heart of Gaia and Crystalline Energy to transmute – and to assist those light-workers looking for assistance and receiving enhanced levels of light.

Spotlighting the Dark

We are always looking to spotlight those who are on the dark side, who adulterate energies that were meant to be in flow or ease, love, cooperation – and this is on a societal level as well. We see the passion and love and compassion in so many, so these are those we look to protect, while we light up their pathways for the greatest of ease.

We work with different realms: the Inner Earth, Mer-communities (in our Oceans), and Galactic Beings, as we are seeking to create greater levels of inter-realm communication – as it was always meant to be.

Know that you can do your part (with protection, however) as in a loving, open-hearted being, and be that compassionate, caring, interconnected Light-Being, holding yourself responsible and knowing that what you do affects all of us in every realm.

As a cooperative team, with many of the Ascended Masters and members of the Archangelic Realm, we are all connecting to your hearts as you choose. So, this is a reminder to call in assistance when you need it, and to continue to strengthen yourselves with a spiritual team of Light.

You have so many abilities to create change from within – and using your hearts to communicate is key. Whether you are grounding or calling in light energies, or strengthening your heart connections with others, or sending energy out to assist those you resonate with, this is all heart-centered communication – and it is part of how you protect yourself physically and spiritually. Notice that we are the Galactic Federation ofLoving Light – and we see the whole cosmos,[1]  including our planets, as being heart-centered. So, you have your own set of tasks to do. Realizing that as you come forth from your heart, you also regenerate the heart of the elements, the elementals, Gaia herself, and the plants and animals. You are helping all of humanity, and far beyond! So you have your own tasks to be aware of – as you participate as conscious, loving beings.

More on Portals

CW: We are presently clearing out portals of light to make sure that the beings who wish to tap into a greater magnificence and resonance are in touch with the higher vibrations. These vibrations allow you to have more of your darkness, and other negative energies lifted. The portal is then fine-tuned so that you are free to send out as much heart energy as possible. This is the magnificent radiation of light that serves to alleviate the depression and disconnect that so many are feeling now. The other part of moving energies out, and allowing the flow of light in to serve as a connecting light, is that some of the newly opened portalsassist *Magdalenes to become aware of deep 5D clearing  (the process that we do with Team Earth), which would serve them. This will help assist the cosmic consciousness and our planet on one incredible scale.

Yes, we have assisted Gaia’s heart clearing, time and time again – as well as her energy centers, the Inner Earth Light Grid, and those healing rays from the newly opened portals of light which extend outward into the multiverse. We consistently notice how the axis is gently coming back and righting herself.

Terra Rae: Often in our clearing work, we track and scan galactic portals. I went into some of this briefly in Star Beacon’s April 2021 issue. Not only do we find these portals on and around Earth, and the Inner Earth, but on stars and planets as well. We have been finding a great many close to Earth and in the atmosphere lately. Quite a few are being used by the “dark hats” for their nefarious ideas and work, since they distort and disturb everything they can.

There are so-called spiritual groups that have been misled with the idea that portals should be open all over the place. The problem is – and there are many – that once a portal is created and opened, it can be used by the light OR the dark. Rarely is it closed, or taught how to be closed or protected. That should be a clue to you if you participate in this activity – to know who you are working with!

These portals need to be closed – and here’s why. Once the “dark hats” attach to a portal, or creates it with unsuspecting Light-Workers or people just messing around, it can bring forth all kinds of fifth-dimensional dark beings. These include what we call red-eyed meanies, who come in all shapes and sizes – and who torment, scare, run around your house and land, and hook onto your friends. They whisper all kinds of creepy things, to kids and teenagers particularly, yet lately many adults are experiencing them as well. They are constantly promoting the use of drugs, to keep them dumbed down. The more sensitive kids and young adults sometimes can see, feel, and hear them. This can really frighten the young ones!

One of our clients became concerned that her brilliant nine-year-old son started to get terrified at night and felt things – or beings – in his room once the lights went out. When we looked in, we saw several creepy, red-eyed beings around him, the house, and their land. Once we removed them, he totally relaxed and could sleep safely in his room again. Scanning further in other dimensions, we looked for an open portal in the area, and found it – and the Galactic Team successfully closed it.

Another client, a 15-year old girl who was alone in her house, could feel a presence next to her as she sat at the end of her mom’s bed. An indentation appeared, as though someone or something had sat right down on the bed next to her. She lived in a forested area and could sometimes see red eyes following her. This scared her, and she was afraid to even tell her family.

Thankfully, once we find these nasty beings, our Team can round them all up and remove them. These beings, along with other disturbing characters, can come through unsupervised portals.

Fantastic Light Portals!

There are extremely wondrous Light Portals being opened and amped up. They are flooding in all new high frequencies of Light and Stardust and more for the Ascension process, as more and more dark portals are being transmuted or closed. It is one of the specialties of the Commander.

CW: Portals at times need to be closed or opened, and we do not have one particular method that all of you are able to discern. We often make sure that the energies are safe and clear while pouring forth the incredible Light. We are always keeping up on our tasks, as there are different means to distort and attract Light Beings, whether the dark uses mirrors or chooses to change the portal of Light into something else. Just as Team Earth found an ancient portal with a provocative distortion that had not been detected. So the positive vibrations can only flow through and serve when you do connect to Gaia and her heart, and use your levels of protection we have mentioned before – which are ever so important. Giving newcomers instructions on how to use the energy of portals is too immense to give specifics about. 



CSS: We see that there are a lot of ways you can contribute, as you ask yourself how you can be of assistance for the greater good.

Doing personal healing, refining these techniques, noticing the difference in your reactions to others and to situations so that you feel and understand your progress, is ever so important. Not only that – knowing your boundaries, using your ability to stay diligent, grounding and protecting yourself as you go about your day – serves you also. Are you truthfully noticing the changes within as well as around you?

Are you doing the same processes over and over? Do you need assistance from in-depth healers and mentors so you can catapult your growth? As you serve yourself, becoming more Light-filled, this process assists those you interact with — and the greater good. This profoundly affects the hearts of many you touch. Self-growth is paramount at this special time!

CW: So, all of us have our times to assist with transforming ourselves and the energies around us. What are you waiting for? 

See you in the Cosmic Light,

Your Commander,


CW and CSS through Crysta of Team Earth

*Magdalenes – Here is a link to an article called  “Who Are the Magdalenes?”:



Crystalline Ray of Light for Anything Pandemic

By Terra Rae of  “Team Earth”

There is so much talk right now: “Should I, or shouldn’t I, get a vaccine?”

I hear many saying they do not want to be around anyone without a vaccine. And I also hear others saying they are getting “outgassed” by being around those with one!

People seem to be taking sides from a place of fear. Most people have not even researched what is in the vaccines that are being distributed now in their area. It’s possible to identify many different strains of the vaccines now from the number on the bottle.

It has also been stated that once you do receive one, there is nothing you can do about it, and yet many people are being told they need one to continue in their workplace. I have been working for a very long time using the high-frequency Crystalline Ray – along with the amazing Crystalline Teams of Light – to clear and transmute and then activate ourselves, others, and Gaia.

Anyone – including you – can call in this 5D energy of Light. Though most people don’t see it, many actually do! Many people will feel it. People have forgotten that it is from our will and clear intention, without fear, that can bring in these fabulous high frequencies. We as “Team Earth” have transmuted and cleared so many with the Violet Flame – individuals and large groups. We regularly focus on areas of Gaia and the Inner Earth, the waters, the plants, the animals, the children, and the elements. When refilled, we bring in different radiations of colors and light, and then back it all up with the fabulous Crystalline Ray. We as humans are beginning to vibrate in 5D, which is preparing us for Ascension – where we will fully vibrate in 5D and higher. We are meant to be crystalline beings!

I asked our teams of Crystalline Magdalene Lady Ascended Masters and Crystalline Stellar Teams to bring in their insights on this hot topic.

Interconnected Maps
Crystalline Magdalenes:
Right now we all want to be able to connect and stay strong, so the truth is that we create our own balance. And again, a lot of the information is creating fear! Opening ourselves up to being a test-rat of a community, receiving a vaccine or not, we have the power within us to change and affect what has been given to us. So the solution is to know that you will be able to create internal and external change if you wish, whether you have a vaccine, a virus, or not. It is all within your control, and this is part of the ability to ascend – which has not changed. It is the same path, no matter what happens.

Many leave it up to others, or to medicine, or to their spiritual practice. When, truth be told, it comes from within – accessing our beings, and the skills we have developed (and perfected) over lifetimes, and are still learning to access. Then we bring these abilities back on, and alive, with the different keys we receive when we ask for assistance and connect with our higher selves – and with spirit – giving us a constellation of light within us. This interconnected map ignites all of our Selves, on all levels, within our deep inner recesses of our hearts – opening our glands to universal light and source. So, it is an interconnected process, and it is not for anyone who is stuck in their ways!

Internal Balance

It goes back to your internal balance, and we can create a healing solution intertwining the elements as a sparkling ray of light to move through our systems. As each Being has their own divine construct, we can ask that our universal flow of light – and divine self – use this incredible knowledge to implement light tools.  We can then align the right places and amounts, which is going to regulate what has been done when the vaccine has been received. Do we look at each creation that the medical system has “done?” No! We work globally with the Crystalline Light Grid and use a Crystalline Light Medicineshall we say.

Terra: Haven’t different strains of vaccines had so many different things put into them?                                                                                                                CSS: This would be the absolute truth, and the magnetic field of each different vaccine changes the auric field of an individual. Yes, you can bless, heal and transform them, and see them come in as light, before you receive a vaccine.

To assist before receiving a vaccine, or even a COVID-19 test, strengthen your auric field. In other words, make sure your immune system is strong, and do any techniques of balancing and protection that you practice. For this, make sure you are hydrated, exercised, and rested. We use Merkabas to uplift and balance chakras – so make it a ceremony!

Aurora: In an interview with David Icke, a woman mentions that if we take the vaccine, we are losing our souls? I am not getting this!

Crystalline Magdalenes: Again, this is fear. We are in charge of our personal programs and our souls. This is part of our true ability to help planetary consciousness, raising the level of the light grids and making sure that it is open to possibilities for so many others.

Have You Received a Vaccine, or Have You Had COVID-19?

CSS: And if you have received a vaccine already – do this double. So in other words, practice extreme healing and self-care – radically – over the following weeks. People who have had COVID-19 will have ‘stuff’ to neutralize as well.

We suggest you refrain from overexertion and be conscious of your moves – as in truly being aware of how you feel, and being in touch with your emotions, so that you are not set off in one way or another. Use your day, your breath, your awareness as a conscious practice, and be present with yourself.

You may need to clear out your chakras, and also clear and protect yourself and others before meditations. Do some breathwork. Ground and call in your (completely confirmed) guides, and then do your grounding practices. Make certain you are fully connecting to Gaia’s precious heart, and use your own techniques of clearing your energy. We often use a Violet Flame technique. We also find that the Crystalline Light serves to clear out bodies, minds, and spirits – and this is something to call in, even before any of the medicines are received. Do a clearing on the space where you are receiving the vaccines, should you decide that this is your course of action. As with any release, refill your light bodies so you can ground yourself fully. Then energize the vaccine before you receive it.

Using Your Protocol
Crystalline Magdalenes:
For those who are planning to receive a vaccine, or considering this, we use our magical crystalline tools with Clearing to the Core, along with meditation, protection and grounding, to keep us fortified, resilient, strong, connected to spirit, and anchored in love and harmony. All of this fortification is true to nature. So using all of this – plus inviting in our Crystalline Light to open up your DNA strands for pure healing energy – helps to keep us connected to Earth and our ancestral strains. For this is how we keep the integrity of our lines of energy connected to the light grids. As you can imagine, this is a state of mind, heart, and spirit; and it also uses your abilities to keep you blessed with your digestive system “on.” Releasing the stress of the day is part of your protocol that keeps you functioning at an optimum level. As we know, “As above, so below.” Using the energy of this magnificent, universal healing grid of light, and the original multiverse energy, the Crystalline Ray (along with becoming the conscious being that we are meant to be) is part of your process of keeping your inner and outer selves strong. If your question is “How do I keep my body blessed, and able to tolerate all of the input that scientists are deeming ‘certain’?” It will help you to know that your own heart and mind will keep you strong. And the fear is something to be released. This is of the utmost importance!

Opening yourselves, and your cells, to receiving these light and energy healings, helps you retain the integrity of your brain and immune function – and this is key! We have just that –- we have the keys –- with our intention and focused abilities, to be a part of our own personal process to live a long healthy life. And as we know, our ancestors made it through so much. We have all of these strengths still within us, to be stronger than what is being thrown at us. Focus on your ability to live and thrive. Now we know we have all of the developed focus –and so much more – to continue to thrive.

We often get in our own way when we doubt ourselves. That is a huge block for many to overcome. And yes, it does take the support of others to reassure us of our innate abilities, and to show us that we can develop and go much further. Make sure to reach out to others for support and assistance when you need it.

Do Clearing on the Space Where You Receive Your Vaccine(s)

CSS: You can even meditate on it ahead of time. Ask the Angelic and Crystalline Teams to clear you. They are always around, and they free the energy from those who have come before. Not all of the people near you are feeling grounded. They may not be conscious of this, or they may be psychologically or physically ill. Their fear or energy can remain in the space.

All of us are powerful beings of light – and we are energy. Healing our auric fields and ourselves using the brilliant Crystalline Light, and moving it through, does create harmonic resonance in alignment with the cosmic light – and with the energy of Gaia as well. So this is how we are using the elements. We even see Gaia spiraling all of the precious elements into a beautiful, spiraling light that we use in the Crystalline Light as well. There is a complete balance of elements and light in the Crystalline Ray. And then the Universal Light comes forth with ancient and future energy. So know that this is how we infuse ourselves with the glowing harmonic light. It does sparkle – and it can even be rather phosphorescent!

Transforming the Altered Energies

Terra: Can we transmute the negative responses from vaccines?

CSS: We see that you can still transform that altered energy. So, using your protection, and your essential oils, will help you in this process. Again, this is your auric field, which brings into your cells the information that consists of your cellular vibration from others. It’s reminder that all of it is energy. (The auric field is magnetic, and it can bring in other low or distorted energy frequencies, along with bacteria, viruses, other infections, and dis-ease before it moves into the physical body. All of this can be cleared out.)

You are also able to transform the space you are working in. If you are working in person with healers or massage professionals – or if you are in a household with a mix of those who have received the vaccination and those who have not – you can use potent air purifiers to help. For all of these, you can use your own personal protection and clearing.

It does take time and awareness – and as with any new practices, you may have to schedule it, rather than looking at your day as a spontaneous movement of energy. You must become aware of where you are going, what you are receiving, and how you wish to interact, as so much of it is about protection, grounding and clearing.

Protecting You and Your Space

Terra: Many of our clients, and our friends, do massage and healing work. For them, we recommend the use of pure, therapeutic-grade, essential oils. When you undertake this type of practice, the high frequency will raise both your and the clients’ frequency, and also set up an anti-viral shield. Use sprays with oils – on and around the body and auric field of the practitioner – as well as in the workspace. If the client is willing to be sprayed before and after, it will actually calm them. And if their auric field is frenetic – which sometimes happens if they have had a vaccine – it can calm down.

The Crystalline Ray and Violet Flame

If you are working in an office, a restaurant, a shop, or anywhere that people are coming and going, you can call in the incredible transmuting, transformative Violet Flame from the Heart of Gaia. Clear out the space before you start work, and also at the end of the day. It only takes a moment to visualize a cool violet and purple flame flickering in gold, coming from the heart of Gaia. It transmutes, and clears out any space, as well as the people in it. See it moving up in a counter-clockwise spiral right up from the center of the Earth. Ask to have it clear out any unwanted or lower-frequency energy or vibrations, and it will. If you need a super-clearing of an area – or yourself – call forth the Crystalline Stellar Team. They will come in, and their crystalline energies will clear out even more – since they can see everything.

This is a great opportunity for you to call in the Crystalline Ray. Create a bubble of Crystalline Light around yourself. Put one around your workspace, and amp it up each time you are there. Send one around the hospital, grocery store, or gas station before you arrive. Use the Crystalline bubbles around yourself. A lot!

The Crystalline Ray and Violet Flame come from the fifth dimension and higher, and they shower right in with your intention and words. Speak it out loud when you can, and breathe deeply. The extremely high frequency of the Crystalline Light can be seen or imagined as sparkling blues of every shade, and of whites that look like fairy dust with different color sparkles. It shimmers with platinum as it moves. It will swirl, shower, and spin in a clockwise spiral as it shimmers in from above. Other high-frequency colors may be called in with the Crystalline Ray for opening, grounding, awakening, and dancing around and through you and others in your space. Magentas, golds, and azure are also good add-ons.

One of our clients started to get nosebleeds while working on massage clients, and she was concerned she might be picking up something from the clients, since she too could feel the intense energies in their auric fields. So I asked about this, and about what she needed.

CSS: Put up a protective shield for not ever getting the illness. For Light-workers – or those who are involved in coaching, counseling, or healing practices – clear out your energy before and after each client. Shaking out your body, and clearing your chakras, are fine practices. Revving up your immune-strengthening and hydration programs are also important. So – be sure to use more of all of these tools!

Crystalline Team through Crysta

What’s Up and Coming

Best-Kept Secrets — Revealed

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

Are you working the Light? I know you are working, writing, teaching, healing others – yet are you using any Light-protection? I’ve addressed this several times, and now is a critical time – like never before! And, using the Light is Free! Are you calling in Ascended Masters to assist you and your work? They have ascended because they mastered this Earth dance, and are available to assist if they are called in. Call them in! Remember, just because you may not see them, or the layers of Light, does not mean they are not there helping.

Then, qualify who shows up.There are quite a few nefarious tricksters right now! Using discernment and being diligent with your protection and grounding to the Heart of Gaia – with your practices, meditations, healing and transformational work for yourself and others – is of the utmost importance. Using protection is at the top of the list.

The Crystalline Team of Stellar Skulls, Stellar Goddesses and Stellar Dragons has returned here, both on and around Earth, to help pull us through to Ascension. They are in my reality because I asked to have the tools to assist multitudes to awaken, clear, heal, protect, shield and be safe – in, on and around the Earth, Galaxy and beyond. They heard my call and the Crystalline Teams showed up!

The Crystalline Team and Galactic Federation of Loving Light (GF) has asked me to give you more insights, since they can see on multiple levels, how so many are getting “hit” by the dark wizards. They are able to look into the dark dimensions as well, which we don’t recommend you do. Did you know that if you are looking into, or do remote viewing, and are seeing a dark situation, or character, or reptilian crew, that they can look right back at you? Not kidding!

The Crystalline Teams of sentient beings work from “More dimensions than we could possibly fathom.” What a gift! They come to assist when called in. Crystalline Stellar Skulls (not the Crystal Skulls) are from the Angelic Realm. They can be in many places at once, just like Archangels Metatron and Michael, as well as the Ascended Masters.

Everybody mentioned here works from the Fifth Dimension of Light and higher, which most people cannot see into. “Team Earth” and I work from these dimensions. Yet, this is where you go when you meditate, as well as in the dreamtime.
Why is this important at this time? I will now share some situations, incidents and truths that we have not revealed before. People need to understand some of the magnitude of what is going on at this time on Earth and in the Galaxy – particularly, those of the Light. That’s you – right?

Your Juicy Light

Many times when “Team Earth” is working, we are able to track big, dark situations, and retrieve fragments, Soul Essences and Heart-Lights of multitudes of beings. Metatron will then multi-plicate the Angelic Realm to assist, and take the tortured fragments, spirits and Juicy Lights of beings retrieved to safety. They are then cleaned, cleared, healed and re-calibrated to return to their 3D being. We have sent endless amounts of your Juicy Light back to you! It’s your brilliance that was stolen, in this life and throughout time. Soul Essences are colorful little Lights, sucked out of your chakras. When these are taken, you are still alive, but there is less of you! You get one Heart-light in each incarnation, which is quite sought after. A Soul-Spirit, which is also a great prize to the dark wizards, is sometimes taken at death, especially if one of them has killed you. They keep it well hidden.

Best-Kept Secret on Earth

It’s what the dark-hats feed on! A Soul Spirit is big and needs to be brought in personally; since it is usually taken directly from a wizard in another life, it has to be retrieved. We can work with groups as well. And it’s a big part of you! Stealing all this Juicy Light – like your Soul Essences and Heart-light – is the best-kept secret on Earth!

Doesn’t it make sense, then, that the dark gets its strength from the Light-workers? And they’re always looking for the Magdalenes, since they themselves are not connected to the Light? They are the ultimate insatiable vampires.

Now you can understand why I am so adamant about protection.

And how do these nefarious ones get our Juicy Light, you might ask?
Ready to hear this? Stop here if you are not.


The dreamtime is a big one, since the dark often works in the fourth dimension. It’s why many of you are having creepy dreams. And active meditators without protection are getting sick a lot. Many of you are being taken at night to a dark ship to be examined, have DNA removed and be marked with even more devices. Some of these devices light up when they are near. They fly by and sweep you up out of the fourth dimension dreamtime. Some unsuspecting Light-workers will awaken on these journeys and have to be put under again. This can make people crazy. You wonder why mental illness is on the rise and institutions are loaded. Friends and family members who seem to be fine can change overnight.

How did these reptilians get in? Our government cut a deal in 1955 that the reptilians could come in and harvest DNA from humans for a short time, with full reporting back to the government, in exchange for anti-gravity technology. The President thought they were from off-planet. Many were from very old underground bases here in the Earth. Reptilians always lie, and never hold up their end of a deal. This hasn’t stopped since then, and they have never reported back to anyone. Many of the underground installations, or bases, now closed, are the ones you may have been hearing about. The White-hats and GF have been doing an amazing job with destroying, closing and rescuing, with many arrests. The GF has also been working way overtime to close portals and put Light-nets around certain areas – and the whole planet. Just recently they netted the entire Solar System. Imagine that! The GF are such heroes!


Many Earth-workers are doing the practice of creating and opening portals. Rarely are they closed, or have protection put up at the entrance. Did you know that when a portal is opened, the Light can be called in to amplify an area? Well, guess what, if you don’t know what you are doing, the dark ones can use these portals too, and they come right through.

They are bringing in 5D of dark AIs (Artificial Intelligence) to leave in unsuspecting areas. They always have programming to tag certain groups or types, especially the bright ones, the kids and young people. Some of the kids are able to see these, or feel them, and it scares the crap out of them. Parents rarely understand! Sometimes the kids are afraid to go to sleep. When these “meanies” are cleared out, they relax. Call in the Crystalline Team and Archangels for help.“Team Earth” can also assist.

The music and film industry are being used in a big way by some of the beings that have a dark contract. These characters and the ones standing behind them all want your Juice, as I call it. They can use distorted and sometimes unheard sounds, gases, mirrors, dark nets you don’t see, symbols and more – to pull out your juicy light, unbeknownst to you. Watch for those dark ones. Some are very popular, with a big fan base. You might even be shocked at some, since they sure don’t want to be discovered. They’re rich, famous, usually good looking, and gathering your Juice is their payoff.

Gurus and Spiritual Healers

I just have to mention the Gurus. Not all, but many!
“Oh, but I love my Guru,” you say. We hear it all the time, until we take a closer look at just how they are sucking you dry. Have you ever hugged one of them and felt a big rush? That was more than likely your Soul Essences and possibly your Heart-light getting sucked right out of you and your light body. It’s why they want you to wear mala beads and have pictures of them around. If they put a piece of them into the mala, which most do, such as a clip of a cuticle or nail, they can enter right into your aura to suck off even more at any time. They go into your dreamtime as well, for even more programming. Oh, and they come back life after life to call you in. I recommend you do some past-life clearing and call them in to remove what was left in you, and dissolve any contracts. This will be very revealing, I guarantee it! And do use protection.

Some Spiritual Teachers are able to call in many unsuspecting seekers. They know how to bring in the big Lights – possibly like you! Then they have a whole juicy playground to dance in. This is more common than you may think or know!


Set up Merkabas around you. Put one up around your house, your family, your pets, your friends, your computer and anything else you can think of! You can actually do buildings – like schools, gathering places and even your whole town. Get creative and daring. Wield the Light! Send in different clockwise streams of colors, flavors, essences from the top down, and watch and feel what happens. Once it is up it is there, unless it is not fortified on occasion. Amp it up every day – when you awaken, in the shower, on your walks, before bed – at least twice a day. Affirm that your kids’ and other Merkabas, are also being fortified at the same time. Use the Violet Flame counter-clockwise up from the heart of Gaia to burn through, sticky, goopy, toxic, detrimental energies. It can’t remove the negative devices, but it will calm the system for the programming and spewing of the goop, cords, creatures and more.
For example, put a Merkaba up around the StarBeacon.

“Oh, but I worked with so and so and have a Merkaba,” you say.
I recommend you ask Metatron, St. Germain, Merlin or Michael to dissolve it, or pull it off and start over. Why? Well, there has been some big-time tampering with most of these put up by a spiritual teacher, actually a couple of them, that are very detrimental. You want your Merkaba, not theirs.

Did you know that when you were first created, you had a Merkaba of powerful Light? It was for your enhancement, so you could travel around to almost anywhere, and stay fortified for your safety and protection. Also to open your creativity to assist in the co-creation of this Universe, and advance your skills. Well, they were all stolen by the dark nefarious ones – what a surprise!


When you meditate, you move right through the 4th dimension to the 5th. I unfortunately hear so many teachers and meditators take themselves and groups into 4D. Skip it, since the dark has taken over quite a bit of it, which makes you a juicy target. Go right to 5D after you amp up your Merkaba. Once it is up, it becomes a beautiful, sparkling golden egg of Light, 22 feet out in all directions, repelling the dark all the way. If you meditate quite a lot without protection, you are open to be attacked by everything imaginable. Some people will get sick and drained.

Golden Cylinder of Light

You can also use a Golden Cylinder of Light, around yourself and your clients, going several feet below the Earth. Or put a Golden Egg of Light that is closer to the physical body. These can also be inside a Merkaba. Have one of the above-mentioned Team or your guides assist in this. Fill these with the Green Ray for Healing, the Golden Ray to ground and stay sharp, the Pink Ray for the Heart and cellular activations, and when you’re finished with your work, fill them back up with some of these powerful Lights, including the Violet Flame. This burns off what was released, and seals the etheric body where you have removed something. Top off your session by bringing in the sparkling Crystalline Ray and fill the whole body and Light Body. It will activate the cells for more opening and healing, and it does get one very high. Have it set up with your off-planet Team that you receive the Light activations at the same time.

Dark Egg-Shaped Nets Hitting Our Healers

One of our clients, who has done tremendous clearing, showed up with a dark, egg-shaped net wrapped completely around her. She could feel it, and she felt that one of her other healers may have had something to do with it. She also felt dark energies around three other online healers, with meditation practices, that she had been working with. We tracked these nets and saw that the women she had been practicing and meditating with were actually of the Light, and that all had recently been “hit” with these net bubbles, to pull Soul Essences, Heart-Lights and any juicy bits the dark could retrieve, from the practitioners and their clients, and anyone else they were around. None of them were using any protection. This drains the recipient, their Immune System and their frequency.

When we looked in at the first healer, we saw that she had opened a dark portal while exploring another dimension she had no business looking into.

She then got “hit” big time, which activated many of the devices she already had. All of her clients were also now getting “hit.”

Setting Up Merkabas With the Crystalline Stellar Skulls

The Crystalline Team can always help, as well as the Crystalline Lady lady ascended masters,Ascended Masters, if called in. I put Merkaba techniques at the back of my book, “Crystalline Stellar Skulls — Who are they Really?” And it’s on our website:

Since we put up quite a few Merkabas, we Shoot Beams (of Light) with the Stellar Skulls. We spin clockwise on the head or picture of a Stellar Skull. Left hand over the eyes 1-2-3 and shoot both hands out with a sound, like paaaaaa. They travel faster with a sound. You can actually do this off the cover of my book, as well as printing a Stellar Skull from the website to use. I have seen some people, who are very active Beam Shooters, laminate the pictures. Do 6 Beams to bring in the first pyramid, and 6 for the second, and 6 to spin them 22 feet out around you. Be sure to call in their name and have fun!

Affirm that you become invisible to the dark, to their “runners” (those that are sent in), and that you no longer are an open target to them. Invite the Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Goddesses into your Merkaba if you feel you have been tampered with, or are being attacked. Put up mirrors on the outside to repel even more.

Herbs and Oils

Eat herbs and tinctures in and on your food and drinks – lots of them.

Did you know that there are some pure Essential Oils, such as Young Living Oils, that remove viruses and bacteria, and can create a shield to them? They possess the highest-known natural frequency on the planet. There are oils that can move blocks from your emotional bodies. They work both in the physical and the Light-bodies. You can spray them all around your auric field, in your masks, around the house and in your car, and diffuse the different fragrances to open and uplift yourself and your space. We use essential oils in all of our work, since they can effectively be sprayed or applied on a 5D body. Certain Essential Oils will open your glands and enhance your psychic abilities as well. The dark ones hate them. We wouldn’t work without them!

Stay positive and remember: no matter how small the act, kindness can open hearts and make huge changes!

Contact us for more info, if you need help with any of the above information. We at “Team Earth” are Young Living Distributors.

Opening and Clearing the Heart