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Disturbing EMFs ~ Gone? – SkullTalk

Disturbing EMFs ~ Gone? By Terra Rae of “Team Earth It was about a week after Suzy had finished the last round of Crystalline Clearing and Healing with “Team Earth” and the Crystalline Stellar Skulls. She had been suffering greatly with EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequency) sensitivity. She worked on the computer set way back on her […]

Bobcat Blog – #SkullTalk

The Fairy Realm and the Inner Earth – #SkullTalk

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth” Here is a wonderful treasure you may want to get to know, since she can create a portal to the Fairy Realm and the Inner Earth. When folks are introduced to the Crystalline Stellar Skulls, I like to prepare them with the idea that the Stellar Skulls may show […]

A Clamor of Bobbing Crystalline Stellar Skulls – SkullTalk

Falcon or Merlin Visit? – SkullTalk

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”


Falcon flies right in!

Falcon flies right in!

Belinda and I were working on the photos for my up-and-coming “Crystalline Stellar Skulls” book, and she spotted a few shots of a large bird, in the mix. “Is that a hawk,” she asked?

“No, it’s a falcon,” I replied.

“I didn’t know there were falcons here, and I’ve lived here my whole life,” she stated rather surprised. “You’re sure that’s not a hawk?” she inquired.

“No, it’s a falcon. See how he has a long straight tail with subtle stripes. Notice the flat head, and smaller curved beak. I see them out on the greenbelt sometimes, when I am out walking.”

“That’s very cool, and I can’t believe I have never seen one here!” she said studying the bird.

“What’s really cool is, that it’s Merlin paying me a visit! He can jump into a carrion if it is a brilliant and fortified bird. The falcon is his favorite, since it can turn on a dime, and possibly ‘see’ like no other,” I shared.

“Really ~ interesting!” she glanced at me as we went back to work.

Not even five minutes later, she said in a quiet and quick statement,

“A big bird just flew into your yard!”

We both turned quickly and looked straight out the large window, and not ten feet away, right on a branch straight in front of us, was a beautiful falcon. We watched for ten to fifteen minutes and he seemed quite comfortable scouting the yard for prey, and sometimes he would look over at us watching him. My camera was right there on the desk, so I was able to fire off a few good shots of him. Since there was a hummingbird feeder very close to him, and I didn’t want him picking off the hummers, I decided to call in the Stellar Skulls and asked if they would go stir up a mouse for him.

In less than a minute, the falcon swooped around the yard, showing us how he could maneuver and landed on the wall. He took a quick look around, and swooped down into the gravel driveway snatching up a mouse. We both watched, and Belinda was just about speechless.

“Thanks for checking in Merlin!” I said as I went back to work on a Stellar Skull photo.

“I could actually hear someone tell me to ‘turn around’, since my back was to the window, so I could see him fly onto the branch,” she stated as she went back to her workspace.

“Do you think it was Merlin ~ or the Skullies?”
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Boom! – #SkullTalk with the #CrystallineStellarSkulls

christ-of-the-abyss-0402by Terra Rae

As I am working on the last chapter of “The Crystalline Stellar Skulls ~ Who Are They Really?” I was still a bit perplexed at some of the content of my writing, since this is all new information. My writing will push a lot of buttons, not that I actually mind pushing buttons, since this is all about taking the reader deep within their heart for the answers.

As I was proofreading out loud, I asked if certain passages were all right to include? Once I posed the question, I heard a low rumbling thunder not too far away.

“I’ll take that as a ‘Yes!’ ~ thank you!”

Continuing on, I decided to keep asking about certain provocative passages in the book. Each time I did, the thunder ‘boomed’. It got closer and louder with each question, which just delighted me with the idea of receiving confirmation.

“All-right then, I am indeed including these very thought-provoking ideas and concepts, which I feel have been well-written!” I stated loud and firm.
Right then, an extraordinary ‘BOOM’ exploded over the house, shaking everything! My windows are from floor to ceiling, with an expansive view, and a bolt of lightning cracked right over my three-foot adobe wall, around twenty-five feet away. Sizzling!

“OK, I got it! I am it! I’m doing it! Don’t hit the house! Skullies, block the lightning from the house.” I yelled, as I immediately pulled the plug from Maggie the MacBook. Feeling rather fired up, I felt the strong knowing that I am truly fulfilling my agreement with the Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Galactic Team ~ and writing a great book!

There was a deluge of rain for a couple of minutes, that felt like a baptism, and then all was gone, and the skies were clear.

To order the “The Crystalline Stellar Skulls ~ Who Are They Really?” visit:


A #CrystallineStellarSkull Gets a New Home – #SkullTalk


*Cherished One* Crystalline Stellar Skull

By Terra Rae

When Page was cleared by “Team Earth” she knew she wanted a Crystalline Stellar Skull of her own to work and play with. They were only made available when one is fully ” cleared.” “Cleared” means cleared of the devices and implants that everyone seems to be pretty loaded with.

So, Terra pulled a few of the “Ancient Ones” or Stellar Skulls from the Tribe to see which ones raised their hands to be a good fit for Page to choose from. A beautiful red and golden Skull named *Divine Spirit of Light* moved right in to Page’s home and with her family for this adventure with Page. A couple of weeks later Page was on the phone with Terra Rae. Page was giving a bit of info about her experience with her new skull so far.

Terra shared this with Aurora, and Crysta, the ”Team Earth” girls, telling her that Page would bring the Skull from room to room and was always talking to her, and felt she heard nothing in return. The other day she got frustrated and yelled at her new Stellar Skull.

Terra said, *Miss Divine* must be laughing her noggin ‘ off at her.
Aurora jumped right in and with hearing *Miss Divine* saying “Yes, I am having a good laugh, and Page is really quite funny when she gets angry. I am talking to her all of the time, and she just doesn’t know it yet. She is actually repeating some of what I have shared with her. She needs ear candling, she said, with a chuckle. Tell her I love her!”
Terra happily said, “I will tell her again to use the Stellar pendulum I gave her, while speaking with you.”
“Good idea!” said *Divine Spirit of Light.*

When a Stellar Skull is purchased, a “Guardian of the Stellar Skull” doc is sent to be signed, with the agreement that the Guardian is to oversee this incredible Being: puts the Stellar Skull in a will, passes them to an appropriate person or returns the Stellar Skull to “Team Earth.”
Crysta said, “She’ll eventually start to hear her skull. It’s like owning a parrot that outlives you, and you have to have it in a will.”

Terra chirped in with, “Well, with the idea of Ascension and First Contact ~ The Welcoming ~ happening in our lives, she may be one that reverses the aging process to stay and co-create the New Earth – Terra Christa ~ and with the Crystalline Stellar Skulls.
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Your Parents Named You #StellarSkulls? – #SkullTalk

by Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

Jumping into her red Mustang, Terra Rae flew into town to pick up the mail, so as not to have to go to town the next day, in case her meeting with Aurora got extended. She found that Annie sent an early check to the PO Box, and there was just enough time to boogie to the drive-thru at the bank.

She likes pulling up to the window to remind the older Spanish woman that she looked good today in her latest necklace, which she so proudly adorned. She was surprised to see a cheerful fellow with a red beard and glasses behind the window. She wrote out the deposit slip in record speed, for her business account.

Sliding it through the little window, she informed the new teller that she didn’t have her account number with her.

“No problem, if it’s just a deposit, I can look it up for you,” and he slipped out of sight. She noticed that the other teller had already left.A minute or two passed, and he yelled back to her from the side, “Hey, wait a minute, what’s your name?” sounding perplexed.

She yelled her name at the window, and decided to spell it, since he wasn’t in sight. She could hear him laughing as he appeared at the window with the deposit slip.

“I was looking up ‘Stellar Skulls’ in a personal account, and thought, ‘Wow, who would name their daughter Stellar Skulls?  I thought, oh my gosh, you must have the coolest parents on the whole planet! I really thought Stellar Skulls was your name!”

She had such a shocked look on her face as he slid the slip through the window, and then burst into a roar of laughter, and he did the same.

She could hardly contain herself, caught her breath, and replied, “I can you really thought that! This was worth driving all the way into town for, and racing over here, just to catch you!”

He choked out through the laughter, “I really thought Stellar Skulls was your name!”

Great way to start the weekend, she thought! On the drive home, still giggling, she thought of a guy coming to her folks house and asking her dad, “Hi Mr. Skulls, I’m here to pick up you daughter, Stellar!”