Who are the Magdalenes?

Grounding the LightWho Are the Magdalenes?
by Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

Maybe you are one! This writing may strike a chord deep within your heart and soul. It surely will raise a lot of questions, and this is always good. In the past few decades I have had many clients come to me that either thought they were Magdalene, or had been told this by others.

It’s time to get this clarified. I found these folks to be confused, since they then thought they were Mary Magdalene, from 2000 years ago. 

As we grew up, and many of us were going to different churches, they would teach that Mary Magdalene was a whore and a harlot. How convenient of the “Dark Side” to alter the Bible so many times, removing any of the Magdalene and female teachings, making Mary to be weak and in need of great repentance, with Mary Magdalene being the bad girl. Read more

Time Travel Can Heal and Release Emotions

Time Travel Can Heal and Release Emotions

                                                                                  Stellar Skulls Changing Timelines
                     By Terra Rae and the Crystalline Stellar Skulls
*Great Blue Expanse* (#52G) ~ through Crysta

For the past several years, Terra Rae and Crysta have been working with a tribe of amazing crystal (crystalline) skulls. Crysta also receives messages from each skull directly. Terra and Crysta say that the skulls have worked together with humanity in many past civilizations, and they refuse to work with dark forces in any manner. Terra and Crysta offer Crystalline Stellar Skull Readings under OPEN EXCHANGE’s Spirit & Soul category.

Rising out of the past and lower octave 3D reality.

Exploring Past-lives

Exploring Past-lives

I see Timelines as going to the core of a time, place, event or situation that had a great impact on an individual, a community, a civilization or possibly the whole planet. Here’s an example: Perhaps Bill had an occurrence in a past life which left him wounded or imprinted in a way that is still running his life right now. His recurring injury in his left knee is still nagging him from the unresolved issue.

Thousands of years ago, Read more

Using The Stellar Glyphs For Positive Change For You And The Planet

Using The Stellar Glyphs For Positive Change For You And The Planet

 By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

with the Crystalline Stellar Skulls through Crysta

The Crystalline Stellar Skull Tribe is a group of crystalline skulls that have come into 3D at this time to assist, serve, teach

Glyph= "Moon Water"

Works with Moon, Water and Sun.

and awaken all who are open to their wonderful gifts. These amazing heart-centered beings of light in this particular tribe, have many skulls with different glyphs, raised in relief on their noggins. You can activate a glyph just by drawing or copying it. You can print one and hang it up, rub your hand over a photo, just hold one, or lay one on your body. You can even put one on a map to energize that specific energy over a huge area, with your heartfelt intention. It helps to call in *Voice of the Water Element*, the skull that carries this blessed glyph, “Moon Water”, on her noggin.

Since they are a 7th dimensional language of light, Read more