Interesting Past Lives from our Stellar

                  “Clearing to the Core” Work

              Activating the Galactic Grids

We wish to express Gratitude for all of the amazing individuals who have asked for assistance with clearing Past Lives. Gaia has emphatically expressed her gratitude as well! Imagine that!

Every one of you reading this has benefited greatly from Spiritual Warriors stepping up, because of the magnitude of the clearing we were able to do. This has profound effects through time-lines and the Grids of Light.

Here are a few to contemplate!

** Women of Avalon in England were able to open a portal in their ceremonies, and the Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Ascended Masters could come right through into the physical.

** Several people have accessed themselves as Mer-People from long ago. We were then able to free many of them who had been held captive for eons. Mermaids and Mermen are re-establishing new communities, after the clearing work that we did, of opening and exploring a past life.

Thanks to the initiative to clear themselves, their wounds and others, it has given them greater clarity and a raised frequency. With our assistance, these people have been able to see, reopen and activate magical skills.

Did you know that our work with accessing and clearing many past lives has assisted the Galactic Team – the Inner Earth Team, Merlin, St Germaine, the C Team, and others – in many ways? Through this work, they were all able to regain parts of themselves, as well as their sacred tools, which had been taken.

When these miraculous and potent guides were assisted in this galactic manner, other Light Workers, who also call in these Ascended Masters, received greater magnification and assistance when calling them in. This is one manner in which multitudes are affected – the glorious trickle-down effect!

Clearing places in the galaxy – inside Gaia, her heart Spirit and Soul, as well as many Animal Nations – are some of the vast benefits from this delving deep into this truly Inner Core exploration. When you notice yourself feeling hopeless or depressed because of world events, this is one manner in which you can contribute to great change – and learn so much about yourself as well.

** During our device and implant removal, one great gal discovered that an aspect of her was Amelia Earhart. Amelia kept showing up while we worked, so we called her forth! She was eager to share what had happened to her when her plane went down into the ocean. A galactic Light Ship actually pulled her right out of the plane (with her co-pilot still in it) before it crashed! She revealed quite a bit to us, and she was so delighted that her aspect was getting cleared (which affected her as well!)

** One woman saw herself lead a crew of brilliant pyramid builders from their home base on Neptune. They built the first pyramid in Teotihuacan, Mexico. She actively described how the pyramids were connected to those in Egypt, and to other pyramids on the planet at that time, and even how they could be reactivated as a powerful grid once again.

** As we did our extraction work, we have discovered “Ancient Keys” hidden on an individual that we discovered were portal openers. We have also been led to other hidden objects that have changed so much for the light and evolution of Earth. These people had created the portals at the beginning of the Universe, for this time right now. This is some of the light that you are feeling, which can be at times uncomfortable and sometimes exhilarating. The Galactic Team has put in filters and other means to diffuse the energy that is pouring onto Earth – right now.

All of us have danced in the dark, so we can now experience duality and the Polarity Game. Many are afraid to look at these lives, since some were seduced by the dark power and stayed with the dark for a long time. It takes great courage to look at where those individuals took power and control over others.

We find these can be the most powerful Past Life clearings. Regaining awareness and various pockets of information sets people on new platforms for freedom, liberation and great expansion. This includes freedom from: regret, self-loathing, guilt, repeating negative patterns, fear of success, fear of failure, even ego power plays, to name a few.

** While we were working together, Fatima (of Portugal) kept coming into view, along with Lucia (who had previously seen the Virgin Mary). Lucia actually was an aspect of the woman we were working with. We looked in to see the real story. We spoke with Mary as well about what we were bringing in, to get confirmation. She came in since we were removing so much dark energy!

She spoke to us about the “Third Prophecy.” This is the one that the “Church” said was about WWII. Truthfully, it is just the opposite! Stay tuned for more, as it is some of the Good News in a forthcoming book.

The aspect revealed what she really saw – and how and why the Virgin Mother showed up. You will be amazed!

Perhaps a previous life of yours will reveal such treasures!

One woman we worked on in depth hardly had a life of Light. She held so tight to her secret dark past that cancer was
taking over her body.

We finally blew it all open and tracked her many secret places that were still being used to control Earth, one of which was Antarctica. We cleared this area and several others. This gave the scientists who are currently working in these areas the opening they have wanted and needed for their work to be carried out safely. More will be revealed about this soon. Her body is finally healing!

Perhaps you have had a life in Atlantis or Lemuria, on Sirius B, Avalon, or even Avian that will bring insights into galactic secrets that will dramatically clear and heal you, as it will for so many others simultaneously. You may hold a piece, a key to the future. It is likely that you have been fragmented, as we see parts of Beings that were stolen, souls that have been sung out of their bodies, and even Beings shattered! Once these parts are brought back and recalibrated with the Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Goddesses, your Guides and our Galactic Team, it opens up doors to a new life, and a New Earth!
Perhaps are you ready to contribute?