Predictions 2017
Part II

with Visions from Mary, Magdalene, Yeshua, Lady Gaia,
Commander and Sub-Commander of Galactic Federation Light

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”
and the Crystalline Stellar Skulls
(through the heart of Crysta)

Magdalene and Marys: Can we give you that answer for what to expect in 2017? When you prepare for the greatest outcome, this is what you will receive. When the bands or groups or tribes of like-minded, thinking, brilliant beings come together, this forms a creative vortex. This opening of energy itself is a portal. So much can be attracted and created with this vibration of lively, upward-rising, thought-centered harmonics. This is how we banded together as Mary, Magdalene and others, and

Stellar 2017 Predictions- Part II

we even see Yeshua as a “Magdalene.” We rose together to create with teams of brilliant beings when it was time to have a change on the planet, to create planets, and to have the insight to prepare for those who had “take-down” plans. So we see the future as a pick-and-choose situation – what are you creating? The future is dynamic, not stagnant.

How are you choosing to be and live and love? We put the question back to you – all of you readers – all of you who open and channel and create. You are making a conscious choice in every moment. So your part is to uplift yourself – for you will assist in lifting up Gaia, and the energy of hundreds of thousands of hearts around you. You can send out beams of love and light, and open communication and change, spotlighting those who had the low vibration that is not future-creating, or future-thinking, or forward-looking – choose your preferred term.

Yeshua: I am happy to chime in! In this coming year, you will find more and more who are open to receiving divine information. Not specifically through a designated format to hearing about divine information – for example, through a congregation – but through individuals’ hearts. There are divine conduits everywhere for true honoring and listening, and this energetic is within us all. And truly, when energy flows are on “full tilt,” I want to honor the process of using discernment – and confirming in various or multiple manners just how accurate and true this channel of information is. Our “Team Earth” here checks and double-checks information to make certain it has the most integrity. Even as Ascended Masters, we pick and choose who we wish to work and play with, so please do confirm that you are truly one of these who is receiving the Divine flow! As I am often with Magdalene and Mary, we work as a Team, so know that teamwork is where it is at.

Many who are looking for a level of acknowledgement from a Divine source will be feeling, hearing or seeing it, and they will know that their prayers or requests are being honored. There will be more levels of fulfillment, healing and recognition, where people are truly receiving messages and assistance. The light will be coming forth from Gaia herself and the Universe to assist this facilitation. Gaia has been asking for assistance. And we have been helping her to clear various negative energies, so that she will feel fortified at a greater resonance. She can speak about that as well.

Lady GAIA: I want to take a stand and say that there is a lot of positive energy coming forth from the hearts of the Light-workers. I feel you in my heart, and know that you are banding together. I see and hear this more and more, and I encourage you to embrace this idea, connect hearts and open up to compassion.

I feel lighter and lighter every day, as my awareness is coming to vibrate at such a high level. When my Inner Earth guardians, my Galactic Team and our true assistants, “Team Earth,” are all in sync – nothing is too large to challenge us. So many of the mechanisms and contraptions that have been holding my heart at bay have been released. This will be felt more and more, and listened to by individuals in such a way that the new year will bring forth more and more respect for my voice, heart and being. I, shall we say, am feeling tickled pink! I do hope that this makes you chuckle, as I am laughing out loud right now – and many of you may be seeing a rainbow! So keep your chins and hearts upbeat and on, for there are so many wondrous things that will be happening – thanks to me – in this coming year. You will be glad you waited and kept a hopeful heart. Between plants and animals that have not been sighted or are coming back – that is only an inkling! Thanks for the support!

What I feel deep within is that with so many who are looking to amplify awareness about preservation, it will truly be catching on – the voices are finally being heard! More and more consciousness will be raised, so that true solutions about minimizing waste, and allowing resources to thrive, will be brought to the forefront for all to appreciate. Don’t give up the ship!
Team Inner Earth: It is our great joy to share some predictions for 2017. You will indeed be more aware, and you will be able to communicate with and see fairies and beings lighting upon the planet. There are currently a great many sightings, yet much disbelief, as if that is what was truly witnessed. However, with the opening coming forth from the heavens and affecting the planet here, we see that there is a greater acknowledgement of, and level of visioning and sensitivity to, the energies that are now gracing the planet. This means that when you are actively seeking – and often looking through the corner of your eye, with great receptivity – that there are going to be more and more appearances and communications.

We support the Galactic Federation of Light, and we work and play hand in hand with them to assist with greater global balance. So know that there is indeed communication and understanding, and visitation among us. We also wish to have a greater voice through others, and we welcome insightful and perceptive new viewpoints. Welcome us into your hearts, so that we can co-create, and once again allow for the New Earth to be co-created. It all comes from the inside out! We love being a voice and support for Gaia, and she absolutely has her own voice – yet we are her protectors on a grand scale. This is one reason we work so closely with the Galactic Federation, as we are all treasuring Gaia and supporting her from all sides. 2017 will be a grand year for awareness and development for the energies that preserve the planet. All of the systems that we can use, and that preserve Earth – such as wind and solar power, and new ways to use plants to sustain us and allow us all to thrive together – will make great strides, and surge to the forefront. We are excited!

CW – Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light: How can you prepare for your Light family to come forth, make a grand appearance, and continue to assist galactic ways – so we are a unified spirit?

Much of this is a change within your hearts, so you open to the existence of our true passion, to secure a glorious future for this planet and other civilizations, and to work in harmony and in unison. We are together a family. And you on Earth often have family members here, in the light-ships. So wouldn’t it be wonderful to extend your family? When we see your heart opening to a flourishing existence with information and light languages, we know you are igniting yourselves. So sharing this information is key in the receptivity of our lighting down on a grand scale.

We are here for you every moment, watching over and bringing forth more and more brilliance on Earth. We see a great unity with the Inner Earth as well, so your awareness of these civilizations is also key to opening your heart on another level. We are so aware that they too provide guidance and support for the plants, animals and Gaia herself. So we work in unison with their hearts and minds and spirits. This is the key to open and receive and share. This is how there will be greater awareness and reception for the true grand landing – or the blissful “Welcoming.”

SD – Sub-Commander of the Galactic Federation: The chief said it all! However, there is a lot to do to keep the planet in sync, for instance with being missed by asteroids, so we are doing just that. It is one full-time job. I think I see one now! Whew – gotta go – just kidding!

We are excited for the reception of our ships, and it will not be in the far horizon. Yet a lot depends upon each and every one of you readers. Are you telling your friends and family to prepare in their hearts and minds for such a grand appearance of so many light-ships? That is how you can assist. Forward articles to them, and seek out appropriate websites that speak of our appearance, and our incredible brilliance and beings. Let others know that we are truly protecting Earth from space in many ways. That is our message – and we will make you smile, and feel like one of the family.

Can’t wait to have your picture taken with us? Then spread the word!