*Soaring Blue Light* 29G
Totem: Eagle Spirit with Wings of Light

Happy Earth Day – Let’s Celebrate Gaia together!
Lady Gaia’s Uplifted Heart and Enhanced Vibration is  happening because of you!

In the last few weeks, between the eclipses in March, the Schuman Resonance (measured vibration) of Gaia shifted from 7.5 Htz to 16.7 Htz. We understand this to be the heartbeat of Gaia.
If you want to know more, here is a link to the article (which one of our tribe sent us).
Link to Earth We are One article
We felt intuitively that a great deal of the phenomenal clearing work we had been doing over the last couple months had contributed specifically to raising Gaia’s frequency. Many of the male and female Magdalenes that have been been receiving their clearing work with us and the Galactic Team, have truly released a great deal of pressure from the core of Lady Gaia. We asked the Crystalline Stellar Skull Tribe about this and they confirmed we had indeed!

They said that yes, because we have released huge multitudes of dark dragons, and dark energy from the timelines, the pools and the spires of the Taj Mahal, Four Corners and the San Francisco Bay Area. These areas had all stored elevated frequencies that were detrimental to Gaia’s heart. With this tremendous release, we assisted stabilizing, strengthening and regulating Gaia’s heart. This has all been within the last two months!

Skull Tribe: This clearing work has all facilitated the enhanced vibration of Gaia. We have released many trapped entities through this profound clearing work from: the heart of Gaia, Inner Earth, in power spots in oceans, mountains, tunnels, around the equator, throughout South America as well as the poles. We have been opening portals in, on and around Gaia for the benefit of her and the multitudes.

Thank you for stepping up for your clearings Magdalenes! ~ You know who you are!

For those who are not yet fully cleared, we recommend it highly!

If you missed our last call, the Commander and SubCommander of the Galactic Federation recommend our work highly. They are dedicated to assisting you, as you choose to step up, as they are part of our Galactic Team