May 2015 Stellar Newsletter

What is First Contact ~ “The Welcoming”? (Part 1)

106f3552-6f83-417c-afa5-939e3c7435bbBy Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

In the mid-1980s, Star Wars was talked about a lot. It was the Reagan days, if you remember. I was working with St. Germain, or ‘Flame’ as we call him now, and he kept us in close contact of what was transpiring then about not only the idea, but the real possibility of Star Wars. The dark reptilians had tried to convince the US and other countries with space and nuclear capacities to actually engage in real star wars.

Some of you were feeling this, and were probably working full on in your dreamtime to prevent this. It was the Galactic Federation of Light (GF) that intervened to stop this and freeze the nuclear switches from going off.

It was at that time that ‘Flame’ started telling us about First Contact, and giving us a bigger understanding of ‘what’s coming’.

He must have been giving me visions of the galactic team landing in ships here on Earth, since I used to lead group meditations that would visualize exactly that. We would see the lightships landing, with a ramp unfolding. Ascended Masters, and galactic family members, would come down the ramp to greet some of us here on Earth. How fun is that? It was always a grand celebration! And now, we are consciously preparing for this grand ‘event’ of First Contact, which we have now named, with heart-felt appreciation, “The Welcoming”.

Working with the very galactic Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Goddesses, we have been able to do extraordinary clearings and activations with people, the planet and the galaxy, assays with the help of the GF.

The Meeting

One day after returning from a trip that was very revealing on a grand scale, of a huge clearing that Lady Gaia needed, it was our dear friend Metatron (Tron) who jumped in to inform me that there was someone who wanted to meet me. He had been watching me for some time. It was Tron that brought him through ethereally.

This was my first introduction to the actual Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light (GF). The Commander said he was quite impressed with our work and that this project needed his help. He expressed that what he had seen us doing, was helping prepare for Ascension and First Contact. He was also impressed that we weren’t asking for anything in return. I must say, that because of his capabilities, we started ‘asking’ for even more help, and he and the SubCommander have never let us down.
Crysta joined us a year or so later and we were able to have great communication with the Crystalline Stellar Skulls, and we started  moving at jet-pak speed. We have since worked very closely with the GF, Tron, other Ascended Masters and Archangels, regularly. Quite frankly, we would all be in deep s—- if they weren’t all doing all that they do! It has been an amazing “Team” all working together. I have personally watched all of them grow and expand, working together in new ways they never had before, and learning so much from our 3D point of view. It has been the same for us as well, and for those that have joined us to be cleared and clear Lady Gaia,  expanding and growing in amazing ways.

Bad Press

The ‘dark hats’ have brought forth so much negative input about anyone or thing coming from space or our skies, to purposely cast a blanket of fear. It was done intentionally to steer us all away from the true family of light that makes up the Federation. This is brought forth from the fourth dimension, which the dark ones have pretty much taken over, to flood our media with their creepy and destructive ideas. It is also why I remind people when meditating, to go straight to 5D and beyond, always with a protective egg or Merkaba of light for protection.

Very Good News

These pure-hearted, extremely dedicated, brilliant and unparalleled men of light, I will refer to as the Commander and SubCommander.

Many years ago, I was doing work with Jamie Sams, (of The Medicine Cards) who brought through Leah, a wonderful and informed seventh-dimensional being of light, who runs the healing temples on Venus. Many were asking about ship sightings, and to elaborate. She shared that there were three possibilities at that time. This was in the early ’90s.
One was a possible ‘family member’ from the GF, one was an explorer, or at that time a ‘dark ship’ with reptilians or greys, and the third, which really opened my eyes wide, was possibly an aspect of oneself, or our future self, checking in with us! I have since come to realize that the GF is our family of light!

It is only at this time, that the Commander and SubCommander are finally coming forth to bring more insight and information about First Contact – “The Welcoming,” and the New Earth or Terra Crysta. This is not Ashtar of the Ashtar Command!

I asked the Commander to give us an idea of what the Galactic Federation is, and what is their function.

Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light

COM: We are the Stellar Guardians of this Universe, keeping it safe and allowing only love and peace to prevail. What this means is that we are watchful of other energies and we make certain the ‘continuum net ‘ is protected. We, as a unit, have various ships,and only ships of light are able to guide and protect, and are able to move through, specifically, this solar system, as well as ‘the net’.

Terra: Can you explain the ‘Continuum Net’? It is my understanding that there are two that you and your team put around Earth. One was put in was in1993 and the other in 2005.
COM: The timing sounds right. The net is one of safety and it is one which keeps us secure in these realms from various intrusive forces. It is part of the global way in which we have the peaceful beings of light contained. There are various areas of dark stars and wormholes that we use as secretive areas that we keep from you personally, and for your galactic safety.

We put up the second one around ten years ago in earth time, and we found it needed more security, so we made sure there are no holes or perforations, to keep various ‘dark hats’ from doing their magic.

(The net went in to also keep the dark ones from getting in, and those that were here could be taken off the planet. The second net really amped up the game.)

Terra: It is also my understanding and something I would like everyone to know: that all reptilians, except for a handful, and all greys and dark ships have been removed from Earth ~ finally. This should be on the front page of every paper! Any comments on this?
COM: We are doing our job ~ and thanks to Metatron as well! And also, many Ascended Masters are making sure it stays that way ~ so “yes” this is true.

What do some future possibilities look like?

COM: We see it as a large clearing space made for us in the skies, and a welcoming of many heads of peace. This is what our intergalactic understanding is: we are all in mutual agreement that Peace on Earth and in the skies, is viewed with the utmost respect and light.

So, our arrival will also be able to happen, when there is less volatility on the planet. We are working on that as well.

Part of our intention is to bring forth intermittent messages, as we are kept busy, as you can well imagine, and do our hearts’ desire, which is keeping this precious place intact. I do not have time for frivolous communication!

We see this connection with “Team Earth” as the appropriate funnel of communication. It is not our desire to have a number of channels, because we have a particular frequency we have already attained with you at “Team Earth,” and know the honorable voices and hearts. We know we are on the same page ~ assisting Gaia and her preservation.

Terra: Copy that, Commander!

Crystalline Stellar Skull *Seer for the Golden Future*
Skull: When we are ready for ‘the time’, ‘the arrival’, ‘the union’, “The Welcoming”, First Contact, we will be assisting with all skulls uniting their hearts.
We will teach this to some of the other skulls ahead of time. They need to be seasoned ~ and go to ‘Skull University!’

We see this all as a team effort! It will have people step outside their borders and talk to their neighbors ~ create online communities, talking about awakening themselves in preparation as the abilities of those who are coming, live telepathically advanced lives ~ thus they are able to send information telepathically.
Our job will be to enhance a lot of this, so it is common knowledge that the peaceful coming, is just that.  It is all a galactic blessing and honoring, uniting us as a team ~ heaven and earth. Most of the individuals who are looking to create this welcoming home party, are advanced light workers.

So, those who are not of the light will be unable to use their 5th and 7th dimensional viewing abilities. Others with indoctrinated beliefs, will also be unaware or oblivious. They won’t even see what is happening before their eyes! This is all part of a limited belief system.

‘And will it make them crazy?’ you ask:
They will want to see it as ‘their arrival to a new place’, or ‘their Light Being’ , or ‘a deity coming down’. Yet, the new vision will not allow them to see it as such. So the nonbelievers, or disbelievers, will have their own way of understanding what is happening, and not recognize or see, or go along with the general populus, that this is for their good. They will need to open their hearts and minds, work on expanding their awareness, or they will lose track of time, and it will not be obvious to them ~ what happened.
~Stelllar Skull and Commander transmissions through Crysta