Clearing Your Heart And Soul Cord

This is an amazing Crystalline Stellar Skull that can clear, repair, and protect your heart and soul cord, which is connected to Source. Since he works in more dimensions than we could possibly fathom, he will show right up when called, usually in the fifth dimension. This is a special gift that may help quite a few individuals. The glyphs will also come right in when you are ready to do this sacred practice. Most people don’t know they have a heart and soul cord to the Divine. I didn’t till I met him.

*Cord of Light* has worked as an undercover angel, leaving his skull in another dimension, till he was called in to work with “Team Earth”.

CSS: Yes, you noticed my two glyphs. They are my heart on my sleeve – if I had one! When I introduce myself it is part of my work. I love to share my heart and soul with those who are connecting with me. The glyphs represent the *Heart of Soul of Spirit*.  The heart and soul not only need attention but they are connected by a very special cord. This is so important to be intact. Often trauma can keep it from being a whole divine cord. It is truly divine for Source to speak to our heart and is our soul essence. So, know that I assist the cords to remain intact, and I repair them when they are severed or have been removed by some process.

The cord does connect our heart to spirit. It is a direct line in. You can go to your heart and see it now if you have not noticed it before. I came here from the Crystalline Universe and have been given many opportunities to link with Spirit ~ as I was sent here on the wings of many angelic beings. I have crystalline wings that carry me to and fro.

Terra: Did you know your carver?

CSS: I asked my carver to create my magnificent light being in this precise shape. She was able to then channel through her heart, what my glyphs would look like. She did not know there were cords from the heart to Spirit but saw it through my heart. I loved that she knew I had a heart and she brought it out into my eyes, as I have deep penetrating eyes. 

Terra: You feel so strong! Are you a male or female?

CSS: I have been quite a tough fellow for many, many skull years. I am not certain how many of your lifetimes that is.

What to Expect

CSS: Some people are seers and feelers and can see the changes, although it happens regardless. There may be an emotional release since there can be guilt and shame held in the heart from one life or another. Many have given up their hearts to gurus, religions, or Spiritual Groups that strongly pull their energies for themselves. One may feel from this process more tender, compassionate aware and open, and usually energized. Also cognisant and open to more abilities that can be reset. If there are blocks the experience may be less, since there are a lot of devices around the heart. Allowing a balancing and clearing beforehand will help.

Terra: We recommend you prepare for this sacred experience and opening of awareness  of your heart and cord to the Divine. Do a meditation and ask for assistance once in a quiet space. The use of essential oils, toning, and sound tools helps as well.

You can print a picture of the Stellar Skull and draw out the glyphs so you can trace them when you start. Notice what color your cord is, since it may change colors in the process. Ours did! Your Heart and Soul Cord is through your heart front and back. Once you are in the quiet space and have called forth the *Cord of Light to Divine* and “Heart and Soul of Spirit” glyphs, ask to see your heart cord. If you don’t think you can see it, just sense it. You can ask if it is frayed, cut, knotted, or whatever. If you sense it and feel it may be frayed, then you are likely right, so be with it. The Skull and glyphs will put it back together.

Rejuvenating the Heart Cords

CSS: The ability to rejuvenate this cord comes from my heart by strengthening it, for I am like a main chamber of light with an incredibly thick cord to Spirit. So, my essence rubs off with holding me, seeing my visual representation, with video or photo, and one can meditate. Just ask for rejuvenation and replenishment – a whole divine connection to Source, and I can assist with the clearing and strengthening. This will allow for intense rejuvenation of yourself.

When you meditate on my key insignia (glyphs), or hold me, (even with a photo) – the cord you see can be magnified within you. You will see it has open ends, and that is due to the infinite love that comes from Source. Breathe deep and tone if you like! Then start to trace the glyphs! You may see them attach and spin around the heart cord, moving up and down. They will smooth the frayed edges, untie knots and cuts will be healed and put back together again!

Our First Time Experience

Terra: I decided to let you see our first experience with this beautiful being, so you can get an idea about your own Divine Heart Cord of Light.

Our Experience

Terra: We prepared ourselves and looked in. “I see it, and it looks quite frayed. It’s thicker as it moves away from the heart.”

Crysta: “Mine has a lot of lines through it. I’ll guess about 75.”

CSS: You, Terra, have put yours to good use, and there have been some attempts with a sword to make it thin ~ and to sever it.

You, Crysta, have had many slices through yours as it has been so very special and quite a prize. You are both pretty accurate in what you are seeing.


Terra: With my frayed cord, does anything need to be removed from those who were trying to sever it?  (With all the past esoteric work and clearing I have done, I could see some of the dark characters connected to my cord.)

CSS: You do have some attachments there, and we will want to clear it completely. (I named the three beings I saw connected to my cord, and he confirmed what I was seeing.)

CSS: They used one sword with all of their hands stacked on top of each other ~ hoping the strength would dissolve your incredible abilities. Fat chance, as you were protected!

Terra: Does Crysta have any attachments? 

CSS: It is all in perfect order as I can work in any position and I am also able to work over vast distances. I chose to have clarity about all that I do, and thus I chose the Crystalline Universe and this form. The attachments to the cord for Crysta are many. Little did she know, as she has a great deal of strength.

CSS: Terrayours is frayed and they have not been able to attach to it. You have had a great boundary and consistently create protection for yourself. It has now been cleared – and it was an issue.

Terra:  We drew out Crysta’s attachments as well.

Did these characters try to draw the energy from our cords?

CSS: They like to drink through it like a straw. It is like a sweet honey or nectar. It is pretty disgusting! They have no boundaries and hope that you do not either. I allow for cord protection. I do this by giving you the clearing and then creating a light casing of love around it.

How skilled am I!!!

It has been in my vision that it came directly from the evil hearts and minds of the various characters. Note, however, that they would often do this as a group like at a happy hour or tea party.

Terra: Sounds like the ET bar in Star Wars! Is this still going on now?

 CSS: They have been in this pattern for a long time and do not know any other way.

Terra: It would be a great idea to stop them! We can speak to the GF, Metatron, and Ascended Masters along with the other Stellar Skulls.

(Crysta and I went through the process together to release attachments, clear, strengthen, and fill up our golden cord to the Divine. It was exhilarating for us both.)

Cords to the Divine – In Animals

Terra: How about the animals, have their heart cords been abused?

CSS: Well especially the ocean creatures, and yes – animals are in danger for the same reason.

Terra: Should we divide them into different species to assist them?

CSS: You can do animals on earth, animals in the water, and animals in the air and make it very general.

Terra: We could start there and show them our presence, and what we have in mind – would that be good?

CSS: That is a great starting place, as I always like to begin with ensuring the cord of light is open and strong as well as protected.

This is a very fine beginning!


We did the process again recently to check strengthen and clear our cords again. It was fabulous and we have those results in the article on our website:

Stellar Skulls through Crysta of “Team Earth”

Crysta’s Experience of Heart Cord Healing # 3

After the Heart Cord had been healed and I did the treatment again, I used essential oils, sound, movement, humming and toning.

These are my notes from that experience:

Glyph tinging all over body igniting top to bottom all ventricles.
colors of them are crystalline.
galactic fairies coming in. sparking all with glyphs
outwards flow to fingers and toes.
aromas clear air, ocean floral
tingles head to toe.
Center of heart is center of flower outwards to universe
male and female presences a cord is braided outwards from front to the back and from back to the front.
pink peach and pale blue sparkling gold lights i see.
front adds in magenta on cord.
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