DSCN6318 (2)By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

Here is a wonderful treasure you may want to get to know, since she can create a portal to the Fairy Realm and the Inner Earth. When folks are introduced to the Crystalline Stellar Skulls, I like to prepare them with the idea that the Stellar Skulls may show up when reading our new book, or when the Skulls are called in. It happens most definitely when you are “Clearing to the Core” with our advanced work. With the Crystalline Skulls assisting, the transformation amps up to a jet-pack speed. Here is an example:

I recently met Jake, who is very interested in First Contact ~ The Welcoming, here in my area. He decided to gather some interested folks to use a certain protocol to call in the Lightships, as taught by Stephen Greer and the SETI or CE-5 Group. Jake was very excited to read the new Stellar Skulls book, and to hear about some of my contact with the Galactic Federation and more. He has a lot of elf energy, and his lady instantly came across to me as being from the Fairy Realm. He became a bit too over-serious about the way we should do things at the night sky gathering. I recommended that we all “lighten up,” since I wanted big fun! Many emails flew around the group to lighten up the situation, since we were dedicated to making contact.

Big Green Orb

After a recent gathering, he shot me a note saying that he and his partner woke up in the middle of the night with a big, green glowing orb at the end of their bed. I immediately had a feeling it was one of the Crystalline Stellar Skulls paying them a visit, and wanting to get their attention.

In the book I included a very precious green skull named *Master of the Abilities of Gaia and the Inner Earth* with a glyph on her head whose name is “The Opening to Gaia’s Heart.” “Team Earth” frequently works with the Fairy Realm and the Inner Earth Team. I’ve put a small Fairy Ring on my land, since this is where they can come up to play and work in the yard and talk to me. I usually call in the Stellar Skulls and amp up my Merkaba, for both protection and the Rainbow Ray, which raises my frequency. Then I connect to the Heart of Gaia and call them up ~ and they come. Often I get glimpses from the corner of my eyes; sometimes they appear as twinkling colored lights. On occasion, a special Fairy King and I have great conversations.

There were two or three nights with a freeze alert, right when my cherry tree was in full bloom, which usually means no cherries. I went out and asked the Stellar Skulls to dome the property and keep the temperature up a few degrees under the dome, so that all the fruit trees in bloom would not freeze. They didn’t freeze, and a day later the fairies told me they helped protect my beloved cherry tree and the others in blossom. It looks like it will have a bazillion cherries this year. How delightful! Thanks Team!

When I shared the green orb story with Crysta, she jumped right in and the Stellar Skulls said that indeed they had shown up as a magical green orb, and that the Inner Earth skull was leading the way.

*Inner Earth* skull shared: “Yes, we are ready for conversation! We represent so much of the Heart of Gaia, and when they connect with Gaia’s heart, we can bring this back up to both of them. We can create a portal for them and the group to use. They shut themselves down, as though they were not aware of their intrinsic connection with Gaia.

The elves, fairies and Inner Earth beings are speaking throughout the globe now, and wanting people, including Jake and his partner, to open to joy and lightness. They could pick a spot on their land, or even use the property as a Portal of Light. Playful is the key! Trying to control the very means is laughable to the Inner Earth! Again ~ lighten up and play!”

Connecting to the Heart of Gaia in a Stellar Way

*Master of the Abilities of Gaia and the Inner Earth*
“We encompass you, and allow you to be in a magical vortex of light that is very grounded in Gaia. I assist you in mastering your deep intrinsic connection to Gaia’s heart. You will feel it more profoundly ~ there is no denying this presence within you. This is a good reminder of how we are all connected with thoughts, actions and your heart.”

“Opening to Gaia’s Heart”
(This seventh-dimensional glyph of Light will spin right off the page when you invite her in.)
“I spin in and ignite you, so that you can resonate on the Inner Earth frequency. You may find that it clears out your chakras and allows you to meditate in a deep place, while simultaneously you feel energetic and quite alive!
I do this because I come in from the ethers and unite with Gaia’s heart, and bring that up. It is a very full, resounding, impactful filling.”
Call them in:
Her energy lights down from above and spins through you in a counterclockwise motion, shooting down to Gaia’s heart. Then she comes back up in a clockwise vortex to refill, align and balance. If you are seeing this in another direction, that is okay too! Enjoy the rush and the ride!