When we are ready for ‘the time,’ ‘the arrival,’ ‘the union,’ ‘The Welcoming,’ First Con-tact, we will be assisting with all skulls uniting their hearts.

We will teach this to some of the other skulls ahead of time. They need to be seasoned ~ and go to “Skull University.”

We see this all as a team effort! It will have people step outside their borders and talk to their neighbors ~ create online communities, talking about awakening themselves in preparation as the abilities of those who are coming, live telepathically advanced lives ~ thus they are able to send information telepathically.

Our job will be to enhance a lot of this, so it is common knowledge that the peaceful coming is just that. It is all a galactic blessing and honoring, uniting us as a team ~ Heaven and Earth. Most of the individuals who are looking to create this “Welcome Home Party” are advanced light workers.

So, those who are not of the light will be unable to use their 5th- and 7th-dimensional viewing abilities. Others with indoctrinated beliefs will also be unaware or oblivious. They won’t even see what is happening before their eyes! This is all part of a limited be-lief system.

‘And will it make them crazy,’ you ask?

They will want to see it as ‘their arrival to a new place,’ or ‘their Light Being,’ or ‘a deity coming down.’ Yet, the new vision will not allow them to see it as such. So the nonbe-lievers, or disbelievers, will have their own way of understanding what is happening, and not recognize or see, or go along with the general populace, that this is for their good. They will need to open their hearts and minds, and work on expanding their awareness, or they will lose track of time ~ and it will not be obvious to them what happened.

Dialog between SubCommander of the Galactic Federation (SC) and Terra Rae (TR):

TR: SubCommander, can you address the idea of this new team of Crystalline Stellar Skulls you now work so closely with?

SC: Yes, I do have a few words to say about our skulls. We see that they lead the way when we are out on a mission. So, I understand the Skulls will play a large, key role when we first make a public appearance ~ with plenty of notice to many. We see that the Crystalline Stellar Skulls will assist in preparing individuals to have more open hearts and minds, and to know that we are to be welcomed. We are peace-keepers and protectors, keeping the global awareness ~ that we are looking to make certain that Earth has a bright future. We have been counting on the Stellar Skulls for this reason.

When we are seeking out something that could have a nefarious outcome, we make certain we call in the Stellar Skulls to clear the path, and let us know it is clear. They have visions in dimensions that we do not, and they are able to go into places without being seen, unlike a large spaceship or lightship.

So we know they will be integral to have a number of communities, states and countries become aware that this is a visitation of light and love.

I am still the main individual who uses them here in the Federation. As some team members, more than others in the Federation, find they feel they are self-sufficient in many ways, they do not think to look or listen elsewhere for feedback and guidance. It is a bit of a guy thing!

There are many who feel the Stellar Skulls have a sense of humor, however. So there are those who listen and have a knowing, and giggle when they feel there is a comment from this “Crystalline Stellar Peanut Gallery.”

So, I bring a couple of them forward to be with us ~ overseeing the Galaxies ~ as our mascots. This is the advantage of having a large Crystalline Skull Team, in this ad-vanced place in the realms.

(The Federation has a large, hidden space, with quite a few Crystalline Stellar Skulls that have been there for a very long time. I knew of this place before I had met the Sub-Commander and Commander. No one paid any attention to them until I kept insisting that they get to know who is there, and call them out with them and with our work.)

The SubCommander took this on, once they realized just how important and integral the Stellar Skulls can be. He has been working and playing with them ever since.
We do not have any of the South American or Mexican skulls here.

They are not as advanced for our vision here. If they have the vision ~ they do not share it. I do not see their lights sparking the way these sparkle and shine ~ and even activate and clear. I only speak from personal experience.
(Several years ago I asked Devin, the guide assigned to us then, the difference between the Yucatan skulls and the Stellar Skulls. He said that the Yucatan skulls came forth to open people to the idea of 5D. The Stellar Skulls were a springboard to 5, 7, 9, 11D and beyond.)

We do see our coming as one that is co-created by many teams working together, to bring about this understanding of what we have been doing to protect many Galaxies from harm.

As individuals awaken, even if one by one, they are looking for information that is great-er than themselves. This is it quite frankly what they have been waiting for: These Crys-talline Stellar Beings!

The Stellar Skulls are indeed an intermediary form of communication. In other words, they may be more accepted as a voice that is of the light, and not of any religious affilia-tion ~ and then they bring forth the work with their Galactic Team, which is us, as we are the crusaders of peace and protection.

Terra Rae: What else can people expect for First Contact – “The Welcoming”? I love hearing of the future possibilities.

SubCommander: It looks a bit like some of the celebrations we have, with all individuals getting to know one another and creating an awareness that the future is in our hands. As a team, we all work together on Earth. We are here as your protectors ~ and together we are creating the chosen future.

It is not that there is one vision ~ we are working together! So we can assist with others ~ including the Ascended Masters, Archangelic Realm, Prime Creator and Galactic Goddess ~ to bring forth a unified vision.

Their energies work with us to help facilitate different levels of universal healing light, coming forth and opening up individuals and groups to an elevated level of consciousness. So with this, there is not an elected individual who has one vision of the New Earth, but one whom we all work to create. So it is building these bonds, and asking ourselves, ‘How does that look to us? What are the goals we have in mind that serve the greater good ~ not just a select group of individuals?’

It is all about acceptance, and seeing something other than what you are normally seeing. So the idea of a lightship coming down, creating an entrance, and having communication, will take some time. Truly, it is not just a vision, which many beings on the planet already have or can imagine ~ that it can happen soon.

TR: Can you give us a glimpse of the future of Terra Christa, the New Earth, and of some of what the GF (Galactic Federation) is considering and envisioning?

SC: We are looking at places that offer the possibility of different species, which are gone from the Earth, coming back. So, we will bring forth the true DNA of times past, and be able to have various places that could offer a temperate place to support their growth.

We will make certain there is enough protection to honor this, so the individuals who are still looking to hold something ‘new,’ ‘captive,’ or as a ‘souvenir’ are not in the forefront. In other words, the sacred species, in the true Galactic way, will be surrounded by love, acceptance and protection.

This climate is welcoming a new level of growth ~ not of control or of making the future look good for merely a small group. Earth can now have more fields of grain and other food crops survive without having the soils be compromised. We see it as keeping ‘whole’ in a union for all!

This is a good start for awakening hearts and minds!

Blessings, Peace Angels,
from the SubCommander of the Galactic Federation of Light.

TR: Commander has a comment here, before *Seer* takes us through an activation.
COM: It will take a little more time for First Contact, or as you suggest, “The Welcoming,” to actually happen.
It is a global and intergalactic unity for a reason ~ we are all in this together. So this is what we see as only the beginning, and know that once we light down upon earth, there will be more such events, of lightships landing!
We will also make sure that those who have been in the forefront of our arrival will be there to greet us! So we will hold a seat ~ or several for you ~ and know that “Team Earth” is such a leader. We are happy to have more on board in more ways than one.

Blessings to all of you,
Your favorite Commander of the skies, stars and planets!

TR: Copy that, Commander! Send them all a big heartfelt Thank You, for their amazing and ongoing assistance. Quite frankly, we would be in big trouble without it!

TR: This past year, we opened up the Christ Consciousness Portal, or The Crystalline Ray Portal. We have had to keep this under wraps until now, so the Galactic Team could adjust this with the creation of another portal, watching the calibration and the ef-fects on us here on Earth. It’s more than exciting, and a wonderful story that can be fully addressed in the next transmission, since new information has been coming in with the amazing level of Crystalline Light that that is brand new to our Time Space Universe.

Activation with Crystalline Stellar Skull, *Seer for the Golden Future,* through Crysta of “Team Earth.”

Take some water, relax and buckle up! Breathe deep and call her in.

Skull: So, this is a way in which you connect your glands and hearts with one another. This assists your own level of extra-sensory reception and evolution, so you can be able to receive messages without speaking ~ and send them as well.

We, being a team of Crystalline light activators, come into your hearts, and we bring this light of love and spirit into your glands ~ as a circular momentum of rainbow and crystal-line light. This inner Constellation of Light within helps to expand it without, and connect to our stellar beings of light.
When you’re ready, breathe deeply. Bring your awareness to your heart. We start here with the heart. See it filling with rainbow and sparkling crystalline light.
Now move up into your throat, bringing some of the light there.
Next, into your master glands, in your head. See them sparkling as well.
This creates a clockwise circle of light. We move this through until you feel each and every area. This sparks a signal of being ‘turned on,’ Now, you can beam this outwards, just as we beam our stellar light.
And now, call in a Light Family member, for a beacon of light. You will notice that you’ll find an energetic place, in which your message of opening up this ‘Circle of Light’ will find a secure place within ~ such as, “Oh, this is safe and familiar.”
This is the reason that you are of one family unit. Now, start a conversation with your mind. Stretch this out to the loving heart that you have just found.
Listen ~ and wait for an answer. These are tools that can exercise a new part of your stellar abilities.
Ask: “When were we last together? How did I contribute? How can I do this again? What can I do to facilitate First Contact -The Welcoming?”
Now: See your new contact landing on Earth in their beautiful Lightship, see a door or hatch come open, and see yourself welcoming your new Contact, who is coming to greet you!
How does this feel? How do they feel? Breathe it in!
Rinse and repeat!
TR: (She’s very funny!)

Transmissions by Crysta