What is First Contact? Pt.2/ June 2015 Stellar Newsletter, Vol.IV Issue IV

by Terra Rae

When we are ready for ‘the time,’ ‘the arrival,’ ‘the union,’ ‘The Welcoming,’ First Contact, we will be assisting with all skulls uniting their hearts.

We will teach this to some of the other skulls ahead of time. They need to be seasoned ~ and go to “Skull University.”

We see this all as a team effort! It will have people step outside their borders and talk to their neighbors ~ create online communities, talking about awakening themselves in preparation as the abilities of those who are coming, live telepathically advanced lives ~ thus they are able to send information telepathically.

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“I am Liquid love and light that enhances the ones that work with me. I help to balance body, mind and spirit with the soul and heart.”
* Spiritual Key of Joy* #1G

A Crystalline Stellar Skull Gets a New Home

Terra Rae’s Blogpost #2
When Page was cleared by “Team Earth” she knew she wanted a Crystalline Stellar Skull of her own to work and play with. They were only made available when one is fully ” cleared.” “Cleared” means cleared of the devices and implants that everyone seems to be pretty loaded with.
So, Terra pulled a few of the “Ancient Ones” or Stellar Skulls from the Tribe to see which ones raised their hands to be a good fit for Page to choose from. A beautiful red and golden Skull named *Divine Spirit of Light* moved right in to Page’s home and with her family for this adventure with Page. A couple of weeks later Page was on the phone with Terra Rae. Page was giving a bit of info about her experience with her new skull so far.

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