Past-Lives – Powerful and Intriguing

By Terra Rae of Team Earth and The Crystalline Stellar Team and Metatron through Crysta

Life After Death by Julia Christiansen Https://

In the early 1970s, I lost a lot of longtime friends when I started investigating reincarnation and past lives. They wanted nothing to do with these subjects and said not to mention this to them, their families and their friends. I wonder how they feel about this now?

My folks moved to Prescott, Arizona around that time, and my mother found Dick and Trenna Sutfin’s books, who also lived in Prescott. Past-lives Future Loves and You were Born Again to be Together, which definitely fired me up back then. Both books addressed several lives that were explored with regressions showing that many people come back and find the same partners.

They also found people with more than one aspect of themselves living in different places.

By the early 1980s, I was already exploring some of my past-lives and was asked to come up to Heartwood, a school in the hills of northern California that taught a full spectrum of healing arts. They needed someone to do their ads and write an ongoing Newsletter, and organize events. I jumped at this since there was a fellow teaching Hypnotherapy to clear present and past-lives. There were plenty of willing participants to practice on as well. At the end of a couple of seasons, (I’ll call the instructor John), our small group went into the hills to camp with John and do work on each other, with several of his past students who joined us.

Old Textbook

He told us that when you want to end a bad relationship, to call that person in and visualize taking a knife, and cutting them up to shreds.

“Holy crap, I’m definitely not doing that. This is all wrong!,” was my instant reply.

His reply was, “You have to since it’s part of the class.”

Others felt very uncomfortable as well, as he insisted it’s in the textbooks, though he wouldn’t tell us where.

A big fellow who studied with John before interrupted to share that John had taught him this practice a year and a half ago and that he had been breaking up with his wife during that teaching.

He did the practice a few times and said he stopped since it was uncomfortable. A few months after that someone broke into his wife’s house and killed her with a butcher knife. John actually said that it had nothing to do with the practice and insisted we continue.

Right then I picked up my things and went back to my campsite under a big tree, that now had two snowy owls sitting above me on a branch. I leaned up against the tree, looking over the valley while contemplating what just transpired, knowing I would never do that technique. I was startled when a very mild tremor in the earth rolled up the hill right to me. True story!

By the mid-80s, I was doing quite a bit of massage and regressions on people. So many people had never had a past-life experience back then. What was so profound was that they could see themselves leaving at the end of a life, and cross over. Back then I would have them look at any decisions they made right at their passing. When we would move on to another important life, it gave them the realization that they truly are an eternal being. Sometimes that was more powerful than the clearing.

Buried Alive in Egypt

During one regression, a friend of mine was on my table and had been buried alive in a closed tomb in ancient Egypt. The terror was quite real in her body. She was trapped in her fifth-dimensional body in this chamber for thousands of years, which is exactly what the dark character who put her there wanted. She had to be freed and released. I called in my guidance and we went in and released her – finally. I asked that the angelic realm take her for healing and clearing. I had her forgive everyone involved as well. We then transmuted the energies still there, by setting the whole area ablaze with the Violet Flame of Transmutation. This was life-changing for her, as she was able to release a tremendous amount of fear she was still carrying, that felt suffocating to her.

Aspects and Timelines Released

From that point on, it became my mission to not only release trapped or stollen aspects of people, but go through the timelines and clear the area and everyone involved, since so much horror, sadness, pain and suffering has been left all over the Earth.

Years later, Metatron said how impressed he was at the depth of clearing of the past, with everyone involved and the area itself getting cleared. He stated how effective this was and asked why everyone wasn’t doing this level?

My reply was, “You’re asking me? Really? Maybe they’re stuck in an old textbook, rather than going for the obvious. I also don’t think a lot of people are aware they can move in and out of dimensions and timelines.”

Since then, my psychic abilities have tremendously developed with the clearing of so many devices in, on and around my head and glands. I’m pretty much able to see right where we need to go in a session, so I can lead them into seeing and feeling for themselves. It is important that one feels where certain patterns, cords, wounds, and curses are still held in the body, so they can be fully released.

Our Team is Ready to Assist

Now that the Crystalline Stellar Skulls have joined us, they can give a heads-up (that’s a pun) on things we may have missed, or go further into the holding patterns of dark wizardry, which is ever-so common. It’s a bold statement, but I strongly feel that everyone on this planet has been affected in a big way by dark wizardry. When this is tracked and scanned and we know what we are dealing with, we may need to call in our Galactic Team to assist in clearing multitudes of people through the timelines, right to the present. We also clear things put into Gaia, or a place or structure. This also has a profound effect on the clients, since they realize they are being of service in a big way.

If they needed to unwind a place where they danced in the dark, it can be extremely freeing and coming clean with one’s karma. Judgment is off the table, so the encouragement is there to proceed to freedom.

The GF – Galactic Federation of Loving Light, works closely with us and will be on standby in case we find something that needs extra help to remove, de-activate, or be examined.

We have looked into so many places and characters that many times we are re-writing history. Sometimes it is more difficult for a person to see a brilliant life with incredible accomplishments, or someone highly revered for their brilliance, than seeing a darker aspect of themselves. Go figure! The brilliant lives are many times quite shrouded by the dark, with much programming of, “do not even look at this – or else….” so an individual cannot become this master creator again. This is very common and some of what I love to unveil.


Here’s a good example of this.

I met Elsa several years ago in Hawaii doing a dolphin swim. She was just starting to open spiritually and was moved by what I shared with her. We snorkeled together for many days. She did the Clearing to the Core work from Amsterdam, which opened her a lot to her being a Magdalene or Blue Ray Being. She still had no idea how powerful she has been, which is why she was so covered with programmed devices.

An Urgent Call

She recently called from California to let me know she had just had heart surgery and was recovering. She thought the Stellar Skulls, who she loves, had helped her through this ordeal. She was guided to go to Hawaii with her sister. Two days later she went to the emergency room and the doctors said she needed to fly to another island for a specific doctor who happens to be the top specialist in her situation, and was in Oahu right then and could see her. Everything seemed to fall into place easily. I told her, that it was the Stellar Skulls at work, guiding her to Hawaii and this specialist, who traveled the world for his much-needed practice.

“Listen, Elsa, we really need to look into this, since the heart issues are from some potent past-lives that need to be addressed.” She said she’d call me in a few days when back home in Amsterdam to do the work.

The End of Lemuria

We linked in on Zoom so I could see her and read the energies while she was lying down. I had Crysta there so we could both use the pendulum when I wanted to check something or someone and move along quickly.

We first went to a life that I somewhat explored myself with Crysta’s help a few months earlier. It was the beginning of the end of Lemuria. I knew Elsa was there but didn’t have time to look further at that time. It opened right away for Elsa, so I held back from telling her what happened on my end.

She was on a council of overseers of Lemuria and had gotten word that the GF wanted to have a meeting with a group of us. Elsa sent word to gather a group of around 13, and meet at a certain place where we were to board a lightship to go and meet our GF Council. Something suddenly came up for her and she decided she needed to stay back and would join us later. When the group left, she started to realize this was a set-up or a ploy, and she was purposely held back. She tried to look in at the situation and was alarmed that it was blocked. Two unsavory characters showed up and tied her up. They caught her unaware and she could not escape. They drugged her with a fowl fluid they poured down her throat. She then realized who was behind all of this and it terrified her since it was one of the big dark and dangerous wizards, also known as a Lucifer, who was not supposed to be on Lemuria.

Later he showed up and told her that he was finally going to take down the Council, and then take down Lemuria. He blamed her for the fall since she was so tricked into gathering the Council and putting them on a disguised ship. That’s how the dark wizards work. All they create is perversion and destruction, and use the energies of the Light, unbeknownst to them, to energize their projects. Imprinting and programming are a big part of their tools.

She knew terrible things would happen to all of the council. He approached her and she saw and felt him put in devices right there to hold shame, guilt and great pain in her heart for this tremendous loss. He then shredded her etheric heart-cord and cut out her heart.

I let her know what happened on our end, of what I saw a couple of months earlier.

In Lemuria, we didn’t have cars for transportation because some of us could shape-shift into the birds and animals to move to the places we needed to get to quickly. A group of us were urgently called and gathered where we were directed. We came on board what looked like a lightship, and promptly took off. Something felt off and I looked over at Elsa and watched her shape-shift into the very dark slimy wizard that he really was. I remember saying, “Oh, s***, we are so screwed!” We were all in a panic, knowing it was too late. I knew right then what was happening, and this was the beginning of the take-down of Lemuria along with great horrors. We would be tortured, imprinted, programmed, and then killed. At that time I didn’t know what happened to Elsa, but I knew it wasn’t good.

We never saw our wonderful families and beloved Lemuria again! Aurora of “Team Earth” was supposed to be with us and pulled back at the last moment. The Stellar Skulls said the dark hats with some of the betrayers came and got her later, as they did with many other healers and leaders.


I have read so many times that Lemuria was finished and it was time for her to sink. I always knew that wasn’t true. It was exactly what the dark ones wanted people to believe. Why would Gaia shatter her grids, blow herself up to the point of sinking and causing great destruction and havoc to one of the greatest civilizations of people and lifestyle the planet has ever known?

I’ll make myself clear – She wouldn’t!

Part 2: Egyptian Crystal Balls

                                                                                                         There were several other lives we looked into that day, and here is another important one. Elsa saw herself as a teacher of eager young students in Egypt, actually in a small pyramid. She was a high priestess of light! There was a village around this pyramid that seemed happy and content. I had her look around the pyramid to see if she had worked in any other areas. She walked into a secret area, which she called her lab.

Her Lab                                                                                                                                         Terra Rae: And what do you do in this lab, Elsa?

Elsa (after pulling up the vision): I carve things. I carve crystal balls.

TR: How big are these crystal balls?

E: Different sizes. Some are as big as a soccer ball. I have big pieces of crystal that I carve to make the balls.

TR: Then what do you do?

E: Hmm, I program them.

TR: What do you program them to do?

E: They are programmed so that positive energetics can be felt all over the planet when we need them… like now!

TR: Where do you get the crystal from?

E: Hmm! (She paused.)

TR: It’s safe to tell me, Elsa.

E: She tilts her head back and points a thumb up, “Up there!”

TR (I suggested): OK then, let’s go through the process.

E: When I am in my lab, I get a signal to come outside. I have a place over in that direction that I go to. It’s not far.

TR: OK, let’s go there.

E: Well, I stand there and a golden beam comes down from a ship. In a blink, I am zipped right up onto a Lightship. It’s really fun! They show me how to program the crystals, and they beam more crystal material down to my lab. When the crystals are ready, I give them to the villagers to take to different areas and bury. The villagers think this is great fun and are quite happy to do this. It’s like a secret game. I am not married, so they are like my family.

TR: Do you take the crystals even further from the area?

E: Yes, once they are ready, the ones on the Lightship beam me up. We go to a faraway place, though it doesn’t take long. They beam me down, I bury a crystal, and they beam me up again. (Elsa points her thumb up.) The Crystals hold the Golden Ray, which is like the column of Light that the Lightships take me up in. We have been grounding it into the heart of Gaia as well.

TR: How long did you do this project?

E: It feels like many years. A good part of my long life.

Many are Wearing the Magdalene* Crystalline Light  

The Crystalline Stellar Skulls shared that it was the Lemurian Council, and a group from a Goddess Healing Temple of Light, on a Lightship. She had teams of individuals, so she was not with one specific being. Her journey was to be able to share the vision of future-based communities all working together. This is a Magdalene Crystalline Light, and there are many wearing this, although so many are unaware of it.

TR: Move to the next important thing that happens.

E: I come down on my spot from my travels, and the village is burning, and people are dead and some are gone. The pyramid is buried in mud and flooded, and can’t be entered. I hear my friends on the ship calling me to get to our spot. When I turn around to run, there are two characters there. One of them is a man who, a while back, had asked me to train him, and he said he would help me.

“You even told me you were programming crystals to bury,” he said, laughing.

Dark Witches From Hell

E: The female, who looked like the dark witch from hell, reached out and grabbed me. There was a tree still standing, not too far away, and they tied me to it, with my arms up. I could still hear my friends telling me to run, but it was too late. The witches, with their dark magic, put an etheric rod through one side of my shoulders to the other.

The dark wizard forced some sort of liquid down my throat. (There was snake venom mixed in, since he is the Serpent King.) It must have acted like a truth serum, since I couldn’t stop answering all their questions. I couldn’t tell him where the Crystal Balls were buried, since I didn’t know where I was when I did it. I also had instructed the village people to not tell me or anyone else where they had buried them. That made him angry, so he said that I had to reprogram the crystals with dark magic and obliterate the programming that was in them. The drug that was forced on me got me to do it. This is the same dark wizard as in my other lives, including Lemuria. I didn’t know who he was, and I fell for his tricks. He was a real smooth talker who knew some spiritual teachings.”

(Elsa felt him suck out her Soul Essences*, her Heart-Light* and her Soul Spirit*, and she knew they did more with her blessed heart.)

Atrocities Cleared

During our 5D scanning for her clearing, we found that these dark witches had put an etheric device in the back of Elsa’s heart to remind her of this event, and programmed her so that he would be lording over her – and that she needed him for her own survival. This device drew in negative EMFs*, including 5G, and created a physical wound, and since she had become so familiar with this energy, she sometimes called it in.

The Stellar Skulls shared that Elsa’s grief was missing her signature place of leading others from a strong point, and from which she can have a loving family. Her grief also relates to having her Soul Essences, her Heart-Light and Soul Spirit taken and incarcerated, along with having her abilities and powers squelched.

We then cleared Elsa’s body of the rod, the devices, and the programming. We sent out the Skullies to find and retrieve what had been taken from her. They brought it back – all cleaned, cleared and recalibrated – and we reintroduced it into her 5D body. We then filled her with the Blue Ray, the Rainbow Ray, and the powerful Crystalline Rays of Light.

The Crystal Balls                                                                                                                         Not only did we clear the area of their dark wizardry in Egypt through the timelines, with the help of the Crystalline Team and Merlin, we also cleared the Crystal Balls and had the Stellar Skulls light them up to be reprogrammed into the Light – for the Ascension, First Contact and the New Earth. Together with the Galactic Team, we reignited the idea of loving and supportive communities, working and playing together. Through sacred light-grids, and clearing through the timelines, we set up protection of the lands, water, Inner Earth and the fairy realm – and we enabled animals and plants throughout the world to thrive. This vibration is to awaken the light in many, and bring in the Magdalene Crystalline Ray to assist the Magdalenes now. The Crystal Balls are also pulsing with Light – now that our families of Light are here on the Lightships to help us through these trying times – and assisting the unwinding of the nefarious programs and all forms of dark wizardry!

The Nordic God                                                                                                                                    I knew that Elsa had not had a true love in this incarnation, because the negative programming in her heart was repelling one to come to her – despite her shock of natural blonde curls, crystal blue eyes, and bubbly personality! I was excited to tell her that I had seen a man who looked like a Nordic god. Not only was he looking for her, but he was there in the same European town! I saw this when she first called me about her heart issues. With her heart finally healed, they could now find each other. He’s a Magdalene as well! They have big work and play to do together. I loved telling her this!

These are some of the things that can happen when you step up to get Cleared to the Core and address past-lives.

Metatron Speaks on Past-Life Clearings, Understanding and Transformation

Metatron: I love participating in the clearing of past-life regressions. When we help those who have been affected – the land, and present-day friends and family – all of the clearing has amazing effects with the energetic clearing of the heart, physical cells, and emotional being.

It is marvelous to be a part of this, as the clearing helps ancestors too. Often there are layers of confusion and heartbreak when so many misunderstandings arise. As a galactic team we notice when we assist “Team Earth,” with the process of helping their clients move through different scenarios in their various lifetimes – that it actually assists their present-day life on every level. What we notice is the relief of releasing different holding patterns that have been present for so long – lifetime after lifetime. So if anyone is wondering if this is the only life there is, please reconsider that belief.

Forgiveness and Acceptance of Self and Others                                                                             When emotional patterns and acceptance of others into your present-day lifetime relate to protection or insecurity, or to a thought that you are not safe, then many missed opportunities can happen. A powerful part of the process of seeing and clearing past-lives also helps any participant when scenes are gently reintroduced and viewed with a gradual, slightly hypnotic induction. Then it is easier to see the mishaps, and to allow all levels of forgiveness to be complete. The forgiveness process releases bonds, and held emotions that are unjustified, which can allow a person to easily misjudge – or even prevent oneself to proceed with confidence and passion. Addressing this will connect you with your true Light-Family, and your tribe here on Earth, assisting you on all levels.

Often, self-forgiveness is the key! You might want to open up, so you can see and understand yourself on a new level. When relationships are brought to light, then an individual can be part of the process and allow the full, heart-centered participation with truth – and with heartfelt love in all relationships. Even with our precious Goddess Gaia!

It’s a basic truth that respect moves through all levels of your being. As you feel the truth, and the light and love, fully in your heart – and recognize and honor yourself – then your true, loving Heart-Lights and your passion will move into full recognition, and the full force of fulfilling your life and true purpose will manifest. As humans, we find that these ideas can be clouded over, or even missed, by such fear-based holding patterns, which formed so long ago. Imagine that!

Could Past-lives Be a Missing Link?                                                                                                           What a travesty it would be if your life were not lived to its fullest because you missed out on giving yourself completely – to a path that you lived before in the light, and were loved and truly cared for, and taught others and shared heart and soul – and then something treacherous happened. Perhaps an inner voice continues to tell you to this day, “Don’t do that again or you may lose your life, or be hurt, or be taken advantage of.” So, not being able to look at past-lives may be one missing link in your present-day experience – and even with a divine connection.

If you have been wondering how to be connected to the Heart of the Earth, and your Divine Assistance, this may be one significant key that will assist your visioning, your intuition, love and success on many levels.

We also see that many individuals who are leaders or who are meant to be leaders today may have had profound effects in different realms – in previous lifetimes. These potent, all-encompassing clearings help release the desecration, fear, and terror felt also by others in the ecosystem, including plants, animals, and even the sacred fairy realm – who had also been affected in these previous lifetimes. This aids the planet on so many levels. We even hear from Goddess Gaia that she feels a difference after we do these clearings, together with “Team Earth.”

Where can you go wrong, seeing how the past is affecting your present-day life – and clearing that out – so that you can truly be present?


* Magdalene: “Who Are the Magdalenes?” Article

* Soul Essences, *Heart-Lights and *Soul Spirit: Essences which are essential parts of your Spiritual and Physical Bodies

* EMFs – Electrical Magnetic Frequencies