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Ascension Awareness from Stellar Cat Skulls and Cat Nation

*Divine Cat Warrior* Totem: “Slinking Spirit Cat” #17T

Urgent Message from Cat Nation

By Terra Rae and Crysta of “Team Earth”

When “Team Earth” gathers together, we often focus on the animals, and send out tremendous Light with our Crystalline Teams, since they can move quickly through all dimensions. Our intention raises awareness for powerful and positive changes within different animal nations, organizations, blocking poachers and their backers, trapping, trophy-hunting, and special attention to furry friends and guardians. We set up protection, awareness, awakening hearts and expanding consciousness to assist the relationship with all animals. Animals have a divine purpose here on Earth, and some are quite important, yet so many humans are unaware of this. Hopefully, this will give you a better understanding of the Animal Nations.

*Divine Cat Warrior* with Totem: “Slinking Spirit Cat” — Crystalline Stellar Skull #17T (DCW)

DCW: We were brought forth to save the animals in today’s society by giving them a voice. When we are sent out, (which you can do as well) we make sure that all species receive the preservation and protection they so deserve. Right now it is ever so important! When we are able to find animals in distress, we show them a pathway, so they can find a true loving guardian. So, we act much like guardian angels for many creatures.

All living beings have heart-lights that connect one another to celestial objects above, to energies within the Earth, and those who are here and around to help retain the integrity and life of the planet. All of these hearts connect. This is a magical grid of loving light. This is how we hope to awaken those who are ignoring this blessing of being here on our special Lady Gaia. This is how people tug on heart strings and we hope to do the same, as we awaken compassion and awareness in people who connect with us as three dimensional cats on the planet.


Cat Nation Speaks through Crysta

Cat Nation: You may see me as one cat with an array of many cats behind, for we are one voice. You may notice a vibration which is the union of our hearts. We create one incredible purring, whirring, humming resonance as it moves through your body. I am one cat, I am all cats, as I am before you, expressing our view and sending this uniting Healing Ray of Light. You may relate to me as a personal or as a standing figure, humanizing me. You may see me weaving back and forth on all fours. My furry being glows with our magical unification. One cat — all cats. My furry outline may seem rather morphous, as I am floating in and out of clarity.

Feel Their Love and Breathe It In

As a representative Being, I morph and feel for all cats as One, to share unity, and to share our intention of love and harmony. This is our original loving unity with all planetary life. Feel this love now: breathe it in and hold it, then release with a sound that feels natural for you. The sound, tone or hum, or sigh of “Aaaahhhh.” To release and receive allows the energy to move within your body and spirit, enhancing the process. Notice how receiving this vibration of Love warms your body. 

We, as the Cat Nation, do have our own ideas of Ascension. We see Humanity as having the ability to move up and beyond the idea of controlling and seeing cats as more than a “pet”  as companions. Once guardians have Ascended, we see us all living in collaboration — hearing and seeing one another for who we really are.

As we know, there are different colors of people on the planet now who feel persecuted, made to feel “less than,” just as there are many of us cats who reside in fear, of the individuals who act on their caveman-like aggressions. They take these primitive emotions out on a defenseless Cat Being. This is intolerable! This is senseless! We are protectors, and lovers of the planet! We are compassionate, blessed prancers of this planet.

This is not an occurrence of an Ascended Being or Loving Realm of this Blessed Planet. We will unite, hear, and see one another as perceptive beings and move in unison when the frequencies have moved up on the scale.

As so many of us are as large as humans, or close to human-size, the time will come when we as regal-sized cats, will once again be collaborative companions with the Human Nation. We will walk the Earth, as we have before, alongside respectful, blessed, spiritual humans. We will all feel compassion, and honor the Planet, and walk each step together as a healing ceremony. We have done this before and we will do this again, once the level of vibration has Ascended to a spectacular resonance!

Until this time, we will indeed share a Ray to assist the Planet for Ascension. We ”beam” from our hearts. We send love and light, and Earth-united energy. We see and feel with our Hearts. Ahhh….. we have so many perceptions with our hearts. 

Cat Nation Healing Ray for Ascension

Cat Nation: We send this Earth-Awareness and Earth-Appreciation from our hearts to yours. It blesses each and every cell of your Being — showering your mind, your Spirit-Being, your heart and soul — from around you — inwards. Imagine a circle of light around your body, sending in so many beams of sparkling light, even into your toes, enriching each cell from the outside in. These special beams of light even have a sound, as it is one cosmic song of love! This is what we hear coming from the Earth, and from plants. It may feel a little ticklish even, for your being to receive. It enlivens, is uplifting and invokes Peace and Calm. Receive. Breathe. Notice how you feel regenerated. Notice as each cell and all of the energy around you and your light body, feel connected to our precious Earth as well. This is grounded compassionate light. Continue to receive this light bath.

Pulse it out with your heart and breath into your auric field. Then breathe it in again as you align with this bath of light. It moves within and without your spirit body and your physical body. With one united human and cat body to share this essence. This is the vibration of unity with the animal kingdom — the blessed Cat Kingdom. Yawn and stretch. This massages the senses with aliveness, with the reality of this unification. 

This is a gift you can resonate with to assist your being to move upwards on an emotional, energetic scale of light and energy. This is the Cat Nation Healing Ray for Ascension.

Crysta: Take a deep breath and Imagine, see or feel a cat in front of you, representing cat essence and presence. I invited in a large human-sized cat, standing in front of me, and able to hear this Cat Being. (I stand as I write and meditate.) If you are lying down to receive and experience this, imagine their Light emanating into your heart. The Cat Nation heart vibration is so huge, you may just see and feel the heart! I noticed our hearts melded and synced for this meditative healing Ray. Let it flow though you from your heart. Breathe and tone.


The Time is Now

DCW: As we have travelled through the timelines, we have seen the shift in consciousness before, and we know this can happen again. This is how the Crystalline Stellar Beings of Light, we as Stellar Skulls, Goddesses and Dragons, all serve to bring forth clearing the pathway for the New Earth to emerge.

So we work through the timelines to help individuals release the cords and blinders and so much more that is holding back enlightened awareness.

This is ancient knowledge and team work with the planets, with Earth, with the Galactic Team and Masters, who have their hearts intent upon helping to do just this — to clear the negative energies, so light can reignite and blossom everywhere again. So our skill-set is to work with “Team Earth” and reach far into the outer realms and ask for divine assistance from our Galactic Federation friends, many beings in the Archangelic Realms, and so many Masters that have ascended, that we do not have enough fingers and toes to count them all.

Become a Warrior of Compassion

DCW: Take a step now to find out within, what is up for you to release, so you can participate more fully. Ask yourself how you can be more present and aware, and be a warrior for compassion! We know there are many pathways to get there, however, working with this large team allows a tremendous level of transformation and opens the pathway to Ascension in such a magnificent way — that you will be amazed.

Bring our heart energy within you, so you can realize that we provide a cosmic laser beam of light, into your precious being, so you can notice this transformational flow yourself. There are areas in your heart, spirit and physical body that need assistance. Prepare yourself, so you can participate more fully and use these abilities that you have not yet connected with. We can awaken them within you!

We are here to reconnect all parts of your being, and awaken your soul and spirit to their original presence, their united essence. We unite all of your inner beauty with your retrieved aspects, as well.It is time for you to bring forth your strengths on a new level. Allow yourself to be taught in new ways.

(Note: As “Team Earth” retrieves, clears, re-calibrates personal aspects, that we discover in our Clearing to the Core work, and through past-life Scanning, that were taken from you throughout millennia. These are your brilliance!)

All of our Crystalline Team is here to be of service, and to light the most direct pathway before you, so you can take monumental steps in your spiritual growth. You have a level of divinity within that is yet untapped! We know this and assist the Grand Re-awakening — the Ascension for all. 

The Time is now – and that is why we are here!


CSS: I am the *Uplifting Light of Crystal and Divine Light* #1T.

My totem is a panther: She has wings, as she is a flying feline. Her abilities allow you to soar into the future, so we create a line of light to empower your abilities and Self, and give you a propulsion, so the right people and events will be magnetized to you, enabling you to move forward in a clear pathway ~ igniting all as you go. Her name is the “Precious Feline of Light and Jet Consciousness.”

My incredibly wonderful being is from the Crystalline Red Universe. This is a special place! So, know that our abilities come forth in such a way that we can fill your aura and body with this magnificent Healing Ray of Light, the Crystalline Red Ray.


Call Forth These Magnificent Stellar Cat Skulls

You can connect to these divine beings of Light by sending a Heart-light to them as you state their name. See an infinity symbol going around your heart to their heart. Breathe them in and ask for their help for you or the animals. Ask for their gifts, Light and whatever you need. They are with you in a blink, since they move quickly through “more dimensions than you could possibly imagine,” as they have stated! Heart-to-heart, they are here to serve. Call them in and send them out.

Stellar Skulls and Cat Nation Channeled by Crysta