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Feeling Helpless During These Tumultuous Times?

Join the Crystalline Stellar Skulls to Help the Planet, People and Yourself

Here are a couple of Crystalline Stellar Skulls we can all work with right now on the world situation.
Use the photo to call their name and brush across them, or spin your hand clockwise over them to send to specific areas or even countries that really need the help. You can also send these light beams to individuals or groups. I will give you insight about them and then jump in, and you can actually help multitudes. It’s a good time to ground to the heart of Gaia and amp up your Merkaba. If this is new for you here is a link to show you how. Setting aside time to have the appropriate state of mind is key.
Travel Safe With Your Merkaba:
Meet *Clear Channel for the Crystalline Galaxy*. Rights the wrongs and exposes two-faced people. Cleans up after devastations where there is debris and humans in the rubble. He can help put their pieces back together.
CSS: I hold such a magnificent energy that not all Earth dwellers can feel comfortable with my glow and inner source of healing. (You will, though!)
What the crystalline energy does is bring out any impurities to the forefront of the being. This idea is not easy for many, and I create change as a catalyst. So ask for change, and you have it – presto! I am the perfect companion for that. I am clearly the *Clear Channel for the Crystalline Galaxy*.

Exposing Two-Faced Beings

 When there is a time and space where an about-face is needed, or when one notices that the two faces are showing, I am that special hot button that allows the correct face to surface. Then, the impurities of the beings are pulled outwards and exposed. I do just that! I distill the individual down to their core so all is visible. I can be in the room, or I can come through a photograph or sent to visit someone. I also do this with heart, so it is not a terribly altering way, such that the person feels devastated. I do this in a gentle way! I mend the ways of those who have been two-faced and pick up those pieces so there can be more righted wrongs.
The lights of hearts, minds, spirits, and souls can use enhanced blessings for continued divine connection. Send the lights to the earth-heart for grounding, and all of this can absolutely be enhanced with this frequency lifted.
 I fly as if a winged one and take on those characteristics. I also pick up after calamities where there is debris and humans left in the rubble. When the teams are asked to be assisting the areas that have had attacks or some traumatic experience, then you may send your heart intentions for these blessed beings. You can send me to the elements of the earth that have been affected, as well as those who are a part of any lineage that is also needing assistance. We use this space in time and in the physical plane to receive the light and healing needed, so it is assisting on a greater level. We do indeed spotlight those who require help and are not seen immediately, if this is a necessary service. We of course allow for those who have passed over to be guided as is appropriate.
My heart and intentions are simple and clear, just like my visual aspects. So, when speaking with me to carry out a task, speak simply and clearly. My energy is like an arrow in that respect. I accomplish that and nothing else.

 *Creator of All That is Golden in Light*

She collects Golden Lights and sacred heart essences. She also works with individuals, as well as countries and areas, to give courage and strength to those leaders who are attempting to create structure in the future.
CSS: I make things illuminate with their heart-light. This is quite a tremendous ability ~ to bring those that are dark into the golden light. It is such an easy task for me, for I was created like I was a bowling ball rolled across the galactic lanes ~ and picked up various bits of cosmic dust along the way. As you see in my skull, I have clouds of what I felt was brilliant light. (Or a star!) I captured that time in a capsule ~ that created a cloud-like formation in my mind’s eye. As you can see, it is visible in my skull. So this was quite a galactic explosion for me ~ compressed into and on, a tiny little nano blast of energy. When you look into that bit of dust, you will actually be able to pick up bits of cosmic dust ~ that you may claim. In other words, I assist you in being able to pick up bits of your golden light that have been scattered from one place to another.
This assistance can also happen in countries where much of their power has been overshadowed. I help reassemble them to the golden light that makes them vigorous and cohesive. It is critical for many countries today to have the ability to stand straight and hold up to the explosive nature of the times right now!
Doing this work can affect you and others
CSS: This ability brings me into quite a powerful place to help those who feel the economic turmoil. So, my strong abilities can keep individuals structure safe and durable and not fall under the pressure. Also, I can help many who will be able to fully feel the strength of the people, thus reuniting with the correct path, as well as revitalizing its past in a new order of light.
Using the Golden Ray of Light to restore, balance and ground is appropriate. The grid of light around the planet has many colors and the very neutral light is golden. When we are looking to have heart connections become stronger, to create resolutions and understanding for the greatest benefit of all, we see this as strengthening the Golden Grid of Light, which connects to the earth-heart so we are supporting all that is. What I am able to do is enhance the Golden Ray of blessing and of healing.
This process can enrich you, bring you energy that you may have been needing and allow you another level of peace, calm and recognition. You may find visions of relations, friends or your spiritual family members may emerge. You are intensifying this with your empowered heart-light.

We can Support War-torn areas!

Holding me to the light and allowing my clouds and my beautiful
colors to be sent to a place or to a stronghold on the powers that may be in various weak countries, will be of great support.
This support will enable them to see eye-to-eye when having a world conference ~ or give clarity and strength to those leaders attempting to create structure in the future.
It is imminent we use some of my Golden Essence to bring them into the light ~ so they are able to create conscious decisions.
Not one that has been struggling to keep the past in order ~ but one that is global and far-reaching ~ able to make all feel comfortable in a new paradigm. It means, the people will finally be heard and taken into account, for they are actually the backbone of these countries. It will be as if a new light bulb has gone off in these conference rooms ~ where the heads and leaders are trying to make a quick decision. In an instant, one individual will see the light ~ and go into the future.
This will help all concerned, not just those who are affected in the upper levels of the country. So know this is key ~ that my energy is sent to help some of these floundering countries right now!
(Call forth the Golden Ray when sending her. Send her with intention with your heart, and have her call forth other Crystalline Stellar Skulls as well as Archangels, and Ascended Masters. They will all assist, and they know the Stellar Skulls quite well.)

White Spot or Star in her Noggin’! 

CSS: You can allow your consciousness to focus on that spot. It brings you into that realm of taking yourself on a journey ~ seeing above the typical global view ~ from a cosmic point of view.
This view will allow me to pick up a point of light along the way. It enables the conscious collecting of the parts of Golden Light ~ the path of Golden Light that got scattered along the way from the Golden Grid of Light around the planet, as well as the heart-lights from many.
So these areas in my skull give you the ability to be able to see where there are specific points of light that need collecting. Thus, it is the cosmic third eye for your travels.
 Terra: In our Clearing to the Core work, we use these dynamic skills and more to gather your Golden Lights, and parts of you that have been taken or left behind, clearing devices and curses: always clearing people and areas everywhere.
Stellar Skulls through Crysta of Team Earth