The Importance of Merkabas  — What, How and Why

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

Metatron and the Stellar Skulls channeled through the Heart of Crysta

Travel Safe With Your Merkaba

Terra: I asked Metatron and the Stellar Skulls for the history and definition along with the best way to work with a personal Merkaba, since we add Merkabas to everyone and all over the planet. You can as well.

Metatron: I have used Merkabas since the beginning of time, and I do see them as a form of creation around individuals as they come into their ‘being’ state.

I do not see them all of the time with individuals now, as I believe they got dissolved or removed in one manner or another. This we see, has been the case with many who have been attacked or depleted from the dark side. It is a precious commodity and a vibration of purity. So reinstating it assists the strength, and grounding to Gaia, as well as it keeps one solid and in a state of reception, using a filter so only love can come through.

It is a natural state of sacred geometry around all beings in the beginning. So it is important to keep it alive and give the Merkaba energy, and use it with different light forms of color. One can strengthen it with intention. It can specifically be used for protection before sleep states so you remain grounded. We see that it is key to keeping sanity while these implemented devices are within.

* You may notice there are many strong Magdalenes in “Team Earth” and those that have been cleared.

Metatron: The Merkaba keeps a level of discernment which can keep people alive. When people have Ascended you will see the Merkabas around them all.

Terra: Since we have been seeing more interference as of late, we are always concerned that our clients, and people in general call in a Merkaba and keep it activated with the Golden Ray, the Rainbow Ray, and the Green Ray for healing, which you can spiral in clockwise from the top, all the way down to the Heart of Gaia and back up to fill it. Flushing it out with the Violet Flame is another way to transmute and move sticky or dark energy. Bring up a counter-clockwise Violet Flame spiral from the heart of Gaia ~ right up and through your Merkaba.

“Tron”: Yes, this is not full protection by any means, since many individuals have different implants from other lives when they were marked, and they have continued to be used as some form of contact with the nefarious ones. It is also true that there are some spiritual teachers who are not what they say they are!

Skulls: We see merkabas as baskets of light. They keep your vitals alive, and you connected to others in a more magnificent way. This allows your ideas and evolution to truly transcend and ignite others. So, it revs up the grid of light connecting your Heart-light to Gaia. The Merkabas are significant receptors of light, and senders of your information streaming from your heart. This is a gift and keeps the energy of light receptors at an all time high. All Merkabas ignited would assist with Ascension moving forward at a rapid pace. Imagine that!

Crystalline Stellar Skull Merkabas are of a different breed!
This is a special gift for you at this time!

Skulls: Ahh, Crystalline Stellar Merkabas! They add neon to your magnificence. They enhance your abilities to ground further and connect with Gaia’s heart. They also enhance your abilities to open your heart to a new level, to magnify your own true brilliance, by keeping you connected in a galactic yet grounded manner, so you have safety and are nurtured by our presence. We serve to ignite your heart and release what may be holding you back on various levels. When we surround you, you have our bright lights showing you the pathway. This gives you a means with which to move yourself forward at an advanced pace. We give you the ability to reap more benefits by moving deeper into your consciousness, so you can be inspired and receive massages as you wish. We do this upon invitation and with your permission of course. We are messengers of light! We are an extraordinary team of an ignited backpack, propelling you at a stellar rate into new dimensions. Our Crystalline Stellar Merkaba comes with a seat belt.

Creating a Merkaba
Terra: Here’s what you do. Get quiet and breathe deeply. Call in the Stellar Skulls into your heart. Now visualize a golden, 3-sided pyramid, floating down over you, till the apex is about 3 feet over your head. This will cover your eighth chakra, with the base going down to mid-thigh. Ask the Skulls to make it in the Golden Mean Ratio. (This means they are longer, rather than square. They know what to do.)

Now bring down a second 3-sided golden pyramid with the apex going down under you into Gaia about 3 feet. The base will be right below your heart.

This is when you can ask the Stellar Skulls to do their sacred geometry throughout your basket of light ~ the two pyramids, which is now your Merkaba.

You can call forth the different sparkling colors that will fortify the whole Merkaba with you in it. It is your intention that brings this forth.

Now ask the Stellar Skulls to spin it. The upright top pyramid will start to spin first in a clockwise direction.

The bottom pyramid facing down will spin counter clockwise. This will then expand out around 22 feet into your auric field, creating a brilliant sphere of light. You may also ask to keep it close to you for now.

Once you call forth your new Merkaba around you, it will be there, yet will diminish if it is not filled and fortified with your intention. Before bedtime and upon waking are good times, yet anytime will work. Ask the Stellar Skulls to keep you safe in both waking and dreamtime. Its that easy, yet again they like to be asked! This is a simple technique that would be good to teach your children. You will usually feel better immediately. Namaste!

This article appeared in the December 2015 Issue of SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE!