Protection and Grounding with Merkabas

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

The Need for Protection

CSS: We notice that so many others need to be aware of having their protection consciousness activated. This is a learned and common ability of each and everyone, to be able to connect with their hearts to the precious planet. Opening awareness of one’s heart and awareness of our connection with the heart of our living breathing planet is important. As well as with all other plants, animals and precious beings. That yes, staying grounded and feeling our hearts is something to protect.

Terra: Many people are not aware of their hearts, and most people do not ground to the heart of Gaia. It is time they are aware of this!

CSS: So much to be aware of and conscious of, however the protection part of this piece, is again, sharing information that may be up against disbelief of the possibility that there could be the presence of anything, such as creepy beings or spirits – that could possibly interfere with our awareness, our being, and our activities. And yes, there are these sticky beings!

There are times we see that individuals think about this, and then examine how should they carry on. What is this protection about? Do I need it? What is the reason I do not have natural protection?

The other part of this is many brain waves are interrupted with so much electrical information coming in from phones, from wifi, and from all levels of data being received. You can be on a phone while watching television, or a movie, or while you are talking to another person. It is an interesting place right now in our evolution. How do we continue to connect, meditate, have peace and be one with our tribe, people, our heart, and with others? And oh by the way “Where am I going?

Grounding to the Heart of Gaia

Terra: You can do this before your meditation, out for a walk or sitting at your desk. It only takes a moment!

Breathe deep into your body with a few deep breaths.

Close your eyes and breathe a color right into your heart. Pink or green feels good. Rainbow Ray or sparkling white is very uplifting and a bit of a rush.

On the next breath, send a ball of this colorful light from your heart, right down your body through the bottoms of your feet. Send this straight to the heart of Gaia.

She will send up her energy, straight up to you, sometimes with a color – just feel it – since she knows what color you need. Feel it come up from your feet right to your heart. Breathe this in! It’s a wonderful feeling. Fill your heart-center with this warm radiance, and then let it move through your whole body.

Exercising Your Heart

CSS: Another practice to ground is to be a part of exercising your heart energy. Notice how you being in gratitude affects all of your thoughts. It is a higher frequency. So using your heart to energize, giving your self time to exercise – this is all a part of exercising your heart energy. You can send a message with your heart to another being over distance, and perhaps the joy you exude has them calling you, or writing you, right around the same time. So it is a strengthening practice to use your heart to send messages. Even sending energy from your heart to any animals you may be a guardian for.

Terra: This reminds me of a wonderfully full and flowering garden I had in the past. I would love to go out in the morning to see who was blooming and talk to the plants and flowers. There was Evening Primrose scattered around that had gotten quite tall, and were closed in the early morning. As I would walk through the flowers, the Primrose would open as I passed. When I walked away, they would close. I would even walk back around them to test them again. It blew me away at first! This happened quite often and I always felt that they were responding to my joy.

CSS: This is also a part of communication with other living beings even your garden and plants are receptive to your energy. Blessing your food before you receive it, assists your gratitude to the plants who are giving you nutrition and life, and connecting you to our planet once again.

The daily practice of feeling your heart in meditation is important.

If you notice how your breath expands, this is key. Using various breath exercises that you have been introduced to, for releasing holding patterns, to activate your organs, and create a level of awareness once again is a fine idea. Using your heart to remember the times of joy and excitement – to bring that once again to every level of your being is important.

Movement is truly important, so you can have your heart, mind and being the function as one. All cells are activating and being a part of the process, so this unification is important to ground and protect yourself. It enhances awareness so you have more energy in the day, so you feel a fluctuation in your energy levels. This practice of noticing and being aware of just how you are feeling emotionally and physically, allows you to decide what is best for your highest good.

You may indeed want to be aware of when you are attending events, how is this affecting you later in the day or the next day. So you find what resonates with bringing your frequency up. And this is indeed a fine time to use a Merkaba, or a cylinder of light, or a beam from your heart to the Earth-heart for grounding and protection. This gives you greater resilience in your life and activities.

Playing with a Merkaba

Terra: Is the sphere or egg of light still around an individual after a Merkaba has been put up around them, even if they forget about it?

CSS: A Merkaba has a frequency, which becomes less and less if your heart and mind and spirit energy are not in sync, and activating it as well. So in other words, just like any garden, you do indeed want to water it, refill, reactivate, and make yourself aware of its presence. You are then stating with your heart, the level of feeling grounded and keeping yourself protected, at all levels of awareness. This will keep you able to discern; “Is this is an appropriate situation, an appropriate person or energy for me to be around?” It goes hand-in-hand, or heart to heart to keep you noticing and understanding. This will be activating awareness on and up, so you are present. You can then be accountable, participating with the loving spirit and being who you are. It is about being present and aware. So the answer is a “yes and… answer?”

This is rejuvenating to the heart, spirit, soul and physical being that we are. So absolutely do all three of these practices at one time. Find what resonates with your breath, thoughts and memory. Breathing deeply is key to releasing old stagnant air and energy. So moving is part of the consciousness that brings us to connect to Earth and be aware of what is all around us.


Excerpt from one of my Merkaba articles.

Terra: I asked Metatron and the Stellar Skulls for the history and definition, along with the best way to work with a personal Merkaba, since we as “Team Earth” add Merkabas to everyone, and all over the planet. You can as well.

Metatron: I have used Merkabas since the beginning of time, and I do see them as a form of creation around individuals as they come into their ‘being’ state.

I do not see them all of the time with individuals now, as I believe they got dissolved or removed in one manner or another. This we see, has been the case with many who have been attacked or depleted from the dark side. It is a precious commodity and a vibration of purity. So reinstating it assists the strength, and grounding to Gaia, as well as it keeps one solid and in a state of reception, using a filter so only love can come through.

It is a natural state of sacred geometry around all beings in the beginning. So it is important to keep it alive and give the Merkaba energy and use it with different light forms of color. One can strengthen it with intention. It can specifically be used for protection before sleep states so you remain grounded. You may notice there are many strong Magdalenes in “Team Earth”, and those that have been cleared.

The Merkaba keeps a level of discernment which can keep people alive. When people have Ascended you will see the Merkabas around them all.

Yes, this is not full protection by any means, since many individuals have different implants from other lives when they were marked, and they have continued to be used as some form of contact with the nefarious ones. We see that it is key to keeping sanity while these implemented devices are within.

It is also true that some spiritual teachers are not what they say they are!

Blue Planet Abstract Background

Baskets of Light

CSS: We see Merkabas as baskets of light. They keep your vitals alive, and you connected to others in a more magnificent way. This allows your ideas and evolution to truly transcend and ignite others. So, it revs up the grid of light connecting your Heart-light to Gaia. The Merkabas are significant receptors of light and senders of your information streaming from your heart. This is a gift and keeps the energy of light receptors at an all-time high. All Merkabas ignited would assist with Ascension moving forward at a rapid pace. Imagine that!

Crystalline Stellar Skull Merkabas are of a different breed!

This is a special gift for you at this time! Read More:

Putting Up a Merkaba

Here’s what you do. Get quiet and breathe deeply. Call in the Stellar Skulls into your heart for a stronger activation. Now visualize a golden, 3-sided pyramid, floating down over you, till the apex is about 3 feet over your head. This will cover your eighth chakra, with the base going down to mid-thigh. Ask the Skulls to make it in the Golden Mean Ratio. (This means they are longer, rather than square. They know what to do.)

Now bring down a second 3-sided golden pyramid with the apex going down under you into Gaia about 3 feet. The base will be right below your heart.

The two pyramids are now your Merkaba.

Spin the top pyramid clock-wise.

The bottom pyramid facing down will spin counter-clockwise, and they both start to move out into your Aric field.

This will then expand out around 22 feet into your auric field, creating a brilliant sphere of light.

You can call forth the different sparkling colors that will fortify the whole Merkaba with you in it. It is your intention that brings this forth.

From the top call forth a clockwise spiral to fill up your Merkaba.

Golden Ray to stabilize and open mental possibilities.

Green Ray for healing and strength.

Pink Ray for heart-opening and healing.

Blue Ray for cosmic healing and preparation of your Galactic Team.

Rainbow Ray for feeling exhilarated and alive.

Crystalline Ray for meditation and spiritual work.

Other colors work as well.

Flushing it out with the Violet Flame is another way to transmute and move sticky or dark energy. Bring up a counter-clockwise Violet Flame spiral from the heart of Gaia ~ right up and through your Merkaba.

Once you call forth your new Merkaba around you, it will be there, yet it will diminish if it is not filled and fortified with your intention. Before bedtime and upon waking are good times, yet anytime will work.

You do not have to bring it back in and get it spinning. Fortifying it every day will keep it alive and well!

This is a simple technique that would be good to teach your children. You will usually feel better immediately!

Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Metatron through Crysta of “Team Earth”