Light Rays

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Metatron Through Crysta

WhiteOwl mentioned, referring to my article, that “No way can the White Light move imbalances and imprints from the body.” He is right about that! Team Earth uses the Crystalline Ray, as I have written and referred to in my article. The White Light and the Crystalline Ray are actually very different in their frequencies, how they are introduced, and where they come from. The Crystalline Ray has the highest frequency and comes in from diverse places, including different portals of light, whereas the White Light is all around us. The dark hats cannot see or feel the Crystalline since the frequency is so high.

Out of curiosity, I asked Team Earth if they have been using the White Light since I haven’t for many years. They responded that they hadn’t either. Doing a meditation for transformation, activation and healing, we brought in the different Rays to see what they were like. We wanted to know how they felt and sense their uniqueness or differences.

We knew where some were coming from but not all, so we looked further into this with the help of the Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Metatron that Crysta was happy to bring in! We fill up every client in every session so there are no gaping holes in their light bodies after the dynamic removal of devices and past-lives. Our Team takes the healing, activating rays of light through us at the same time.

The White Light is a primary energy and signature all around us.

We asked the Crystalline Stellar Skulls if the dark hats have sometimes altered the White Light since we see them adulterating so much! 

CSS: We see that any being who may not be grounded or using protection can call in various energies unknowingly. On one level, yes, it can absolutely be adulterated as we see so many dark infiltrations affecting people’s EMFs, different parts of the planet and even wormholes or portals that bring that energy forth. So the physical bodies may not discern what is coming forth and may pull aberrant energies inwards, affecting the aura, immune system, digestion, physical body, and a clouded mind. The white light is not as protected as the other rays.

Also, meditation is a practice that is sacred and deserves to be grounded and protected. That is an initial consideration to keep in mind.

The Crystalline Ray

The Crystalline Ray has the highest frequency and a shimmering burst of iridescent colors. It comes in from diverse places, including from the
 Galactic Team and different portals of light, whereas the White Light is all around us.

And often, as we develop, we emit different energy signatures, which may include other rays introduced to our light beings. We use Crystalline Light a great deal as it is so multi-dimensional and compelling on many levels from 3- to 5- to 7-D. This incredible Crystalline Ray assists past, present and future, and thus we feel, it is very tingly, alive and gives energy to stagnant cells. It can ignite different layers of our bodies, assisting healing as requested from a past life, release a long-held belief, and even track back time to undo cords or agreements.

It has ancient and future light constructs that come forth from the multiverse.

In addition to the Crystalline and other rays, we also use sound healing and the remarkable frequency of pure essential oils in our dynamic clearings, which all work so well together. 

Working and Playing With the Light Rays

As we are playing with the Light Rays we whole-heartedly invite the different Rays to us, around us and swirling through us. This gives us the opportunity to raise our frequency, expand our consciousness, helping ourselves as well as others. You can actively participate in enhancing the the grids of light, affecting hearts of people, animals, plants, the fairy realm, and Gaia’s heart! Are you ready to play?

The Crystalline Ray works well with blocking the dark energies and the characters that send them in. We are using the Light Rays in a very powerful manner to clear, open, spotlight, flush out, protect, transmute, activate, awaken, shield, and amp up the physical, etheric, causal bodies and actually every layer of the light bodies. What “Team Earth” sees and participates in for clearing the runways for Ascension of individuals and the planet is beyond anyone’s wildest imagination! We track, scan and clear this on people, on and in the Earth, the Solar System, and very dark areas the nefarious ones have been using.

We keep people invisible, safe, and protected while clearing unbelievable obstacles, going through the timelines with different Light Rays to remove curses and agreements that still have a hold which is all too common.

Metatron and the Blue Ray

The Blue Ray is so magnificent, and we have been using it with all of the Christ Consciousness Team to bring forth peace, love, joy and light. When you bring it forth, what do you notice? The Blue Ray shimmers, glows, and swirls every shade of blue. It energizes your ability to rise up and open your heart to all that is brilliant, and is also grounding, so you may notice the strength you receive from it. It is a vital part of unification. When you wish your tribe members or community to be united and feel the harmony you all radiate with the Blue Ray coming forth around you (whether you are in different parts of the world or galaxy) or in the same physical area, it works the same. It is an inspirational ray of light!

When you have the time to notice how you feel before you have immersed yourself within the Blue Ray, then feel the level of compassion and the ability to raise yourself up to a new level of joy and experience. Your chakras may feel on, balanced, aware and your mind open to the guiding light of your galactic connection. Whether it is the team of Yeshua, Magdalene, Marys the Galactic Federation of Loving Light, or your Ascended Masters, you connect with all of us, unify with this Ray of Light and you may notice you feel more creative. Do you? This is part of the evolution that you may be choosing, and now that there are no limits, you can create more and more possibilities.

Golden Ray

CSS: Our Golden Ray comes forth as protective and creates an actual level of peace, calm and pure light of an Origin Universe. It soothes and calms. The Golden Ray strengthens and warms, so your body may feel the harmony and allow the ease to wash over your being. (Many of our Stellar Skulls come from this Golden Origin Universe.)

It can also radiate from within and easily balance chakras when you combine it with some energy clearing.

The Golden Ray is complimentary more than creating a complete change of energy. I will say, it really feels good!

When Using the Rays of Light

Some come from the origin Universes where the Blue Ray Beings or Magdalenes come from. You may sense more and elevate your frequency depending on how clear your emotional, mental, and physical bodies are.

You can ask; Are your chakras clear?

Are you grounded?

How do you know this?

What different experiences have you had to tell you one way or the other?

Your guides and Ascended Beings can bring them forth. If you request protection, you can make certain they are unadulterated and not calling in other energies ready to attach themselves. State this!

One thing for sure is, if you have auric field holes, you may not be receiving all of the light! Or much of it may be passing you by!

The rays are present from the multiverse energies. Some come from portals, i.e., of Christ Consciousness, Blue Ray, or Rainbow Portals can bring forth these incredible lights.

Your 5D body is an overlay of different intersections of your being.

You may want to call in a shimmering iridescent egg of Crystalline around you filled with Stardust and Starlight since this is who you truly are! Make note of the Light Rays you love!

Can you make some notes on your experiences and the differences of the Rays, and let us know? Others will love hearing your experiences. (Watch for Part 2 with other Rays and I can add some of these in!)