Who is Kokopelli?

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

He is said to be a fertility deity known as the mystical, mischievous, randy humpbacked flute player. Some tribes try and claim him as their own. This flute player with the feathers or antenna-like protrusions on his head is carved in the rock walls with other drawings and petroglyphs throughout the Southwest. I spent a lot of time exploring  the petroglyphs in the ’90s and saw many
versions of kokopelli in the rock carvings. He appears in Southwestern Native Art in all the tribes and pueblos in every creative form.

Well, recently, a fellow I’ll call Mickey, that Crysta and I of Team Earth, both knew from the 1980s, decided he wanted our clearing work. I have many stories from in-depth clearings of people’s past lives, this current life, and how they were hoodwinked, hypnotized, filled with programming, devices, transmitters, curses, etc. I feel it’s time to share some of these outrageous, appalling stories. We can Shamanically remove all of these unwanted and unasked for nefarious perversions. Our Crystalline Team helps us track what we need to see and focus on for dynamic removals. The Galactic Team helps us remove from the planet the enormous obstacles and devices attached to people, Gaia, the Inner Earth, and Galaxy. It is very profound and usually will affect multitudes.

It often appears like one thing that may even look good, yet there may be an agenda for the controllers or dark wizards, as I call them. These are off-planet characters with only self-serving ideas to take over people and Earth, creating perversion and destruction. Some have 3D bodies here on Earth, and fortunately a lot is surfacing now, and these dark characters are getting tracked, caught and taken off planet.

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 Many people are shocked to find that their spiritual teacher, guru, shaman, healer, and other characters have had a hold over them. They drain their Light without them knowing this. Sometimes this has been happening for many, many lives.

These nefarious ones are really good at looking like they are here to help people. Yet, they are actually not helping the awakening and spiritual progress with people or the planet – but preventing it. They always have a hidden agenda for themselves. So many people are being used without them knowing it. So when we looked in at Mickey, we discovered that he has been a significant example of this.

Discovering Kokopelli

Aurora and I went up to a mountain cabin after a session to chill out. I couldn’t get the native ideas out of my mind that we had seen connected to Mickey. We didn’t have time to explore this further, and it felt crucial. I skipped our hike and headed to a pueblo ruins with a kiva, that is now a park, to see what I could pull up. The kiva was closed, so I sat on the wall around it and went into a trance, and before I knew it, I saw a character walking down the trail that was next right next to me. He had long dark hair tied back and carried a sack behind him. A flute was hanging from his shoulder. 

I said to myself, geez, he looks like a fricken Kokopelli. As he came closer, I saw it was Mickey and was startled and
said, “He is Kokopelli! Holy sh**!”
Watching him stroll by he took the trail toward what had been the pueblo plaza. He also carried a bowl and a rolled-up rug tied to his back. 

When we were looking in to track and do fifth (5D) and seventh (7D) dimensional scanning of his light body, we would see Native American tribes. I kept seeing a kiva with Mickey sitting in a circle of braves doing a ceremony. Kivas are large circular holes dug deep into the ground. These have earth covers and an entrance at the top, with a ladder going in. There are kivas on the pueblos above ground as well. The men use the kivas for prayers and ceremonies. They call in the Kachina spirits to assist the tribe.

While looking in at Mickey, we saw his entire heart in a cage filled with devices. He had shared that his heart had stopped at least 15 times and he came to us again after open-heart surgery. He had previously done a couple of extensive sessions with us and stopped right before the next round that focused on his heart. We saw his aura filled with holes that we knew we could heal after removing most of his devices put in by the dark wizards over time. Mickey couldn’t remember his dreams, which is typical for people being picked up at night by dark ships.



How Did He Become Kokopelli?

We had to get to the core and start at the beginning of this adventure with Mickey as Kokopelli. Early on, he shared with Crysta that he had an active guide that spoke to him a lot. That guide was Enki, also known as Ea. He has come up a lot in our work, not in a good way. He poses as a Light One and always has had big hidden agendas. Some of you know of him, and some may not be aware of his hidden agendas. He feels that the human race belongs to him since he was one of the genetic engineers that helped create this strain of humans.

Being KokopelliKokopelli

We took Mickey on a journey to see where and when this idea started. He saw himself way back in time doing different things around Enki and was quite in awe of him. Enki had been looking for a particular type to carry out a mission for him. Being so eager, in awe, and quite good-looking fit the bill for what Ea was looking to set up. 

So Mickey stated to Enki, “Use me for the Light as an open channel.” An agreement was made, and a contract was set. He was told to find the Magdalenes, AKA First Source Souls, who were quite influential and powerful in their own right. Many Magdalenes came through Enki’s early strain of humans to help assist these new souls. They were not originally created by Enki. They are brilliant Blue Ray Beings of Light from the origin Universes, and came to help co-create this Time-Space Universe. They incarnated through this new strain of humans to assist them in their development and spiritual awakening.

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Enki played a father role and directed Mickey to find the Magdalenes and bring them joy, teachings, and abundance. So for many, many lifetimes this is what he did. But he was not protected, and there were sound devices and “markers” put into him that would draw others to him, to then get “hit” with a device – or maybe seven. It is also how his flute worked, or the instrument of the day. His flute playing would hypnotize the people and magnetize the women to him. Eventually, he was assigned to the natives all over the Southwest United States. He was encouraged to be intimate with as many women as possible and bring the seeds. This all sounded good, and he felt he was on a great mission for quite a while there. 

He was unaware that everyone was given dark perverted markers with the seeds and his sexual conquests. Once they were marked, they could then be taken in dark ships for harvesting DNA to create an artificial hybrid race.

He was invited into the kivas since he told them he could bring forth kachina spirits. They came, and nobody noticed they were half-light and half dark, just like Enki, or masked, or shapeshifters. Those participating felt intense body rushes, which is common when one has their Soul Essences, and Heart-lights sucked right out.


The bowl held his information that he was willing to do anything to be a messenger and a healer. It also had the written contract he made with Enki so long ago. Kokopelli couldn’t see the layers of 5D perverted writing all over the bowl. The natives used the bowl to pray with the seeds, which were already tainted markers. Those who planted the seeds and ate the corn, beans and squash received the markers. Mickey was unaware that everyone was being given dark markers with the seeds and his sexual conquests.

When the seeds were planted, the dark ships could see where Kokopelli had been since the crops had a strange glow that the lower frequency dark hats could see to mark the areas where he had been. They work from 5D of the dark. 

As he offered to bring joy to so many, he thought the loving ways he used created so many relationships that were always of the Light. The ladies felt special and chosen. They were all chosen to have the dark markers put in for being picked up for their brilliant DNA, which is still being used today.

When Mickey was shown all of this and added more to it, he jumped in and said, “I have a shield that I received from Archangel Michael to protect the Earth and me when I hold it up, from any dark aspects of the Anunnaki!”

Enki is the Anunnaki son of Anu, an overseer of the Anunnaki, the Commander of the Planet Nibiru, until just recently.

The Stellar Skulls let Mickey know that his shield had become a mirrored device for the dark hats to monitor. He could not create a protective shield for others since he became blinded by his own magnificence and power, that, “Oh, this is my duty to protect the planet!” His ego and arrogance tripped him up, as it often does to so many! He didn’t really look to see if his shield was actually working, and the dark wizards use mirrors quite a bit for their perversions.

Kokopelli’s rug was woven with curses, nefarious ideas, and future expectations for the people that sat, walked or danced on it. This went right into the Earth.

In this lifetime, Mickey had been drawn to be with the Natives in other parts of the country and Central and South America. He was guided to hear their language, do their ceremonies and spread the joy and love as he had been doing for so long through the timelines. One phase after another, for his being has held this within his cells. It is no longer from his heart, and he has volunteered again to be a “bringer of the message.” This has come from some very ancient times, as I mentioned!

It is all just his personalized system of branches of Kokopelli and a part of his personal agreement to volunteer his services.

When scanning his 5D body, he even had a tattoo of Enki on his butt cheek, put there by Enki. Another tattoo of Kokopelli was all down his back, which we removed. 

When asking us about a woman he had just met, the Stellar Skulls informed him that she too had been caught in his trance. We were just about to remove what was creating the trance state for the many women and men he had pulled in and marked. There were multitudes through the timelines!

Can we Assist the Bigger Picture Here?

I wanted to know the outcome of how this played out here on Earth and all these people who were marked, taken, used, assaulted, and violated, so we could start to help the many. So it’s the motivation for this article.

Crystalline Stellar Skulls: The altered seeds were trackers. Those who had been marked were automatically on the volunteer list to give up some DNA for being a Magdalene or Messenger of Light. (This weakens the glandular system, the Light quotient, and the Immune System for starters.) This could once again be distorted with dark hats around them in light circles sending in the idea that they should assist the light magnification of an artificial race of hybrids. (Hybrids are part Magdalene, or potent Lights like Star-seeds, and part reptilian. They are often used in wars and covert ops on the planet and off and do not have an emotional body, so they are easily instructed for dark means!)

Terra Rae: The Crystalline Team showed us that Mickey in this life has participated in many ceremonies and calls forth the four directions before starting. Since it is rare that anyone puts up protection, calling in the four directions was set as a harmonic that calls forth the dark ones. So they come forth in 5D to come into the circle and say, “Oh, here’s another one we can trick and hit.” It can bring forth dark kachinas and Kokopellis, spirits, and dark masters. 

I have done many Native American studies and ceremonies earlier in my life and saw bizarre and disconcerting things happening. No one thought it had to do with calling in the four directions since we all loved calling them in.

The Markers

We knew we had to clear all of Mickey’s footprints, the seeds, and hopefully the markers in ever-so-many. It was recommended we clear Gaia where his rug had been trampled. The attached dark hats stepped in and put in the dark energy curses, which became almost like bear-traps for Magdalenes as in trapped spirituality. I also wanted to clear all the lands where the tainted seeds were planted in the Southwest. We have done work on this.

Future Outcomes from the Markers

CSS: Those marked were set up to have difficult and torturous childhoods. They feel constant guilt and shame and are unable to release it since they can’t access where it comes from. They look for healing after healing with little results, and they cannot shine their lights. Being picked up at night in the Dreamtime regularly can sometimes bring in a vast amount of fear and trepidation, causing uncomfortable feelings, setbacks, and situations. On occasion, people will get a terrifying glimpse. It makes it difficult for people to move forward with their creativity.

I asked the Crystalline Team if it is possible to actually clear so many that have been affected by these nefarious tricks? They replied no because many have integrated these perspectives as their own. So not all, but we can clear some.


I always figure if we can’t fully clear them, we could help them on their path for the future by lightening them up. So I feel that those who have read this article will be some of the ones that get cleared. 

Alien craft on roadway in country

Our Team and the Questions

The Crystalline Team, Team Earth, The Crystalline Magdalenes, Metatron, Merlin and Yeshua and the Marys will all be gladly helping our agenda here with your healing. 

My question, of course, is for Enki. If you feel that you are a father of the human race, then why would you want to use them in such a nefarious way? One that harms them, the Earth and the Galaxy? Just for control and stopping their magnificent Light and creativity? 

I have seen so many of these horrible ways and means. Enki is not the only one doing this since there are so many dark wizards. I can’t help but wonder if people come to the Southwest, finding themselves attracted to Kokopelli. Those creating this character with his flute and large dong may have a longing for something that went missing that they are unconsciously looking for. I recently saw a beautiful display of paintings by a pueblo woman. One of them had a very mystical and large rendition of Kokopelli. Was she trying to access what happened to her so long ago? 


Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Galactic Team through Crysta of Team Earth.

The Clearing

I will give the links to articles on some of these activities.

First: Ground to the Heart of Gaia”


Set up a Merkaba” if you haven’t already, one that is yours, or fortify the Merkaba you have set up https://bit.ly/FortifyMerkaba 

“Protection and Grounding with Merkabas”


Who Are the Magdalenes? “


Call in a Crystalline Stellar Skull or several by name. You can print a Stellar Skull picture from our website:  https://stellarskulls.com/meet-the-stellar-skulls/


Call in Metatron and the group listed above and inform them you want to be cleared from the Kokopelli markers or others like them. Once you call in the Crystalline Team and state your purpose, a Golden Light Net of protection and amplification that we have created will automatically drop over you and under you. This can be used to gather what you release. The Team will take it when you finish.


Use Essential Oils, Rose Water, or other potent sprays, some of which you can make yourself. Shower yourself with them.

Have a helpful sound tool, or several with you, with the intention of releasing the harmonics from within your cells and layers of your light body.

If an area starts to get your attention, apply the Essential Oils there. Scrape that area and the auric field if you have a healing crystal. If you use feathers, brush these areas and then all around you.

The Stellar Skulls will light up areas for you to see and feel, even with a slight sensation. 

Tone and hum throughout the whole process since your sounds will open your cells and start to flush them out even more. 

Don’t hold back any tears, as these will flush out even more areas.

Ask that any curses, disease patterns, maladies of any sort, and negative thoughts that were put in are dissolving and entirely removed. State all of this out loud.

When finished: Call forth the Violet Flame from the Heart of Gaia. The Stellar Skulls will help bring it up in a counter-clockwise spiral through and around you.

Then call forth a clockwise spiral from above. of many brilliant Light colors topping this off with the Crystalline Ray, and fill yourself back up. 

You can do this by yourself, or with others, and more than once.

Once you call in the Crystalline Team and state your purpose, a Golden Light Net of protection and amplification that we have created will automatically drop over you and under you.

Remember, you can successfully do this! We will be helping and cheering you on!

If you are ready for deeper work with your personal situations contact us since this is what we do. It changes everything! No longer stuck or held back or taken in the night.

Our work opens your glands, and psychic abilities, raises your frequency and Immune System. You learn a whole lot about yourself.