CW: There are so many variables with the unpredictable movements of people and whether or not individuals take precautions or even tell the truth about what they do. So, vulnerabilities persist, and those who are careless keep this going on many levels.
Human nature is not easy to predict.

We continue to assist the resonance of the Earth so there is less destruction and illness
from natural disease or those that have been slightly altered to change and escape the natural methods of healing. Much of this is from dark devices and curses that people are not aware of.
This winds up being our expertise, to get to the core of how these tricky diseases have been manufactured or developed to attack on different levels. The dark teams that have been creating these nefarious elements, whether liquid or gas or some small infectious cell, all of this has been something we are releasing and changing, to assist our planet on so many levels. We only envision our precious Goddess Gaia as thriving, and that is our heart’s intent. As we serve to protect and allow the resources to thrive in
any way possible – we are on that team.

There are many resurgences of our planetary resources and animals that will be given a new lease on life, while others will look as though they are coming back from extinction.
This too, we give so many thanks to the galactic clearing work we are doing together with “Team Earth” and the Crystalline Teams.


TR: Were you previously aware of the cave we recently found and cleared together?
CW: We had wanted to make sure the beings who were using it were able to be tracked
fully with all resources. We were waiting for just the right time. This was the “key” we needed to do the level of sealing and clearing out. It was not front-page news. We found the cave to be rather full, with goings-on, in and out, which were frozen, stopped, tracked, and are no longer being used. It was a series of releasing all of the happenings. (Like the destruction of the Divine Feminine, as one theme.)


CW: As you wake up, getting cleared on many levels, especially with our assistance,
with “Team Earth” and the Crystalline Team, it allows the true Ascension to happen on
more levels than just on a personal level. Elevating the actual grids, Earth resonance,
and connective lights, and nets of light to our whole Universe, and through the timelines
together, is what creates the most change in a spectacularly magnanimous way. So if
you are about creating change for much more than on a personal level – this is the
greatest contribution you could make!

Right now, we are all about reconnecting the nets of light on so many tremendous
levels, and creating cooperation among so very many galactics. This is where our
hearts are at – at creating more heart-focused communities, and about saving our
precious Earth with her neighboring planets and galaxies. We like to work locally first.


When the different levels of galactic beings can assist the reconnection of various plans for the future, as in true light-focused energies, we see the ability to have so many more light-ships come. They will have greater communities, together with earth beings, those who are our advocates, and those who are sending a message – that the ships of light are coming to assist on all levels. As we do this, often by secretive plans to stay safe, we do see ourselves coming out to be seen more and more. Right now we often work behind the scenes so we can stop nefarious plans – and that is first and foremost on our agenda.

We see the light-ships having a more profound level of assisting as many beings as possible, and creating the galactic changes to assist the greater good – and that is the purest light message of 2021.

Daily have protection duties, and creating the nets of light to be surrounding all of the worlds of nature here, so you can continue to share your gratitude with Gaia, and be at one with her energy. So we allow your systems of living together in peace to truly come forth from Gaia’s heart outwards – to the stratosphere, and even connect other Universes – all with a grid of loving light – thus our name: the Galactic Federation of Loving Light!